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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest baby clothes, kids clothes and shoes

Each year it gets harder and harder to pick our favorite clothes and accessories for kids, as we get introduced to more and more cool brands. Here are our top picks that make us wish for more closet space! Handmade baby booties always make us yearn for babies to give them to, but the ones from Funky Shapes in the UK (at top) almost make me want another myself. –Liz I’m enthralled by the unique patterns from the Bohemian inspired Rikshaw Design. I just can’t wait until the warm weather gets here! -Kristen Yes I’m biased, but I really...

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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest services, sanity savers, and helpful websites for parents

While some people think of us as shopping blog, we’re not only about shopping. We love tracking down the helpful websites and resources that make our lives easier. Yeah, okay, and things that make our shopping easier too. Consider me a new Shopafrolic-aholic. I adore this website which is like having designer Liz Lange and her equally chic sister, Jane Wagman, as your very own personal shopping consultants. –Liz I anxiously await the daily deals from Plum District, a handy new site aimed at moms like me that makes saving money super easy. So far the deals have been...

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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest new cookbooks, baby food, snacks, and mealtime helpers

One thing we moms all have in common is the need to feed our families. We always have our eye out for the coolest foods, the tastiest treats, and the most helpful websites and cookbooks to help us make it all easier. And maybe more fun? Here are a few of our faves of 2010. Cookbooks While I’m not the type to collect (or uh, use) cookbooks, Laurie David’s The Family Dinner is a fixture on my kitchen counter, with pages already dogeared. It’s just that great. -Kristen If you’ve got kids with allergies (or kids with friends with...

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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest baby gifts, blankets, strollers and gear

Whatever we cover here for bigger kids, our hearts still belong to those beautiful new babies, and their new moms who are just discovering the world of cool possibilities for them. While we have an awesome annual baby shower gift guide with more than 100 awesome picks, here are a few favorites of the year that might show up on our 2011 guide, coming out soon. Baby Gifts The new Jonathan Adler Junior collection (at top) means I’ve got a new go-to site for well-designed baby gifts for those mamas in my life who just won’t be satisfied with...

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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest art, decor, and kids furniture

Our art and decor categories are some of our richest, which always makes it hard to pare down our faves of 2010. Here, find just a few of our many, many favorites. Art I think everything about Custom Toy Portraits (at top) is just magical. There’s no better way to preserve your child’s favorite stuffed friend–or even you own. –Liz I’m so inspired by the bright, quirky art by Hsing Ping Pan. So fun for a baby nursery but still fitting as your baby turns toddler and kiddo too. -Kristen Decor I’m so happy that Obrien Schridde created a new line...

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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest technology and apps

With how integrated tech is becoming in our lives these days as parents, it’s getting harder to narrow down our favorite apps, software, hardware, and other 21st century picks. Here are a few of our favorites of the year, including some picks from our sister site, Cool Mom Tech. Tech Uh, the iPad? Helloooo… –Liz + Kristen Toshiba scored major parent points with their new Toshiba Kids PC. It’s comes preloaded with safety features and a kid-friendly browser, and the wipeable keyboard is truly magical. -Kristen Tech Accessories If smartphones are the brag book of the new century, the...

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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest books, music, and DVDs for kids

Enjoy these, our editors’ favorite books, music, and DVDs of the year to help keep our kids entertained and educated. And frankly, us too. Books for little kids Even after reading it oh, every night for a month, my youngest daughter still laughs at the ending Tuck Me In by Dean Hacohen (at top). And she’s a tough critic. –Liz ABC is for Circus gives a welcome twist to the gazillion other regular old ABC books. D is for Daredevil? Awesome. –Kristen Books for big kids Phillipe Lechermeir’s The Secret Lives of Princesses offers sophisticated, witty bios of alternative...

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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest toys, dolls, games and baby toys

We have the best time every year seeking out amazing toys and games for babies and kids that we can recommend completely. Our favorites are generally made with love and care by small companies or independent designers. Although we do love those video games too! Big Kid Toys With a son who’s obsessed with Transformers, the Cubebot Wooden Robot toy (at top) is a welcome diversion from the plastic ones that require a PhD to work. Honorable mention to the new eco-friendly Tegu Blocks with genius magnets hidden inside, that have taken the toy world by storm. –Kristen I am...

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Editors Best of 2010: The coolest jewelry and handbags

This year, once again, we’re thrilled to announce some of our favorite picks of the year which we’ll share all week long. Yes, it’s like picking amongst our children, because we really really love everything we feature here. Enjoy our editors’ favorite jewelry and handbags that were covered in 2010. Jewelry I adore the sexy bracelets from Paula Lapkin of Yara Jewelry (at top)–so much so, we gave one to each of our editors for the holidays. Let’s just say they weren’t disappointed. -Liz There’s just something about the simple, stunning designs by Laurel Denise that have me mesmerized. I’ll...

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The best kids music of 2010, if we do say so ourselves

What’s your beat? asked someone recently when I told them I write for Cool Mom Picks. Confused momentarily by the lingo, I recovered and replied, kids music. And, what a great beat it is, especially in 2010, when the music put out by kids’ musicians was so amazingly eclectic and fun, tender and danceable. I somehow managed to narrow my favorite CDs of the year down to ten votes for the annual Fids and Kamily Music Poll. Nearly thirty industry movers and shakers—journalists, producers, bloggers and radio show hosts—participated, and our collective favorites made the official list of the Top 10 Kids CD’s...

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