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Just the facts, Ma’am. On a onesie.

I love to relive my kids’ momentous birth day with my husband, my kids and pretty much anyone who will listen. (Admit it–I’m not alone here.) So for all of us who are birth date obsessed, we’ve found a pretty cool keepsake. These adorable birth announcement onesies not only look cute on a baby, but they also make sweet mementos. The design is available with or without bubbles and in pink or blue, but the artist is happy to work with you on the design, in case you want something else. Think of it as a thoughtful, affordable gift...

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The wit, wisdom, and expensive stationery of Simon Doonan

Dempsey & Carroll makes the kind of fancypants stationery that you drool over in high end department stores — that is, if you’re the type who drools over fancypants stationery at all. Yes, I am that type. It’s the kind of stuff you want on hand should you ever need to send a handwritten note card to Martha Stewart or Michelle Obama for some reason, what with the heavy-duty 3-ply cards, wedding-quality engraving, and gorgeously lined envelopes. But that doesn’t mean the designs are stuffy; on the contrary, they’ve collaborated with lots of interesting artists and designers. And they...

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Hallmark.com launches personalized baby announcements. Finally.

I guess I must have just assumed that Hallmark already offered customizable baby announcements because they’re pretty much the greeting card pioneers. But apparently, that was not the case, since I just got word that their brand new line personalized baby announcements just hit their site. From what I can see, they look pretty darn cool. I’m equally impressed with the simple, stylish designs as I am with the ease of ordering and sending them (I tried out their thank-you cards myself), and the fantastic prices. Hallmark has got everything from the cute girl announcement that turns your full-frame photo...

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Big news for the littlest of people

We are so excited to make sure everyone hears that cardshop extraordinaire, Hello! Lucky, now makes super cool birth announcements. One of our favorite brands for hip holiday cards and stunning letterpress paperworks, it’s no surprise that we love their new line of announcements to welcome the world’s coolest babies to the planet. You can go with charming retro animals, including fawns, musical monkeys, and a velveteen rabbit. Or you can focus on spring with bright blooms and pastels. And, of course, there are several options that simply and elegantly focus on framing the photo of your newest star....

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Announcing the easier birth announcement

Announcing the birth of... um… well…forget it. Back in 2008 I was so busy sitting on an ice pack and juggling two kids that I never sent announcements. It just seemed like either a lot of trouble or a lot of money, and I didn’t dig either prospect. What I do dig now is the outrageous ease of ordering digital birth or baptism announcements through a company like Lullabyannouncements.com. You simply select your design, provide a photo, fill in the blanks for text, and designer Chadlee Colson will create the perfect announcement just for you. She won’t even judge...

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Cool adoption announcements? Reader Q&A

Do you know of a company that does awesome adoption announcements – hold the bunnies? -Tanis Congrats on your adoption, Tanis! We know how hard it can be to find cool announcements, let alone ones that don’t rely on birth dates and times in the design. But thankfully, many companies are stepping it up with modern announcements that are suitable for adoptive parents too. We’re big fans of Minted cards, so I’m not surprised that they’ve got some lovely adoption announcements. My fave is the sleek Worth the Wait adoption announcement which is printed on eco-friendly premium 100% recycled...

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B Designs’ gorgeous letterpress birth announcements for twins just look expensive

I had three kids in under four years, but it’s the parents who have twins who earn my respect for living with double the chaos. Maybe that’s why I love B Designs’ minimalist letterpress twins birth announcement which conveys the joy over the new arrivals without any of the frenzy. We think you’ll appreciate how affordable the cards are — it’s not as cheap as doing your birth announcements yourself on your computer, but it’s surprisingly well-priced for custom letterpress which is nice when you’re buying double the outfits and double the diapers. It’s ridiculously easy to create these...

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Cards from Paper Culture: Design totally within reach

The beautiful new collection of modern cards, announcements and invitations from Paper Culture have me as excited as any note cards we’ve seen in a while. And we see a whole lot of note cards so that’s saying something. The baby announcements are a welcome change from the same old derivative designs we see pretty much everywhere, combining your own photo with sweet contemporary illustrations in color combos right out of the latest Wallpaper* magazine. There are also some fantastic kids’ birthday invitations (love that pirate!) and a great selection of personalized baby shower invitations that while modern, are...

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Outsourcing the birth announcements with Red Stamp

I love the idea of birth announcement as a means of sharing pure joy. But the logistics of actually getting my own announcements in the mail was too daunting for me on top of the rest of my post baby to-do list. No matter how joyous the occasion or how beautiful the birth announcements may be, stuffing and addressing envelopes is a tedious chore.  Red Stamp has a whole slew of gorgeous new birth announcements (my personal favorite is the gray and orange pinstripes), but what makes Red Stamp perfect for the expectant mama is their Mail-For-Me service. All...

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Thank you cards from your baby. Literally.

We’ve had a little discussion among the editors here at Cool Mom Picks about baby thank you cards. Written by the mom “from the baby” – yes or no? The consensus was a resounding “no,” but as it turns out, we’d definitely make an exception with the baby thank you cards from Canopy Cards. Their baby thank yous with jest had me giggling instantly, with simple commentary from your baby herself like I feel like I’m getting all the gifts… And my parents are doing all the work or my fave, What a gift! I’d jump for joy if...

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What says “welcome new baby” better than flowers?

I cannot tell you how guilty I feel tossing a baby announcement. Not only does it stink to have to add to the landfill, but it just seems odd to put a baby’s picture in the trashcan. So I had to check out Botanical Paperworks, a Canadian company that creates all their stationery products from plantable paper. Cool, right? All you have to do is place the card under a thin layer of soil, put it in the sun, and give it some water and you’ll get a pot full of wildflowers. Flowers that will always remind your friends...

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Cards that make you say, “Awww…”

Creating eye-catching baby stationery is not nearly as easy as it looks.  Anyone can print teddy bears or glue gingham bows on heavy card stock.  It takes something special to make me sit up and say, “Awww…” Gracie Girl Notes are definitely something special. Designer Bevin McSorley combines simple yet innovative designs with great attention to detail on her custom note cards, party invitations and birth announcements. Adorned with paper cut-outs of ice skates, dump trucks, animals or polka dotted cupcakes, Gracie Girl’s brightly colored personalized notes really stand out from the standard 2-D offerings. These custom cards are...

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Something for those poor new babies who will always get the combined birthday/holiday gift the rest of their lives.

If you’re like me, your baby will be sitting up quite nicely by the time the birth announcements go out. In fact, you might think to yourself, I have to do holiday cards anyway, why not just wait? Why not, indeed? You can do it all this holiday season with magnetic combination birth announcements/holiday cards from Magnet Street Baby. The site is really fun to use, recommending other items with similar themes and sizes, and even offering up coordinated envelopes. Then just upload your favorite new-baby images into the the template that best suits your style, whether you like...

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Editors Best of 2007: Stationery and announcements

Birth announcements Kristen: I have to pick Bird and Banner’s completely handmade custom invites and announcements. Their personal touch is the next best thing to making all 100 announcements yourself. Liz: For totally custom, designed just-for-you announcements, the portfolio at Pink Dot Press will absolutely blow you away. Custom stationery Kristen: I love my Posh Peacock personalized note cards so much that I feel bad writing on them. At least I know that no one is looking at my terrible handwriting. Liz: Maybe it’s cheating to call it custom, but when your kids take their Crayolas to the Color...

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