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The best Hamilton party ideas: Decor, invitations, treats, and more. WORK!

Hear ye, hear ye! How does a parent of a Hamilton-obsessed kid score major points without spending your child’s college fund on Broadway tickets? By throwing a Hamilton-themed birthday party, that’s how. While I would love to give my daughter tickets to see the show (because it’s on my wish list too), throwing her a fantastic Hamilton party for kids is more within my budget. Plus? So cool! So I scoured the web for the best Hamilton party ideas including invitations, decor, food, favors, and activities. Besides a sing-along of the entire soundtrack. Which is a given. Top: Schuyler Sister cakes via @Cap10Hamilton on Pinterest CMP is an rstyle affiliate...

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5 creative ways to make personalized candy favors and gifts the coolest ever. Look what we made!

My kids believe they are the World’s Greatest Fans of Dylan’s Candy Bar. Which is hilarious, considering that every single one of the zillions of kids who visit their shops each year also believe that they are the World’s Greatest Fans of Dylan’s Candy Bar. So when they joined on as our newest sponsor (yay!), and asked us to take a look at their new selection of personalized candy favors and gifts at the Dylan’s Candy Bar online Design Shoppe (double yay!), you have no idea how quickly I raised my hand. (Sorry, CMP comrades — early bird gets the chocolate.)   -Special Offer:...

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Over 20 of the best Finding Dory birthday party ideas

Even though Finding Dory has only been out for a few weeks, she already has a ton of fans who are likely going to want her be the star of their birthday party (well, after the birthday child of course).  So we’ve gone fishing for some of our favorite Finding Dory-inspired birthday party ideas from invitations, decor, food, and party favors. And we’ve even put them all in this one spot so you won’t forget anything, unlike you-know-who. Related: 10 cool summer party ideas for kids, and lots of inspiration to help you pull them off (Top image: The...

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More than 40 of the coolest Star Wars birthday party ideas for your little Padawan

We imagine a whole lot of parents out there are starting to plan some amazing Star Wars birthday parties and are going to be looking for some creative, cool ideas. After all, in just a few months, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens will be released and a whole new generation will get the thrill of seeing their first Star Wars film on the big screen. Get ready for the onslaught of Star Wars toys and gifts and food and everything else under the sun. Or is that, under the suns? #tatooinereference So if you need a little assistance in...

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12 easy party planning tips, tricks and time-saving hacks. Because oof, party planning.

If it’s not clear, we all love parties around here. But planning and hosting them? Well, that can be a challenge, especially if you’re a busy parent. But fear not! We’ve put together a ton of ideas to help make parties even easier. In other words, we want you to enjoy the party too; not just be the hired hands toiling in the kitchen or pouring drinks the whole time. Whether you’re up for a backyard potluck, a Halloween party for the kids, birthdays of all kinds, and of course, holiday entertaining which is just around the corner, you’ve already got the excuses to throw...

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The most beautiful Disney invitations, and they happen to be online.

If you have a Disney crazy kid (do I need a pun in here about kids not being able to “let it go?”) you’re going to love this one: Paperless Post, our go-to site for high quality online invitations and stationery has just announced a new line of Paperless Post Disney ecards. Actually, calling them ecards almost does them a disservice; even as someone who isn’t always so keen on the licensed character stuff, I liken the whole series to beautifully designed digital stationery, right down to the typefaces. Hey, when’s the last time you found a Whinny the Pooh or Mickey...

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The ultimate roundup of fun, affordable Minion birthday party ideas that you can actually do!

The Minions are coming! The Minions are coming! Today’s premiere of the aptly titled Minions movie is bound to turn even more kids into fans of those yellow goofballs, meaning you may find yourself planning a Minion-themed birthday party for your own little critter before the year is out. While we’ve seen some truly impressive–and impressively time-consuming–Minion birthday party ideas all over the web, we’ve rounded up a bunch of easier, yet still totally adorable and affordable ways to incorporate them into a birthday party without losing your mind. Kampai!  (That’s Minion for “Cheers!”) -Christina + Liz   Minion Birthday Party Invitations Just send The Indigo...

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10 fantastic summer party themes for kids, and loads of inspiration to bring them to life.

Oh, the joys of the summer birthday party when the nice weather means celebrating with friends out-of-doors. And whether this means gathering everyone into your backyard, meeting at the local park, or even taking over a quiet piece of sandy beach, we’ve put together ten awesomely creative, but totally doable, summer party themes for our kids’ summer birthdays. Because doable? As in, without a $10,000 a day party planner? That kind of detail is important to us.   And we’re so happy to be working with the most perfect sponsor for a summer party theme feature: Carvel and ILoveIceCreamCakes.com. Because hello, ice cream cakes! Visit...

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Go Minted! It’s your birthday! And a special discount to celebrate.

We’ve all been huge fans and supporters of Minted long before they were a Cool Mom Picks sponsor, so it seems hard to believe that they are turning seven! It’s no surprise their ever-growing collection of stationery, invitations, and gifts designed by indie artists around the world are so popular with parents, including us. They really are some of the most beautifully designed options that we see anywhere. So in honor of the big Minted birthday celebration (aw, seven is such a fun year), they’re offering a special store-wide discount on everything. We’ve gone through and picked some of our own personal favorites on...

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How to throw a rainbow art party: A rainbow party for kids with a creative twist

We’ve seen rainbow themed parties for kids before, but if you have an art and color-loving child, a rainbow art party can be a really fun and original theme for the birthday boy or girl. While there are plenty of ideas out there that involve seven-layer rainbow birthday cakes that may or may not come out like the photos on Pinterest, I wanted to track down stuff that makes it easier for parents. So here, find  plenty of easy rainbow party invitations, decorations, recipes, activities, and party favors — and no, you won’t need a pot of gold to afford them all. [top image: one charming...

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