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Sesame Street honors Black History Month with some of their favorite show clips. Ours, too.

If you’ve been looking for a good way to celebrate diversity with your very youngest kids during Black History Month (and well, every single month), a great place to start is Sesame Street. Because, of course! Our favorite kids’ show has been celebrating diversity from episode number one, and this month their YouTube channel is highlighting a great selection of clips in honor of Black History Month that your kids will love. From from old school clips with Maya Angelou to Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs, these are just some of the clips from the Sesame Street YouTube playlist celebrating Black History Month, with some of our...

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Web coolness: A very Hamilton Valentine’s Day, support for U.S. Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad and more

Here are some links we’ve liked reading around the web. Hope you like them too.   On this week’s Spawned: Genius tips for raising kids to be better with money, from financial expert Beth Kobliner — including answers to our own listeners’ many questions about allowances. Valentine’s Day sneak up on you? We’ve got loads of Valentine’s Day gift ideas in our 2017 gift guide! Awesome ideas for Valentine’s Day treats for kids If you need to laugh, check out these 12 hilarious Valentine’s Day cards, like the Hamilton King George III Valentines Day card above from Jamie Fevre. Printable Valentine’s Day cards for Minecraft...

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6 wonderful children’s books about African-American pioneers your children may not know — yet

It’s safe to say that during Black History Month in particular, our children are learning all about our nation’s great civil rights leaders, like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass. But, if you’ve seen (or, heck, even heard about) the film Hidden Figures, it’s been an awakening for a lot of parents and educators that there are so many more African-American pioneers who deserve the spotlight too. Even my mother-in-law, an 83-year-old Black woman, had never heard of Katherine Goble Johnson, Mary Jackson, or Dorothy Vaughan — the brilliant women who were instrumental in helping launch the first U.S. astronaut into orbit. Thankfully, that’s...

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What did Frederick Douglass do? This wonderful book helps kids find out.

This week, I am under the impression, for some reason, that lots of folks are searching for information on Frederick Douglass: Who was Frederick Douglass? What did he do that was so important? How did he earn a place in the new Smithsonian African-American history museum? If you’re a parent or educator, this is a good opportunity to rush to your local library, Amazon, or your local bookstore. Then check out the brand new biography picture book, Frederick Douglass: The Lion Who Wrote History, by the late Walter Dean Myers. Related: 10 outstanding Black History Month books for kids of all...

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15 amazing Langston Hughes quotes to help start important discussions with your kids

Today marks not only the beginning of Black History Month, but the birthday of the beloved, brilliant, prescient poet Langston Hughes, who would have been 114 today. As with all essential writers throughout history, his words live on long past his death in 1967. In fact, so many Langston Hughes quotes, thoughts and lines from his poetry are as relevant today as they ever were. One of the things I like to do with my kids from time to time, is read them a quote then discuss it. It’s actually amazing how kids even as young as four or five can have some basic...

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Web coolness: Oscar party ideas, Oscar nights alternatives, Quidditch in the Himalayas, and one very important birthday.

Here are some of the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too. (There are so many this week!)     Cool Mom Picks turns ten this week! Today’s the last day to enter to win 10 really amazing giveaway gifts — and it’s easy. Good luck! A magical Quidditch match in the Himalayas (above). These photos by Anshu Agarwal are a fun way to start the day. Get ready for the Oscars with 12 easy Oscar party ideas and a feast of easy Oscar party food recipes . Funny cheat sheet to the Oscar-nominated movies. Timely: What it’s like to...

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Because Of Them, We Can: Where kids honor our Black History heroes, charmingly

To be honest, Black History Month is year round for me. As a black woman, especially one living in the U.S., I’m reminded of and inspired by the endless contributions of black people to the collective betterment of this nation on a daily basis. And now, as a mother raising a brown boy here, I’m even more grateful for Black History Month to help me educate my son about the expansive history of African Americans. One remarkable non-profit campaign that I’ve leaned on to introduce him to new, significant heroes is Because Of Them, We Can. What started as a visual project...

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10 outstanding Black History Month books for kids of all ages

Black History Month is the perfect time for us to widen our scope on the lives of Black people in this country and their ongoing contributions to its advancement. In school, our kids typically learn about the impact that people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and George Washington Carver had and continue to have on our lives. But there are so many more people — unsung heroes, revolutionaries, artists, writers, activists, and everyday citizens — who have done remarkable things that deserve the spotlight as well. To honor them and their work, here are 10 excellent...

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Web coolness: Valentines ideas, the best Super Bowl ad, college-ready first graders and more.

Here are some of our favorite links around the web this week. We hope you like them too.    You’ve got one week, and we have dozens of Valentine’s gift ideas for your beloved. Funny Valentine’s Day cards for tech lovers, like the one above from Emily McDowell. Download the coolest Valentine’s printables for your kids. This is the weekend to get them done! Also, cool idea for a printable light-up Valentine for science-loving kids. Love the idea for this DIY Black History Month matching game. Asking for money as a child’s birthday gift? Uh… Our favorite Super Bowl ad: #LikeAGirl. Yet, oddly controversial. Hooray for...

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Sweet Blackberry: Bringing African-American history alive with a little starpower

There are moments in stories I heard as a child — lots of them in fact — that have stayed with me my entire life. Charlotte’s spider babies, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s wonderful cures, Peter Rabbit losing his jacket in what, at that time in my life, felt like a very scary chase. They stay with me because they are wonderful stories, well-written and -kudos to my parents- well read. These moments are just what I thought of when I first discovered Sweet Blackberry. A new non-profit organization, Sweet Blackberry is creating a similar story memory legacy for children with narrated...

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