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FinFun: Mermaid tails for swimming that take summer fun to new heights. Or, depths.

The coolest thing you’ll encounter in the water this summer may be my daughter, who has transformed herself from a normal 13-year-old into a full-fledged mermaid. And, whoa, if you have a child who would love to swim like one of these creature of the sea, you’ll want to check this out this awesome product my kids had the chance to try out. FinFun Mermaid Tails are real swimmable tails for kids, teens, and adults (though I’m leaving this trend to the kids) that actually let you swim through the water like Ariel — or Ponyo, depending on your family’s animation preferences. Related: Blankie Tails turn...

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The coolest pool floats, from hot lips to flying rainbow unicorns

When I saw the FUNBOY pool floats my pool envy grew three sizes, because, a flamingo? Flaming lips? A rainbow unicorn? I need to have these in my life right now. And not just because they’re freaking cool. They actually give back in an amazing way too. These fancy floats, or “luxury floats” as they’re called (what?), turn out to be celeb favorites, if you tend to purchase your summer toys based on such things. Still, we can see why. They’re all perfect for Insta photo opps, from a golden swan to a giant flamingo, to a hashtag — which we suggest not...

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Shark Week is coming! Get ready with our 10 favorite shark picks for kids

Though the Fourth of July may be the number one holiday of the summer, Shark Week comes in a close second. It’s pretty popular among our readership because our kids get a good excuse to watch an entire week’s worth of programming about our favorite toothy fish. And, for that reason, it’s become somewhat of an annual tradition to round up our favorite shark picks for kids. If your kids are big fans of sharks too, get ready to tune into the Discovery Channel starting this Sunday, and check out our top 10 shark picks we’ve hooked just for you. CMP is an rstyle affiliate You’ll...

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Shark Week is back! Here are 7 of our favorite shark picks for summer

Starting today, it won’t be safe to turn on the television without knowing Shark Week has come ashore, with an entire week of programming on the Discovery Channel dedicated to those creatures of the sea. And while we’re happy to keep the bitey kind of shark in its rightful place in the ocean, we’ve also netted some great summertime shark finds for your kids should they have a soft spot for those toothy fish — and maybe aren’t quite old enough to watch Jaws with you just yet. Related: 14 of the coolest Shark Week picks for kids (whether they’re old...

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7 great new beach toys for kids to make sand play even more fun

Before you pack up the kids and head to the beach (yay summer!), take my advice and do a quick inventory of last year’s beach toys. Between missing shovels, broken pails, and maybe some toys that are no longer in the best shape, it may be time to add a few new sand toys to the kids’ collection. We’ve dug up (haha) a bunch of new sand toys for our kids to play with when they aren’t burying our feet in the sand or chasing waves. And since many of these toys make great playthings for their sandbox too, they...

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5 fun new beach toys for kids that beat regular shovels and pails

Tis the season for playing in the sand (yay for summer!) so we’ve rounded up some of the most fun and coolest-looking new beach toys for kids. If you’ve got a seaside trip planned,we hope these help you amp up the standard buckets and shovels. Because it’s good to keep them busy when they aren’t dodging waves or asking if they can bury you up to your neck in the sand.   SAND MOLDS FROM EDUCO Why build a regular ol’ sand castle when you could create the seaside Taj Mahal or Parthenon? I love Educo’s sand molds that come in famous shapes including the Great Wall...

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Earth Day pick: Green Toys to help keep our oceans clean

I often talk to the kids about why it’s so important to keep our neighborhood and parks clean by recycling or picking up trash we find on the sidewalk. And this Earth Day, I love that Cool Mom Picks favorite Green Toys is reminding us how important it is to take care of our oceans and waterways too. Green Toys’ Safe Seas Sets, created in conjunction with the non-profit organization Sustainable Surf, pairs a fun biplane toy or submarine toy with the paperback All the Way to the Ocean which will get kids thinking about how little actions–like tossing a gum wrapper...

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Get a handle on skimboarding with the D6 Surfskimmer

Last summer, after my kids saw some little beach bums flinging skimboards into the surf, they couldn’t wait to try the sport themselves. Uh, I’m not sure their tailbones will ever be the same. Let’s just say that skimboarding is not easy. But this summer, we found a skimboard that is willing to give us a hand(le). This board will get your kids skimming in no time, with many fewer hard falls. The D6 Surfskimmer uses a real skimboard as its base but also sports a sturdy, moveable T-bar handle. My kids used the handle to push the Surfskimmer...

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5 Super-Hot Picks You Might Have Missed

Summer is all about trying new things, and we’ve got a round-up of picks so new and hot that they will melt your (breast milk?) popsicle.  1. One of our most controversial posts ever involves a European baby doll and a halter top. How do you feel about it? 2. Shop for cute shoes and help young Ugandan women? Yes, please! 3. Finally! We love these new biodegradable beach toys. And when you’re done, just bury ’em. Heh. 4. We dig this new, chemical-free bug spray. The mosquitoes, not so much. 5. Isn’t she Handsome in Pink? Absolutely. And...

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Haba beach toys: Not your ordinary shovel and pail

Well, July is here. And if you are anything like me, you don’t even start looking for the beach toys until beach season is well underway, and the kids are sitting in their car seats, eager and ready to go. And that’s when you discover that you’ve lost half of your shovels, broke the plastic watering can and can only find a couple of pails that still have dead marine life in them from last summer. Don’t be like me. Get some shiny new beach toys now! I really like the cute new beach toys from Haba, who make loads...

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The plastic pail that’s all pail, no plastic

When I find myself packing our bags for a beach side vacation, I always look for ways to cut back on the number of space-hogging things we’re taking. With the SandSac they can bring their sand pail and shovel without taking up too much precious luggage space. No kidding. This collapsible square cotton canvas beach pail can squish down to fit into our bags, then open up for collecting sea shells, rocks and even the occasional sea creature–temporarily of course. Or fill it with sand using the renewable bamboo shovel and flip it over to make sandcastles. And, since...

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Editors Best of 2008 – The coolest toys, dolls and baby toys

Considering all the amazing babies’ and kids’ toys we’ve discovered this year at Cool Mom Picks, narrowing down our list of favorite toys and dolls is like picking amongst our children. That said… Liz: There’s no cuter doll than the one your kid designs his or herself. My pick goes to Wooberry and Art2Believe who each have artists handcrafting custom dolls from your kid’s own drawing. Kristen: The adorable Blabla Kids Boogaloo Dolls (at top) in cuddly cotton handknit help my kids get to sleep every night. That’s saying something. Liz: The make-your-own pottery kits from Thomas Claire let your...

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