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Frogglez are the kids’ swim goggles you’ve been looking for forever

Leave it to my own cool mom to provide us with a most excellent Cool Grandmom Pick as we make the most of the final sweltering weeks of summer — Frogglez Goggles. My kids refuse to go in the pool without goggles, and these are the first ones I’ve ever tried that they can wear literally for hours without complaining about them. That double neoprene band may make them look a bit like orthodontic headgear (with due respect to Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles) but they’re comfy, they stay on, and they don’t even get caught up in my girls’ long hair. You...

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Common mistakes parents make when applying sunscreen on kids and how to fix them.

With four outdoor-loving kids and lots of pool and beach time on our calendar this summer, you can bet I am always stocking up on sunscreen. I’m pretty careful about when and how I slather it on, too, which is why I was surprised to see that I was making a few very common mistakes when it comes to applying sunscreen to kids. Ack. If you’re going to be applying sunscreen to kids — and hopefully yourself — this summer, you’ll want to check these common mistakes parents make and what to do about them. No need to feel guilty; just...

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Swim diapers that help stave off sunburn too? We’re impressed!

Summer break has already started for my kids, and will soon for the rest of you all who are still dealing with daily drama of homework and packing lunches. Our first day was spent at the pool. Mom win, right? Well, sort of. Because my youngest — also, the squirmiest who hates getting sunscreen slathered on him — got burned, badly. And all too quickly I remembered it’s hard to trust your eyes in the bright sun to see if your kids are getting too pink and need to reapply their sunscreen. Well, if you’ve got any pre potty-trained kids in your house,...

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What’s black and white and cool all over? Hip new kids swimwear from Nununu

I pretty much love all the hip, modern kidswear from Nununu. Some of it pushes design boundaries though, so when I heard they introduced new swimwear for kids this season– well, I wasn’t sure if it would be a little too avant-garde for most parents, or as wearable as the few Nununu basics that my youngest daughter owns and never wants to take off. Turns out, the swimwear is not only wearable, it’s modern, fun, and even modest. Which is the trifecta for this mom. You’ll find Nununu swimsuits for kids and babies in every shade of black. And okay, a little gray or white thrown...

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Shark Week is back! Here are 7 of our favorite shark picks for summer

Starting today, it won’t be safe to turn on the television without knowing Shark Week has come ashore, with an entire week of programming on the Discovery Channel dedicated to those creatures of the sea. And while we’re happy to keep the bitey kind of shark in its rightful place in the ocean, we’ve also netted some great summertime shark finds for your kids should they have a soft spot for those toothy fish — and maybe aren’t quite old enough to watch Jaws with you just yet. Related: 14 of the coolest Shark Week picks for kids (whether they’re old...

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Festive baby clothes with stars for your Fourth of July parties (and photo opps)

We’ve noticed a sparkly trend in kids’ clothes this summer: stars. They’re everywhere! And they don’t even have to be sparkly.With Fourth of July weekend coming up, we’ve definitely had stars and stripes on the brain for our kids. These cute baby clothes with stars are adorably festive without making your baby look like one of the floats in the neighborhood parade. Because too much stars and stripes and flag patterns can be, well . . . too much. (Not that babies don’t look cute in absolutely everything.) CMP is an rstyle affiliate   We are huge fans of Tea Collection around here, and this...

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Behold the cuteness of matching swim trunks for dad and son. At least when they’re as cute as these styles.

Finally, it’s pool and beach season! For the dad in your life, there’s something very smart about getting something sentimental (if even a homemade card) then also considering a Father’s Day gift that will be put to good use. So when we had an opportunity to partner with Tom & Teddy, makers of stylish, popular, UV protection swim trunks for boys and men that are designed to last, we were so happy. They’re known for being extremely well made, wildly comfy, with a cut that’s a little shorter and more fitted to make playing, sand-castle building, and of course swimming a lot easier. Let’s just...

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Great anti-chafe swim trunks for boys that keep your beach bums happy

My beach bum son loves everything about the beach except for the one thing that actually gives him beach bum: That mesh insert in his bathing suit. (I know, we’re very clever.) So, I’m so very thankful to find NoNetz swim trunks for boys that are made to do away with that irritating and chafing mesh liner so that boys can get back to the important business of sandcastle building and wake boarding. Related: Terrific UV Swimwear to keep our boys and girls covered Manufactured in Brooklyn, NoNetz Anti-Chafe Swimwear is mainly made for men, so our grownup boys can chill out comfortably by the pool...

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A first look at the cutest new kids clothes from Appaman for spring

If you’re the type who follows kid fashion well, join the club. We’re excited to offer you an exclusive first look at the Appaman spring 2015 collection that just launched this very second. We’ve loved Appaman since way way back when all of our kids were wee ones, but the truth is, they now do cool for tweens so well so you don’t have to be bummed when your kids hit six and suddenly they’re out of the label. There are some new things in the new collection that I can’t wait to let my kids try on. So, I thought I’d pick out a few of my favorite warmer-weather...

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Sea Squirts swim vests: Go ahead, hum the Jaws theme

My youngest daughter isn’t a strong swimmer yet, and feels much more comfortable when she goes “under the mushroom” and its cascade of water at her Grandma’s community pool while wearing a swim vest of some sort. So when I saw the sleek, lightweight, and super cool  Sea Squirts swim vests and children’s life jackets–complete with a fin protruding from the back–I knew she would be all over them.  Or really, it would be all over her. Besides, it gives me another excuse to hum the jaws theme song when she gets into the pool. The first thing you notice about them? Yep, that fin....

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