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Beep beep! Reader coming through

Bookends are always a smart way to blend function with design in a kid’s room, so I’m often looking for cool ones. I’m taken with the wooden car bookends on My Sweet Muffin, which also happen to be on sale right now. They’re handmade in the Netherlands from rubberwood, then screenprinted. All three designs are pretty cool, but I have to admit a fondness for the not-specifically-a-VW minibus.   The one tough thing will be to get your kids to resist the urge to color them in. Or hey…let them paint them. Why not, right? Find the wooden car bookends on My...

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More than 40 ideas for the coolest black and white nursery

What’s black and white and chic all over? Your baby’s future nursery, of course! If you’re looking for something other than the traditional blues, pinks and yellows, we’ve got you covered. I’m a huge fan of this gender-neutral nursery trend because it’s modern and sleek, but easily softened up with the comfy pillows, textured rugs, cozy blankets and other ideas we’ve rounded up for you. If you’re into not-too-cutesy gender-neutral nursery offerings, the new line from the British design duo at Olli + Lime has pretty much everything you might need for a very coordinated black and white nursery. From crib bedding to pillows, blankets...

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From bridges to bicycles, we’ve found the best collection of bookends ever

There’s no excuse in the world for boring bookends. And this shop is the end-all, be-all of bookends, with everything from animals to plants to robots.  Design Atelier Article is a Ukrainian artisan duo that creates super cool minimalist bookends in laser-cut steel with vibrant, powder-coated finishes. They’re seriously awesome. You’ll find bears, horses, cats, keys, pears, and tons of the most popular motifs are just waiting to sit on your bookshelf–or your children’s, of course. Some of them are even on sale, including those cool octopus tentacles–you’ll just have to check them all out and squeal.  The artists...

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Bookends that will make you want to file. And that’s saying something.

The second I saw this desk accessory–instant swoon. The Indice Bookends are available online from the MoMA store, which is pretty much where I’d expect to find something so functional and funky. The bright colors are calling my name, but it’s that file folder tab design that really makes it special. You can slide them around or separate them like regular old bookends, or split them up into sets of 3 and 2 if that works for you. But I think the five all lined up together just gets you the whole effect. Or hey, maybe ten together? At...

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15 of the absolute cutest hedgehog gifts, all handmade

When we first started this site it was birds. Then owls. Then foxes. Now, neck-in-neck with the fox, the cutest animal trend to emerge is definitely hedgehogs. (Not that owls show any sign of going anywhere.) If you think the spiny mammal of the subfamily Erinaceinae is cuter than its Latin name might suggest, well I do too! So I’ve combed the web to share 15 of the cutest handmade hedgehog gifts, toys, tees, artwork and more, all at great prices. After all, they’re too adorable just to come out at night. –Liz Wooden Hedgehog Pendant by decoylab ($16)...

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Oh my oh my oh dinosaur

If there’s one awesome baby gift for any kid at all anywhere, it’s a bunch of books to start his library. Which means if there’s one more awesome baby gift, it’s going to be a sturdy bookend that does more than just sit there and look pretty on the shelf. Or in this case, look fierce. The weighted faux leather animal bookends at Serena + Lily come in all sorts of fun animals, but I think the dinosaur bookend is my favorite. At his height he’d be perfect for holding up all those palm-sized board books the new mom...

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Trend alert: Balloon dogs!

Jeff Koons may have popularized the balloon dog as pop art icon, but as a figure in so many of our own childhoods, its no wonder we’re starting to see all kinds of artists and brands finding inspiration in them. Here are a few super cute balloon dogs that are finding their way into home decor and modern design. Balloon dog wall decals? Magical! These, from CMP fave Wall Candy Arts, look like they’re floating around the room. The set comes with all five colors that you can reuse and reposition. And the best part–no long line of other...

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Organize your books from A to Zombie

Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on this sharp set of bookends. From Boneshaker to World War Z, you’ve finally got a place to keep your favorite books about how to survive the coming zombiepocalypse.  Not into zombies? That’s okay, too. This awesome Etsy shop offers cool bookends for book lovers of all stripes. Handmade and designed from solid steel by Knob Creek Metal Arts, these Zombie Bookends in hammered black cut steel would even be helpful in case of zombie attack. I mean, can you imagine facing the undead with those adorable balloon dog bookends we covered?...

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POP! goes the bookend

All around the Ikea bookshelf The bibliophile chased the bookend The bookend stepped on a Kindle plug POP! goes the balloon dog! Not really, though. That’s why these Balloon Dog Bookends by IMM Living from the SFMOMA store are so special– they can’t pop. What they can do is hold up books with style and color. In a new twist (ha!) on kids’ bookends, the airy, ephemeral but unpoppable balloon dog is cast in resin with enough weight to keep those pesky books on the shelf. They’re available in orange and purple and measure in at about the size...

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The end. The very end.

Poking around the CB2 website this week, I kinda fell in love with this bookend. Because, we’ll, it’s an end. Called The End. The End bookend is such a cool little hostess gift or just a sunny pick me up for your own bookshelf. I don’t know how heavy it is, but it seems like it could do the job. I suppose it could also have been called The Beginning. But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. –Liz Find The End bookend online from...

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Cute kids’ bookends at a price that makes them even cuter

The more books my kids own, the more bookends they need to keep them from falling (on me) every time I straighten up the shelves. But do you know how expensive kids bookends can be? It’s actually kind of surprising. We’re talking $100 and up–for one! Well yay for skip*hop for creating some adorable ones that are actually affordable. The skip*hop zoo bookends are soft, sweet, and weighted, making them functional as a bookend but cute as decor on its own. They’re not so heavy that they can keep a set of encyclopedias upright, but for your basic board...

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Gorgeous bookends to hold up those 16 copies of Goodnight Moon

On a trip to LA last week, I stumbled into the most adorable little Los Feliz children’s boutique called La La Ling. It was one of those shops where you don’t know what to buy first; even my colleagues without children were scanning their brains for friends’ kids in need of some cool gifts. While I loved seeing CMP faves like Rowdy Sprout and Giddy Giddy, something new to me were the spectacular handmade children’s bookends from the LA-based Wolfum. Designer Annibel Inganni has a thing for vintage tableware and you can see it reflected in her collections. I love the subdued,...

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