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IKEA alternative: The cool new modern shelving and storage bins from Sprout Kids

Keeping the playroom clean is a regular battle at our house, and I’m ready for a truce. But when I start to get sick of the mess, I usually turn to storage bins as my go-to method for keeping clutter to a minimum. It’s a system that’s easy enough for my kids follow when they clean up—they just dump their toys in the bins. And it works for me, because I don’t see a mess everywhere. Lately, I’ve added the modern shelving and storage bins from Sprout Kids to my wish list. If you’re looking for an IKEA Kallax storage system alternative, take a look at...

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IKEA Kallax: The best storage for families gets a makeover and a name change

I’ve purchased six Expedit storage units from IKEA for our three-child house, so you can imagine my shock when I discovered that they were no longer selling what I consider their most versatile, affordable, and useful storage solution for families. Turns out that the new IKEA Kallax storage system is actually the Expedit system, with a makeover and name change. Hooray! The furniture looks very similar to Expedit, which is good news for those of us who want to add more coordinating pieces. But Kallax has some neat features for families, like slightly rounded edges to make it a bit safer around young kids, and a more durable finish...

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10 tips to make reading fun for young kids: Turn your preschooler into a serious book lover.

There’s nothing quite like seeing your child pick up a book and read it to himself for the first time. And even though we’ve been known to tell our kids to putdownthatbookrightnow! when we’re trying to get them out the door for school, we secretly love that kind of reading obsession. Even if your kid isn’t paging through Moby Dick—or even Mo Willems—yet, you can foster that love of learning early. So on behalf of our newest partner P’kolino, a company we’ve loved and supported for ages, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help make reading fun, so your pre-reader will be on her...

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More than 40 ideas for the coolest black and white nursery

What’s black and white and chic all over? Your baby’s future nursery, of course! If you’re looking for something other than the traditional blues, pinks and yellows, we’ve got you covered. I’m a huge fan of this gender-neutral nursery trend because it’s modern and sleek, but easily softened up with the comfy pillows, textured rugs, cozy blankets and other ideas we’ve rounded up for you. If you’re into not-too-cutesy gender-neutral nursery offerings, the new line from the British design duo at Olli + Lime has pretty much everything you might need for a very coordinated black and white nursery. From crib bedding to pillows, blankets...

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The fun 3D shelf that’s coming right at you

No matter how cool technology gets, there’s something to be said for a good old-fashioned 3D movie in which a shark tries to bite off your head. If I remember correctly, my first 3D movie was JAWS, which actually explains a lot. For my kids, it was Brave. And they were hooked, too. If your family loves a movie experience that includes paper glasses, this cool 3D shelf from our pals at Jellio would look fantastic on your game room wall or even in a cool kids’ room. It’s made of acrylic and features shelves mimicking the bright red...

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Wow, now that’s a bookshelf.

When are utilitarian storage units for kids the most stunning pieces of furniture in the whole room? When they are these gorgeously original Amsterdam Cabinets from This is Dutch. Modeled after Amsterdam’s iconic canal houses, these 78″ tall cabinets would be the centerpiece of any cool bedroom or playroom. They come in 11 different colors and three different gable designs on top so that you could theoretically have an entire cityscape filled with books. Dutch books maybe?. Of course I say theoretically because at almost $1,300 a pop, this is definitely not affordable design for most of our budgets, but we can dream, can’t...

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From bridges to bicycles, we’ve found the best collection of bookends ever

There’s no excuse in the world for boring bookends. And this shop is the end-all, be-all of bookends, with everything from animals to plants to robots.  Design Atelier Article is a Ukrainian artisan duo that creates super cool minimalist bookends in laser-cut steel with vibrant, powder-coated finishes. They’re seriously awesome. You’ll find bears, horses, cats, keys, pears, and tons of the most popular motifs are just waiting to sit on your bookshelf–or your children’s, of course. Some of them are even on sale, including those cool octopus tentacles–you’ll just have to check them all out and squeal.  The artists...

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The only thing cooler than Hoth is this Star Wars book shelf

You can’t buy your kid a life-sized AT-AT or landspeeder. But you can give them the coolest Star Wars-themed book shelf we’ve ever seen. This AT-AT Imperial Bookcase from WhittledinWood on Etsy is a masterpiece of engineering. Handmade of birch plywood, it’s made to order in Vidor, Texas and arrives raw and unpainted.  The cool thing is that the company can make a bookcase out of almost anything your heart desires–the website currently shows this AT-AT, a Millennium Falcon, an unbelievable tree, and the Incredible Hulk. The prices aren’t as insane as they could be for bespoke geek furniture,...

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Letting your kid draw on the furniture

Every once in a while, my toddler and I will be walking through our house when he stops, points, and says his sister’s name. Why? Because she has so kindly written it or drawn a picture in that very spot. On the wall. Or the door. Or the kitchen cupboard. It seems it’s time for her artistic self to spread her wings and, you know, draw on some paper, or something. Which is where CMP favorite, P’kolino, comes in. The line has a few new products that have caught my eye, most specifically, the gorgeous Chalkboard Bookshelf (above) and the Tabletop...

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Reading high up on a cloud

I am such a huge fan of decorating kids spaces with clouds. They are whimsical, delicate and playful.  Clouds seem more popular now than ever, but they have such a timeless feel to them. When I first saw this cloud wall shelf, I quickly imagined the perfect spot for it, right by my daughters bed. What a great solution to display books, small toys and even art. Made by Etsy’s Kate Greenway of Shop Littles, it comes with all the hardware you need to mount it, and you can even order it in blue or gray. But I think...

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Bedrails for kids that are so much cooler than bedrails.

My kids graduated to a big-kid bed in need of a bedrail, right around the same time that they discovered the joys of sneaking book under the covers to “read” past their bedtime. I love their thirst for books but don’t enjoy finding books twisted into bedsheets or flung on the floor in the morning. If you too have a bedtime bookworm in a new big kid bed, take a look at this smart combo bookshelf and bedrail that keeps your sleeping child, and their books, safely in place.   Tambino’s Alpha Bookshelf Bedrail is a smart-looking way to keep...

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