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The prettiest Chinese New Year craft brings good fortune all year long.

This Saturday marks the start to Chinese New Year, and we’ve found a fun craft for kids to celebrate in the prettiest way possible. Using these easy instructions at Handmade Charlotte, and just a few materials you probably have in your craft bin already, you can DIY Chinese New Year paper lanterns in any color combination you like, whether you choose traditional red and gold to symbolize good fortune, or your kids’ favorite colors. Related: How to make tea eggs with kids for Chinese New Year We love how easy this craft is for kids, although if you want the paper lanterns to...

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You’ve got to see this cool DIY dragon craft for Chinese New Year. So fun!

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to celebrate Chinese New Year with the kids this weekend, we have just the thing for you! This DIY craft from our friends at Alpha Mom imitates the fabulous street parade dragons we all know and love from Chinese New Year celebrations around the globe. I love the festive red and gold sparkles of this craft, and the slinky, slithery motion the dragon makes when assembled. Related: Easy dumpling recipes for Chinese New Year that kids can help make.  Click over for the easy-to-follow instructions; I love their BTDT tips to make it...

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Happy Year of the Monkey, baby. You’re intelligent, creative, and darnit, people like you!

Today starts the Lunar New Year, and lots of little Year of the Monkey babies are soon to be born. If not already. I’ve always loved Tree by Kerri Lee‘s beautiful wooden birth year blocks, which a make sweet gift for a special little someone. Handcrafted by artist Kerri Lee and featured in her sister’s Etsy shop, you can order these in three colors, all of which feature characteristics of a Year of the Monkey baby. I think they make such lovely, affordable keepsakes, whether the lucky recipient is super into the Chinese zodiac, or just appreciates the thoughtfulness of a...

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Festive Roots: Very cool craft kits for kids that help them be smarter global citizens too.

My kids can easily spend an hour at the kitchen table working on a good DIY project, so I’m always on the lookout for cool crafts kits that will pique their interest. Lately, it’s been the globally-minded kits from Festive Roots, which helps teach kids about cultural celebrations all across the world through crafting. Which is such a fantastic idea! Each kit includes three crafts inspired by a holiday from countries like China, India, and Mexico. The trunks come straight to your mailbox with everything — and I mean, everything — you’ll need to complete the craft. There’s no dreaded, Mom, where’s our glue stick? halfway through. The kit we...

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Web Coolness: Birdman interpreted by children, mom style secrets, and possibly the next big children’s author.

Here are the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.   Ready to laugh until you cry? Watch Michael Keaton and Jimmy Fallon reading children’s Birdman scripts. 10 Academy members reveal their Oscars votes. Get out your scorecard! Kristen shares some mom style tips and secrets that you don’t even have to be a mom to put to use. Liz has some brief thoughts on the 50 Shades of Grey movie. How to celebrate Chinese New Year without stereotypes. The next big children’s author: Pharrell? A ban on selfie sticks: Whatever will the world do?   New to our Indie...

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The coolest free printable Year of the Goat coloring page to ring in the Chinese New Year

For a little Chinese New Year celebration this evening, I’ll be tracking down some delicious take-out dumplings at my local Chinese food joint (in lieu of my Chinese mom’s amazing cooking, sniffle), and printing out a few copies of this free Year of the Goat printable coloring page that I know my kids will love. What a cool, modern design to bring the Chinese Zodiac to life–which trust me, is pretty hard to find, if you’ve ever searched for free Chinese New Year printables. All you need is your printer, some crayons, and you’ve got a fun, simple way to share a cultural experience with your kids....

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8 of the coolest Year of the Sheep baby gifts for your little lamb

I’ve always loved the Chinese Zodiac and not just because I’m a Chinese American. I am fascinated by the history of the signs and their meanings. So with the Chinese New Year just a couple of days away, we thought it would be fun to round-up cool Year of the Sheep baby gifts. If you happen to be expecting a little baby lamb (we’ll go with the lamb instead of the ram) in 2015 or know someone who is, here are some wonderful Year of the Sheep baby gifts to help celebrate. Kung Hei Fat Choi!   The beautiful knit dolls from BlaBla Kids have...

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Easy dumpling recipes for Chinese New Year that kids can help make. We predict a very tasty Year of the Sheep.

What better way to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year than with a crafty project that you can easily do with kids? And, yields dumplings! If you hit the kitchen with the kids to make one of these six  easy dumpling recipes for Chinese New Year, the results of your labor will not only be delicious, but dinner will be done too. Now that’s a fortuitous start to the new year. Oh, and none of them are lamb dumplings. We want to honor the sheep here, not necessarily eat one. Of course all of the recipes here can be made with...

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Happy Year of the Horse: How to celebrate Chinese New Year at home

Growing up as an Asian American kid, the Chinese New Year was a pretty big deal with my family. I admit that I’ve let that tradition go a bit as I’ve gotten older, but it’s so fun for kids to discover how to celebrate Chinese New Year at home, whether you’re of Asian heritage or not. Here is a ton of inspiration for ringing in the Year of the Horse with your own kids. GIFTS If someone you know is welcoming a Year of the Horse baby this year, Tree by Kerri Lee’s Chinese Zodiac Birth Year Boxes (pictured above) have...

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The coolest gifts for Year of the Snake babies

Happy Chinese New Year, mamas! I have to admit that I’ve always loved the Chinese Zodiac and it’s not just because I’m Chinese American. There’s just such a fascinating history behind each of the animal signs and what they mean. Now if you’ve got a little Year of the Snake baby or are expecting one, here are some wonderful gifts to help celebrate. Kung Hei Fat Choi! I’ve been a long time fan of Tree by Kerri Lee, whose Chinese Zodiac gifts, like the Birth Year Blocks, are simply gorgeous. We received one of her birth year wooden music boxes for our youngest and...

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