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7 expert tips for decluttering kids rooms when all else has failed

Let’s be real: kids’ room clutter is the gift that keeps on giving. And it’s not just kids’ bedrooms that are problems — we always find the need to declutter our entryways, the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, the area around the TV, every corner of every room…you get it. And if you live in a smaller space (hello, city living), the clutter can seem ten-fold. So we’ve been looking for some easy ways to declutter kids’ rooms, which makes for a perfect summer project, as you get a respite from all the classwork and art projects coming home each day. We spoke with Emma Gordon,...

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7 cool playroom ideas for kids that let you reclaim your living room

I’ve definitely been looking for cool playroom ideas lately for my own son. Because between the art supplies in the kitchen, the Play-Doh in the dining room, and the pretend workbench and kitchen in the basement, my preschooler is quickly laying claim to our entire new house. I know you can’t really contain a kid to just one room, but I feel like what he really needs is a dedicated playroom or playspace where most of his toys can live, because, let’s be honest, I want my living room back. And my dining room table. And my kitchen floor. To get the design...

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The Konmari Method: Does it work for families?

With daylight savings coming up, I know I’m not the only one itching to open up windows and start spring cleaning the house from top to bottom. So I decided to try out the popular Konmari method of organization from the book by Japanese sensation Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, if a little reluctantly as a parent. All I can say is, this book has rocked my world. And soon will rock my entire house. However there are some aspects that parents should be aware of. Related: The best of the eco-friendly cleaning...

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IKEA alternative: The cool new modern shelving and storage bins from Sprout Kids

Keeping the playroom clean is a regular battle at our house, and I’m ready for a truce. But when I start to get sick of the mess, I usually turn to storage bins as my go-to method for keeping clutter to a minimum. It’s a system that’s easy enough for my kids follow when they clean up—they just dump their toys in the bins. And it works for me, because I don’t see a mess everywhere. Lately, I’ve added the modern shelving and storage bins from Sprout Kids to my wish list. If you’re looking for an IKEA Kallax storage system alternative, take a look at...

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10 tips to make reading fun for young kids: Turn your preschooler into a serious book lover.

There’s nothing quite like seeing your child pick up a book and read it to himself for the first time. And even though we’ve been known to tell our kids to putdownthatbookrightnow! when we’re trying to get them out the door for school, we secretly love that kind of reading obsession. Even if your kid isn’t paging through Moby Dick—or even Mo Willems—yet, you can foster that love of learning early. So on behalf of our newest partner P’kolino, a company we’ve loved and supported for ages, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help make reading fun, so your pre-reader will be on her...

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Wow, now that’s a bookshelf.

When are utilitarian storage units for kids the most stunning pieces of furniture in the whole room? When they are these gorgeously original Amsterdam Cabinets from This is Dutch. Modeled after Amsterdam’s iconic canal houses, these 78″ tall cabinets would be the centerpiece of any cool bedroom or playroom. They come in 11 different colors and three different gable designs on top so that you could theoretically have an entire cityscape filled with books. Dutch books maybe?. Of course I say theoretically because at almost $1,300 a pop, this is definitely not affordable design for most of our budgets, but we can dream, can’t...

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New toy storage solutions from P’kolino Mess Eaters

If your little monsters can tear up a room in under 15 minutes, check out how the new P’kolino line of monstrous Mess Eaters storage units are ready to put it all back together again in a snap.  And now that we can find this playful line in our local Target store, it’s even easier to stock up on the toy storage solutions that help keep parents sane. We saw the collection introduced Toy Fair just a few weeks back, and we’re so happy it’s now available so quickly. The line consists of brightly-colored, friendly monsters that can live in...

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The only thing cooler than Hoth is this Star Wars book shelf

You can’t buy your kid a life-sized AT-AT or landspeeder. But you can give them the coolest Star Wars-themed book shelf we’ve ever seen. This AT-AT Imperial Bookcase from WhittledinWood on Etsy is a masterpiece of engineering. Handmade of birch plywood, it’s made to order in Vidor, Texas and arrives raw and unpainted.  The cool thing is that the company can make a bookcase out of almost anything your heart desires–the website currently shows this AT-AT, a Millennium Falcon, an unbelievable tree, and the Incredible Hulk. The prices aren’t as insane as they could be for bespoke geek furniture,...

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Bookends that will make you want to file. And that’s saying something.

The second I saw this desk accessory–instant swoon. The Indice Bookends are available online from the MoMA store, which is pretty much where I’d expect to find something so functional and funky. The bright colors are calling my name, but it’s that file folder tab design that really makes it special. You can slide them around or separate them like regular old bookends, or split them up into sets of 3 and 2 if that works for you. But I think the five all lined up together just gets you the whole effect. Or hey, maybe ten together? At...

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Oh my oh my oh dinosaur

If there’s one awesome baby gift for any kid at all anywhere, it’s a bunch of books to start his library. Which means if there’s one more awesome baby gift, it’s going to be a sturdy bookend that does more than just sit there and look pretty on the shelf. Or in this case, look fierce. The weighted faux leather animal bookends at Serena + Lily come in all sorts of fun animals, but I think the dinosaur bookend is my favorite. At his height he’d be perfect for holding up all those palm-sized board books the new mom...

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