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11 natural cold and flu remedies for kids that can help them feel better faster

Fall may be our favorite season — with its cooler temperatures, hot coffees, and the chance to laugh at pumpkin spice everything. But cold and flu season most definitely is not our favorite. A few of us have already been feeling the sniffles, so we’ve put together 11 great natural cold and flu remedies for kids, that we all tend to turn to before heading the medicine route. The other thing we tend to do that’s all natural? Get out our thermometers to make sure our kids aren’t just faking their symptoms to get out of school. (Ha.) Fans of Cool Mom Tech know that...

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Web Coolness: Fun Easter crafts, The world’s toughest job (or is it?), and some shocking news about daycare

Here are the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you like them too.   Adorable: Easter bunny ears DIY for dress-up any time of year. [via MiniStyle] Must read: Thoughts from a less than perfect mom. Watch: Charlie Hope’s Did You Ever See a Lassie video for kids. The salute to “the world’s toughest job” that everyone is buzzing about. More thoughts on that: Does praising moms mean dissing dads? Cool: An Easter dyeing guide for every color using traditional food coloring. 20 ways to decorate Easter eggs besides dyeing them. Stumped for Easter basket gift ideas for the kids? Here are...

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Web Coolness: The best classroom rules, overscheduling kids, and a hilarious chart for new parents

Here are the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you do too!   Cute DIY chalkboard project–and love the fun Washi tape detail.  10 classroom rules for kids of any age. Any new ones for you? Hooray for the first female scientist LEGO minifig! Some fun (if over-the-top) party ideas found on Instagram at Lil Sugar.  Why work-at-home moms should not feel guilty about childcare help.  Do you overschedule your kids after school? Nice perspective. Congrats to our friend Erin Loechner on her beautiful new site Clementine Daily. Definitely worth a click.  A must-read post about her kids first day...

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A babysitter for New Year’s Eve? No problem! A comparison of the top two caregiver websites.

I’ve personally had good fortune finding babysitters using both Sittercity.com and Care.com, national services which help members match up with trustworthy child care providers. In fact, that’s how I found our current beloved nanny who’s been with us for two years. Now it’s rare that my husband is home for any of the major holidays given his work (including Christmas, unfortunately). But this year, he’s going to be home for New Year’s Eve. This is big news, people! And big enough for me to start hunting down a babysitter so that we can ring in 2013 outside of the...

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A babysitting coop that’s smarter than your average babysitting coop

Babysitting coops, in which a group of parents agree to exchange babysitting services with each other aways sound like a great idea — until you realize that someone has to keep track of who babysat whom and manage a complicated point system. And then there are those times you need a sitter, but none of your neighbors are around. Enter a smart service called SittingAround. SittingAround is a valuable online source for your babysitting coop, and more. You create a mix of trusted parents (or join an existing one) who are willing to trade babysitting hours with you, along with...

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Best babysitter gift at the last minute? Reader Q&A

I totally am stumped on what to give our favorite sitter in addition to some cash. Any last minute ideas? She’s really wonderful and we want her to know how much we value her but I don’t want to spend a lot because we’re already giving her money too. Thanks! -Alyssa While cash (generally a week to two week’s pay for a full time nanny or sitter) will be a most-appreciated gift, we like the idea of pairing it with a little something personal for those important caregivers in our children’s lives. If your child is old enough to...

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Speed dating for babysitters. Now online.

A good babysitter is hard to find. I’ve been way picky about who gets the, er, privilege of watching our active preschooler and toddler. This has kind of backfired–the only guaranteed babysitters we now have are grandparents. And, since the kids officially destroyed my in-law’s house last week (don’t worry, the grandparents loved it), I’d still love to give them a break with a qualified pinch-hitter. So, question: where do crazy-busy mamas start to find this magical babysitter? Answer: MommyMixer. The site began as a way to facilitate parent and potential caregiver meet-and-greets in more than 50 cities around the country–you know, speed-dating...

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5 amazing daycare options that aren’t what they used to be.

It’s kind of amazing how far daycare has come. Whether you’re reclaiming date night or just need a few minutes to work (or read) in peace, specialized work/play centers are popping up all over the country to supervise your kids when you can’t. Some places focus on exercise and excitement, while others focus on education and parental comfort. Bonus: most of them include coffee. Here are a few we’ve found that look like a lot of fun for the kids… and you. Portland, OR: WeVillage Urban Playcare A nighttime daycare: Brilliant! This licensed childcare facility is open late to...

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The most helpful site for NYC mamas in search of… well, everything

I didn’t have kids yet when I lived in New York, but if I did–or should we ever happen to move back (could happen!)–I’d need some help getting it all together. A toddler bed to fit in a Manhattan apartment? Recommendations for a fabulous nanny? A gently-used city stroller for two? These are things for which you could turn to anonymous classified sites, but would you really want to when there’s a safer, more trustworthy alternative? Blueleo is a site filled with classifieds specifically for parents in the NYC vicinity, including Westchester, New Jersey, Long Island, and Fairfield. In...

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Special gift to say goodbye to nanny?- Reader Q&A

Our nanny is about to leave us to pursue full time pilates instruction. She’s been awesome and I’d like to get her something to commemorate her time with our toddler. Any thoughts? Thanks much! Grace We’re sorry to hear your nanny is leaving and think it is wonderful you want to give her something special to remember her time with your family. Here are a few ideas we’ve put together that are a unique way for her to remember her time with all of you. –Christina Little Pink House’s Custom Felt Portraits are amazing, and can turn a cute...

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