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Sponsored Message: An easy way to get your family organized, all with one simple system.

This is a sponsored message from Home Headquarters Kit Parents can use all the organizational help they can get, and now it’s even easier thanks to the Home Headquarters Kit, an all-in-one organization system designed to make life easier for busy families. Each kit includes a ready-to-hang wall calendar, family goal tracker, and meal planning system — essential tools for family organization — plus a family motto board, and even a pen holder. Their free downloadable templates can even be customized to suit the size of your household and your family’s unique needs. Need help getting started? They’ve got video tutorials to get you...

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First day of school photos: 9 ideas for easy printables and props to make posing a little more fun.

My family was in the middle of moving halfway across the country last year when my son’s preschool started, so I missed the opportunity to take those official first day of school photos every parent loves. I’d like to think I snapped a picture of him wearing his backpack when he finally joined the class a few weeks late, but with all the chaos surrounding our move, I actually may have forgotten. So I vowed to be more prepared this year, and have actually spent some time researching first day of school photo ideas and fun props and printables in time for the beginning of...

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The chalkboard calendar that stays as flexible as you are. Or probably should be, if you have kids.

I’ve been feeling like my house has gotten a little out of control here at the end of the summer, so I’m taking advantage of our new back-to-school routine this week to get started. (And yes, I’m one of those moms with the crazy early school start dates this year.) First step: a family calendar that includes chores, meals, and appointments all in one place. I need it to be flexible, because I know my kids and they get bored with the same responsibilities every day. And, of course, our commitments will change week to week. So I’m absolutely taken with the idea...

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In a black in white state of mind.

For some summer means pastels or bright sunny yellows and neon pinks. And it does for us too. Sometimes. But right now we’ve been drawn to lots of beautiful black and white home decor from some amazing indie makers and we wanted to share you some of the newest additions to the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop. And, should you need a little more incentive than oh look, cool stuff — every single thing ships free. Yay! Related: Shopping indie for moms     Summah tote by Swell Made Co You don’t have to be from Long Island or Boston to smile every time...

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Easy chalkboard paint DIY projects you can do this spring. Then erase, and do again.

Chalkboard paint is a big trend that we’re seeing everywhere lately. We love that it help you customize all kinds of things with a fun vintage flair. So I’ve been searching for the coolest easy chalkboard paint craft projects that I can DIY with my kids and came across some pretty great ones you could tackle this spring. Stock up on some chalk. You’re going to need it! Buntings fun for parties, and Delia Creates has this brilliant DIY tutorial for a chalkboard fabric bunting (at top) that can be reused for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Flag Day, or . ....

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Chalk on the walls? Go ahead, kids!

I really love the idea of chalkboard paint, but I’ll be honest that I’m not a fan of dark walls, particularly in my house that’s not well lit to begin with. But white chalkboard paint? I’m crushing hard. These days, Benjamin Moore is offering chalkboard paint in a rainbow of pretty colors, but white seems the most practical for me and my little kids. And wow, the possibilities are endless. Just paint the lower half of your walls and let your kids go wild, or create strategically placed shapes for calendars, menus, even inspirational quotes. Or if you’re like...

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Letting your kid draw on the furniture

Every once in a while, my toddler and I will be walking through our house when he stops, points, and says his sister’s name. Why? Because she has so kindly written it or drawn a picture in that very spot. On the wall. Or the door. Or the kitchen cupboard. It seems it’s time for her artistic self to spread her wings and, you know, draw on some paper, or something. Which is where CMP favorite, P’kolino, comes in. The line has a few new products that have caught my eye, most specifically, the gorgeous Chalkboard Bookshelf (above) and the Tabletop...

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Getting creative with kids clothes. And chalk.

We have reached the maximum level of licensed- character and logo tees in our household. Granted, the number is not all that high–our kids are lots of things, but “miniature billboards” doesn’t exactly top the list–but still. We are at capacity. So how excited was I to find a T-shirt that they could truly make their own? We first discovered the Chalkboard Tee by Class Attire a few years back, and were instantly smitten. Now, the company has debuted even more chalkboard tee styles to choose from. The 100% cotton, made-in-the-U.S. tee comes in 18 adorable designs–I love the frame,...

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Heartfelt Valentines musings, totally erasable

I love the idea of leaving sweet little notes for my son and husband on a daily basis. You know, like: You’re perfect; I love you; and Put your dirty socks in the hamper. Which is why this Chalkboard Heart from Wall Candy Arts is the perfect accessory for my daily musings and directives. Less of a commitment than painting a wall with chalkboard paint, these chalkboard heart wall decals still let you and your little ones have some erasable fun. You can peel and stick this set of fun hearts (including some XOXOs) multiple times without worrying about...

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One day at a time

Remember how nice it was when you were a kid and got kudos for oh, say, trying your string beans? Making your bed? Brushing your teeth? While we still hopefully commend our own kids for those things (that is, when they do them!), I am simply in love with this blackboard that gives us mamas a little virtual pat on the back every day too. The custom-painted mini-goals chalkboard is such a cool bit of decor to display in a kitchen to inspire and entertain the whole brood. Whatever you write in the space, you’re rewarded with a good day...

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