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16 of the most adorable Easter basket gift ideas for kids: It’s raining bunnies and chicks!

Make your kids’ Easter baskets a hundred times more adorable by adding some playful chicks and bunnies to your list of Easter basket gift ideas for kids–of course along with some of our favorite Easter candy and Easter-themed gifts. Our recos are almost entirely indie-made, and we promise that none of them include a five-foot purple stuffed rabbit. Though we can’t guarantee that won’t be the grandparents’ pick.     Wee Gallery’s new set of 12 animal kids’ animal tattoos makes a nice alternative to more candy in the basket. Featuring a bunny, dog, and cat, they may end up on the...

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Outrageously gourmet Easter treats and chocolates that you’ll share with the kids uh, never.

As my family’s Petronella Cottontail, I’m here to tell you that grown-ups like Easter treats, too. Gourmet Eater treats, ideall. My kids can keep the Peeps and cheap candy eggs nestled in plastic grass, while I stick with the fancy stuff. I like my chocolate smooth, high quality, and with packaging that makes me feel special and indulged. And if it comes with a birdcage, all the better. So here are some top gourmet Easter treats from our favorite candy makers and chocolatiers. Vosges is one of my all-time favorite chocolate shops. I mean, did you see that Hunger...

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Chimeras mix-and-match plush toys: Lend me a hand. And an ear. And a bat wing.

If your kids are always drawing their own magical animals, these wacky and adorable Chimeras plush toys from Walrus Toys can bring their dreams to life in a way that doesn’t involve a trip to the Island of Dr. Moreau. When I was a kid, we had the Wuzzles, and we liked them–remember Ellaroo and Bumblelion? But now, kids get to mix and match all sorts of animal parts to make a Munny, a Batephant, or a Pog. Or a Munbatephanog, if you get the full set. These Chimeras come in sets of two creatures, each of which can be...

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Pretty pink chocolate bunnies, with no icky artificial dyes

Chocolate is delicious, but brown can get so blah during a pastel-pretty holiday. These all-natural bunnies are a great way to think pink without downing a single drop of dye. Our pals at Nutty Steph’s have crafted a line of yummy bunnies just perfect for the Easter basket or springtime snacking, but they’ve left out one very important ingredient: that pesky, possibly cancerous red dye that makes my kids act completely deranged. Hurrah! The Pink Chocolate Bunny is finely crafted of white chocolate with just a dab of peppermint and freeze-dried raspberry dust, which results in a lovely, natural...

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Delightful decor for your Easter Sunday party

Let’s talk party decor! Though I don’t plan to decorate every inch of my house, I do like to have a few festive things on hand for Easter Sunday. With that, here are some of my latest favorite ideas for that big Easter party–plenty of them free downloads. –Christina   Paper Coterie’s free printable Easter Banner can be printed on plain white cardstock, cut out, and hung wherever you want an Easter message. With so many colors, it’ll go with just about any color scheme…or will add a pop of color if you’re one of those brave minimalist homes...

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13 of the absolute cutest Easter gifts for kids

Hold the jellybeans! Well okay, don’t hold the jellybeans–maybe just supplement them with some of these adorable Easter gift ideas for kids. It’s coming early this year and so we scoured some of our favorite indie shops and artists for ideas for your little ones that might make them forget all about the candy aisle.      Maileg Ballerina Rabbit Dolls ($48.60+ at My Sweet Muffin) This is the kind of Easter gift my girls would flip for. No doubt they’d be dragged to ballet class each week too. Bunny Ears T-Shirt ($19.50, threadless) Get it? Rabbit ears? Psst…comes...

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Cuddly plush Easter Peeps: still pretty sweet

While I’ve been known to consume a whole flock of marshmallowy Peeps in one sitting, I’m not as eager to see what happens to my kids when they’re all hopped up on the sugary treats. So this Easter, I think I’ll tuck a different kind of Peep treat in their Easter baskets. Like body doubles for “real” Peeps, the plush Peep Chicks and Bunnies come packaged in a little yellow box, in four Eastery pastel colors. And it’s nice to know that when my kids clutch one in their hands, they won’t get sugar all over their fingers.  These...

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Don’t you want some bunny to love?

Bunnies seem to be the latest trend in plush toys. And not just because Easter is coming up. Every-time I’m at the store with my kids, my daughter begs for a new stuffed bunny. If only they were all as cute as this handmade one. Let me introduce you to Gwendolyn Gingham, a cute young bunny made from vintage yellow and white gingham fabric.  Sleepy King, an adorable Etsy shop has a variety of handmade plush animals as well as other items, but it was Miss Gwendolyn who grabbed my attention as the perfect last minute Easter gift for...

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Nice buns!

I can’t help loving these artist-created bunnies made with vintage fabrics from some of our favorite designers. I just want to squeeze them and love them; especially the one with the apples. The vintage bunnies and rag dolls from UK Etsian Jane Foster have faces hand printed on linen, and bodies handmade of vintage Scandinavian fabric from designers like Orla Kiely.  They stand at a rugged fifteen inches, meaning they’re a fantastic, affordable kids’ gift; or a stand-in for the glass rabbit statue in a recreation of the final scene in Jewel of the Nile. The handmade rag dolls...

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Nothing says spring like a bunny on your plate.

Even vegetarians can get behind this pick. Because the well-plated rabbits that have captured my heart are from our clever friends at Le Papier Studio– you know, the folks who brought us that ingenious Easter Egg Silhouette tutorial and end up in our gift guides year after year? They’ve got a whole mess of pretty stuff cooking up for spring. The Spring Silhouette Plates are one of six Easter plates available, each custom made in melamine just for you. You can choose your silhouette image, background color, font, and text, making each plate a phenomenal heirloom. And for a $10...

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