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The 9 best recipes of 2012 from the 9 best food bloggers of 2012

We food bloggers are a prolific crop. Here, I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite nine (and, yes, I’ve shamelessly included myself), and I’ve asked them to all share a favorite recipe that they posted this year. Some of them are moms, some not, but regardless, all of them make fresh, laid-back food that I’d be happy to serve at my family table. And you will, too. Enjoy these nine best recipes from nine of my favorite food bloggers of 2012. Oh, they are delectable. -Stacie Is it wrong to start with sweets? I dare you to look at...

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The coolest children’s books of the year: Editors Best of 2012

We can’t think of a nicer way to end our Editors Best of 2012 than with our very favorite kids’ books of the year. Especially because they will still be relevant in 2013 and beyond–unlike handbags or even tech, books never go out of style. Here, three of our editors present their very favorite books for children that we discovered this past year. Enjoy! Liz Baby Lit Books by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver I can’t help it. After suffering through the same board books for months on end when my kids were little (you know the ones!) it’s...

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The coolest kids’ albums of the year: Editors Best of 2012

Whether your family wants to get the party started with some kid-hop beats or needs to settle down to some gentle folk tunes, our top kids’ music picks of 2012 has a little something for every mood. And, you’ll find great musical options for the youngest babes all the way up to the ficklest of tweens.  [click the links for our full reviews] 1. Can You Canoe? by The Okee Dokee Brothers 2. In Tents by Recess Monkey 3. Make Believers by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo 4. Radio Jungle by The Pop-Ups 5. Tumble Bee by Laura Veirs 6....

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The coolest jewelry, bags and accessories of 2012: Editors Best of 2012

This year felt like an extra amazing year for discovering gorgeous jewelry, bags, and accessories that keep mamas feeling cool. (Even if we’re just faking it.) Here, a few of our editors’ very favorites of the year. And phew…it wasn’t easy paring it down. So congrats to all our favorites! Kristen Leigh Luna braille jewelry It’s no secret that I love braille; I have my kids’ initials tattooed in braille on my wrist! But even I can appreciate the gorgeous braille jewelry from from this artist, which is a personal but much less permanent option. Metallic Cambridge Satchels I...

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The coolest kids toys of 2012: Editors Best of 2012

We love nothing more than finding toys for kids that are handmade, or at least, don’t require an on and off switch and 300 batteries. Instead, our favorite toys of 2012 are all powered by the imaginations and little hands of kids. Liz LEGO Friends As one of the original they’re doing WHAT with LEGOS? cynics, I have come full circle, completely respecting the way that LEGO Friends sets give more girls the chance to combine building skills with imaginative play. I will say I prefer the veterinary clinic, flying club, or invention workshop to the uh, beauty salon; but hey, no one says...

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The coolest new baby gear: Editors Best of 2012

While our annual guide to the best baby shower gifts is always a smart place to search for the coolest baby gifts and gear, so many fabulous new gear essentials have come out in 2012 that we’re excited to share some of our very favorites. Liz Bloom Zen Stroller When one of our resident stroller experts, Melissa, swears by a stroller I sit up and take note. She called the Bloom Zen “the perfect compromise between an umbrella stroller and a heavy-duty buggy,” with a super easy fold, and compact profile for small spaces. And if you’re not up...

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The coolest boys’ clothes and accessories: Editors Best of 2012:

Every time we hear a parent say, “We can’t find cool clothes for boys,” we say, “Visit Cool Mom Picks!” We like a challenge. However, it is getting easier each year, and it’s fun finding the clothes that make our little fellows a little funkier. Liz Aven clothing If I had a cool little guy to style, I’d be hitting this website first. From rockin’ denim jackets with leather sleeves, to plaid blazers and topstitched jeans, you’re dressed for Williamsburg or Silverlake in a snap. I mean uh, your kid is. Okllo boys’ tees We already gave a shoutout to the cool...

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The coolest girls’ clothes and accessories: Editors Best of 2012

Okay, so we moms of girls try to play it down, but we admit it can be pretty darn fun shopping for them. On the other hand, it can get a little harder as they get older and the designers want our kids to grow up faster than we’d like. So kudos to these brands which really made us happy this year. Kristen Inspiring women tees for girls by Okllo In the sea of blinged out, sequined covered girls’ clothes out there, I was thrilled to find these awesome inspiring shirts for girls featuring historical female heroes. We need...

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The cutest baby clothes: Editors Best of 2012

There is something about buying cute baby clothes that we think parents never get over, even when our own babies couldn’t squeeze a single toe into those little onesies. This year brought a slew of gorgeous and fun clothes for babies, and here, we’ve pared it down to our very faves. Kristen: I’m so sad all my babies aren’t really babies anymore, because I’d be dressing them in Winter Water Factory every single day. The unique patterns are unlike anything I’ve ever seen, which is saying a lot from someone with four kids. This year they also added a...

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