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The coolest back to school printables: Lunch notes, planners, labels and more | Back to School Guide 2016

Back to school time isn’t just about shopping! (Not that there’s anything wrong with shopping, of course.) One of our favorite annual traditions is sharing our favorite back to school printables that help make the school year easier, more organized, and just more fun. This year, we’re sharing 22 favorites, most of them free! And we’re so pleased that this year’s Back to School Guide is made possible by our terrific partner BIC, who’s celebrating handwriting through their Fight for Your Write campaign. (And you all know how much we value handwriting, parents.) Visit the site, sign the pledge to encourage handwriting at home like we do, and they’ll...

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15 of the coolest back to school printables: Back to School Guide 2014

As parents, one of our favorite things about the web is the ability to find so many cool–often free–printables for kids of all kinds that make us all look like crafty geniuses. They’re especially abundant this time of year, as back to school printables help make back to school time easier, more organized, and sometimes just more fun. So in this installment of our Back to School Guide, we share some of our very fave back to school printables, with gratitude to the awesome designers who put their talents to work for all of our benefits. Of course one thing you...

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Panda school supplies: Our vote for cutest 2014 back to school trend.

We thought hedgehogs, foxes, even narwhals would hit it big as the hot animal for kids his year. And yes, they have. But of all things, we’re also noticing a ton of adorable panda school supplies and we can’t say we’re complaining. If your kids awwww at them as much as ours do, here are some of our favorites.       Panda preschool Backpack and Panda Zoo Lunchie ($20, $14 Skip*Hop) What preschooler or little kid would not want to skip to school holding one–or both–of these cute panda supplies in their paws. Actually, my seven-year old likes the lunch...

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Christmas gifts that kids can make themselves (really!)

It’s a tradition around our house that my kids give handmade gifts (made by their hands!) to their siblings and grandparents. But coming up with new ideas–especially ones that don’t require me to be the one doing all the work–can be a challenge. If you love giving handmade gifts as much as we do–or want to start a tradition like our family’s–then here’s a plethora of cool and crafty gifts that your kids really can make themselves. Pinky swear. For those of you with little artists, just imagine the possibilities with these DIY modern art plates. Perfect for young scribblers...

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Ding, dong, the witch is read: nifty 3D bookmarks

Book lovers, we’ve come across some major cuteness for you. We think you and your Munchkins are going to go (winged) ape for these adorable 3D bookmarks. And if you’re not into The Wizard of Oz, they come in several other shapes, including pirates, zombies, and Louboutins…oh my! From the Wicked Witch’s stripey socks to Dorothy’s demurely folded socks and famous ruby slippers, MyBOOKmark on Etsy offers dozens of unique and clever three-dimensional bookmarks for bibliophiles with a sense of humor. Each pair of legs pokes two inches or so out of your book. They’re hand-crafted of polymer clay, painted,...

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First Communion Gift Ideas? Reader Q&A

My 8 year old niece is about to celebrate her First Communion, and I don’t have any good gift ideas. Can you help? Thanks, Sarah I don’t remember much about my First Communion oh-so-many-years-ago, but I think my relatives gave me cards with a few dollars inside. While you can go that route, here are some very special gifts that will have her remembering your thoughtfulness for a long time, which may be more than we can say for a $20 bill in a card. -Christina Commemorate the day with Pearlie Girl’s pretty silver bookmark (above) personalized with her name...

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Bookmarks. For people who still read real books.

I still have fond memories of certain bookmarks I had when I was young. I remember loving to return to a book, not just because I was eager to get back into the story I was reading, but also because I couldn’t wait to peek at the special bookmark holding my place. I think it might have taken me a little longer to make it to the reading stage if I’d had the beautiful illustrated bookmarks from Felix Doolittle. Designed to present a “story within a story” if you will, these gorgeous bookmark sets will take any reader on...

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Leaves of grass, now on your bookshelf

Some books are like cut flowers: I get them, enjoy them, and forget about them. But some books are like lawns, like rich green grass that I want to cultivate and nurture and wiggle between my toes every Spring.  Okay, maybe just the first two. If you, too, have some books that will live on your shelf forever, you might like these adorable GreenMarker bookmarks. The package comes with 75 markers made from sticky Post-It note material that resemble a beautiful bouquet of green grass when placed at different points throughout the book. If you’re sick of dog-ears in...

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