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9 outrageous snack recipes kids will love with one very special secret ingredient.

I have a confession: I’m a recovering cereal addict. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and have on occasion—and, would eat it at every snack time if I could. As would my kids. In fact, cereal is one my of our secret ingredients when making a few of my favorite go-to homemade snacks for the kids. So easy, since we tend to have some of them around the house anyway. (I mean, have you seen our original homemade baked bereal milk donut video tutorial? Win!) However like so many other parents, I’m not down with a steady diet of foods containing artificial...

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8 of the best brownie recipes ever. Just because.

We’re coming out of a long (long) winter and before we start talking about fresh spring recipes with asparagus and peas, leeks and carrots, I want to take a moment to talk about chocolate. So I’ve rounded up 8 of the most outrageously delicious and sinfully decadent brownie recipes, for no other reason than we deserve it for making it through another winter. So, yeah, we’re making brownies just because. Making brownies is dead easy. Requiring nothing more than two bowls and spoon, no treat gives you more bang for your baking buck, and they are the perfect treat to bring to winter’s farewell...

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Sweet Loren’s: Frozen natural cookie dough as delicious as the so-not-natural at all stuff.

Hold onto your baking sheets, cookie lovers.  Sweet Loren’s all-natural cookie dough for ready-to-bake cookies has arrived and will make eating your favorite sweet treats way easier and with less guilt. Packed with 100% whole grains, natural sweeteners, and [edited to clarify] fewer processed and refined ingredients than similar products from other brands, these cookie doughs wait ready in your freezer and bake up in minutes whenever you–uh, I mean the kids–are craving a treat. Sweet Loren’s award-winning cookie dough was created by Loren Brill, a long time sweets lover and cancer survivor who committed to clean eating after her recovery. She...

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The best boozy desserts for St. Patrick’s Day and beyond, from Creme de Menthe Brownies to a Guinness Milkshake

Let’s be honest: St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty boozy holiday, at least here in the states. Given that a (small) Skinnygirl margarita can get me buzzed, I’ll probably skip drinking on St. Patrick’s Day and instead opt for one of these 6 of the best boozy desserts. It’s a bold move but, trust me, St. Patrick’s Day recipes never tasted so good. Oh, and they aren’t all totally inappropriate to share with kids. There’s some safe stuff in here for them, too. But if you’re pregnant or abstaining, you might check out our favorite rainbow recipes instead. Either way, hard...

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10 easy-to-make DIY Valentine’s Day classroom treats for crafty kids

If there’s one time of year you’ll find me getting crafty with the kids, it’s around Valentine’s Day. But only under two conditions: 1) I get to sip wine while we craft and 2) the craft involves treats. These printables, crafts, and recipes make for perfect Valentine’s Day classroom treats and Mama stays happy. Sweet deal all around.     Printable Teddy Graham Valentine’s Day cards  Instead of  kisses, kids can be giving out bear hugs! The Big Bear Hug Valentine’s Day tags (above) by Bloom Designs on Skip to My Lou are the cutest things ever and pair...

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9 al fresco recipes for summer picnic perfection

One of my favorite things about summer is dining al fresco. Backyard meals, beachside bakes, picnics in the park: you name it, I’m in. If you’re grilling your eats, try one of these delectable 8 summer BBQ recipes. But if you’re planning an outdoor feast with no fire source, prep these easy recipes at home for a killer picnic spread. With your basket full of these picnic dishes, all you need to do is grab your pretty waterproof picnic blanket, portable speakers and, of course, the kids. No dinner clean-up required! Sandwiches are the obvious move for a picnic, but these Pressed...

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Dear Mom: I love you more than a stack of Earl Grey cookies

Diamonds are forever, flowers are for this week, and heavenly spiced cookies are for the best ten minutes of Mothers Day. The Mothers Day Cookie Gift Box from Whimsy and Spice on Etsy is the Tiffany’s version of baked goods. Each collection includes fennel olive oil shortbread cookies, honey lavender shortbread cookies, rose and black pepper thumbprint cookies, Earl Grey sandwich cookies, lemongrass marshmallows, and espresso dulce de leche brownies, all handmade by Chef Mark in Brooklyn and wrapped in beautiful Tibetan paper. We haven’t tried ’em, but we’d like to. And more than 6000 reports of positive feedback...

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5 easy red velvet desserts for a red hot Valentine’s Day

Red may be the official hue of Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to give red roses or wear a splash of red to get in the official Valentine’s Day spirit. You can also whip up something red. Red velvet, to be exact. Using a simple red velvet batter makes anything from pancakes to brownies festive. These five red-colored, cocoa-flavored sweets are proof. They’re also super easy to make and cupid approved. The color of love never looked–or tasted–so good. Be still my heart: Red Velvet Milkshakes! (above) These babies are so potent that Courtney at Pizzazzerie, the mad genius behind this...

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All You Gluten, Milk, Egg and Nut-Allergic Cookie Lovers: I have the Cookies for you

You’re lucky she isn’t allergic to gluten. . .that allergy sucks, the guy at Whole Foods said, as I looked for milk-free treats for my oldest. And, I have to agree that in the world of food allergies, short of the real life-threatening ones, I feel worst for the gluten-allergic kids who have to endure sawdust-textured treats. But, I believe the playing field has been leveled now that I’ve taste-tested all of the incredible goodies from Cookies. . . For Me? which are not only gluten-free, but egg-free, milk-free and nut-free too. The company has one of those awesome...

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Health food masquerading as delicious snacks

Let’s be clear, here–I’m a from-scratch baker. I like to bake, and I like to know exactly what’s in the foods I’m feeding my kids. So when I first came across the baking mixes from Matisse & Jack’s, I thought maybe they’d be good… for people who rely on box mixes. But here’s the thing: Not only are all four varieties of baking mix all-natural and protein-packed, they really do taste like homemade. And being able to whip ’em up in about five minutes is handy when I’m too busy for a full baking session. There’s nary a trace...

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