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Easy dumpling recipes for Chinese New Year that kids can help make. We predict a very tasty Year of the Sheep.

What better way to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year than with a crafty project that you can easily do with kids? And, yields dumplings! If you hit the kitchen with the kids to make one of these six  easy dumpling recipes for Chinese New Year, the results of your labor will not only be delicious, but dinner will be done too. Now that’s a fortuitous start to the new year. Oh, and none of them are lamb dumplings. We want to honor the sheep here, not necessarily eat one. Of course all of the recipes here can be made with...

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Star Wars prints with an excellent Asian twist

If you love both Star Wars and the beautiful design elements of China, we’ve got excellent news for you. And a discount code, too.   {A discount code for Cool Mom Picks readers awaits after the jump!} We fell for the cool movie prints in the MonsterGallery shop on Etsy last year, and now we’re smitten with these Star Wars posters inspired by Chinese mythology and folklore. Each poster is 12 x 16 and arrives rolled up in a tube, which can then be used as a makeshift light saber. Or nangun. They also have Darth Maul, Yoda, and...

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The coolest gifts for Year of the Snake babies

Happy Chinese New Year, mamas! I have to admit that I’ve always loved the Chinese Zodiac and it’s not just because I’m Chinese American. There’s just such a fascinating history behind each of the animal signs and what they mean. Now if you’ve got a little Year of the Snake baby or are expecting one, here are some wonderful gifts to help celebrate. Kung Hei Fat Choi! I’ve been a long time fan of Tree by Kerri Lee, whose Chinese Zodiac gifts, like the Birth Year Blocks, are simply gorgeous. We received one of her birth year wooden music boxes for our youngest and...

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5 cool ways to ring in the Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year, mamas, or as my Chinese relatives say: Kung Hei Fat Choi. I’m doing a little extra celebrating this year because it’s the Year of the Dragon, which just so happens to be my own Zodiac sign. For those of you with babies being born this year, or kids who just want to get into the spirit, I’ve rounded up a bunch of cool gifts, crafts, books, and cards to help you and your kids celebrate The Year of the Dragon right along with me. I’m a huge fan of Tree by Kerri Lee, whose Chinese...

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Boots! Boots! B-O-O-T-S!

“Made in China” isn’t necessarily a selling point these days. Unless you’re the founder of Kazowe Shoes. And you’ve designed and manufactured those adorable kids shoes and boots specifically so your own children, adopted from China, can retain some ties to their homeland. [don’t miss an exclusive discount code after the jump!] In addition to having a backstory that a mom like me wants to support, the funky, stylish shoes from Kazowe, all adapted for Western tastes from Eastern styles, are the kinds your kids will fall for hard. The Kazowe Fall Rider Boots are the star of the...

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What’s up, doc? Baby gifts for the Year of the Rabbit.

Today starts the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, and after last year’s “Year of the Tiger”, I’m more than ready to settle down with something a little more cuddly and sweet. This means our kids will roar less, right? To commemorate the start of the year 4709, I’ve dug up a bunch of adorable Chinese New Year gifts for the little bunny in your life — or any that may hop your way before the year is done. -Christina Gotta love the little buck teeth on Colette Kids’ Beta Bunny Onesie (at top), and the bright red color...

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A new app that teaches kids Chinese? Xie Xie! (Thank you!)

Yesterday my son had a playdate with a little Chinese girl, coincidentally the same day I downloaded Chinese for Munchkins to my iPhone. The amazed look on her face when I asked them if they had seen a hóu zi or a lóng (a monkey or a dragon) at school was priceless. The look on my son’s face was decidedly more, Woman, what are you doing!? Stop being a dork! Chinese for Munchkins is an adorable app to teach words for animals and numbers to kids, or frankly anyone who wants to learn a little bit about a language...

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