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Sponsored Message: An easy way to get your family organized, all with one simple system.

This is a sponsored message from Home Headquarters Kit Parents can use all the organizational help they can get, and now it’s even easier thanks to the Home Headquarters Kit, an all-in-one organization system designed to make life easier for busy families. Each kit includes a ready-to-hang wall calendar, family goal tracker, and meal planning system — essential tools for family organization — plus a family motto board, and even a pen holder. Their free downloadable templates can even be customized to suit the size of your household and your family’s unique needs. Need help getting started? They’ve got video tutorials to get you...

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A brilliant little invention to get kids to remember to help out more.

Between my kids’ basketball schedules and after school activities — not to mention their homework and trying to figure out what to cook for dinner — I’ve found that it’s getting harder for me to keep track of it all. There have been times when I’ve asked, Has anyone fed the fish . . . this week? I know I’m not alone here, which is why I’m really happy to have discovered the Membo reminder tool, a handy little gadget from Dreamfarm that I think a lot of parents could use.   Related: Free labor! A helpful guide to chores for kids by...

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10 cool printable chore charts to motivate kids of all ages to clean up. Even your toddlers.

Have your kids been slacking on their daily chores lately? Or really, have you been slacking on enforcing them? First, give yourself a break; summer just unofficially ended. Second, I’ve got help for you: download one of these cool printable chore charts for kids. They will help. I find this time of year is perfect to introduce (or reintroduce, as the case may be) daily chores and tasks, as kids are in adjustment mode. The new school year means new routines — at home, at school, and on the field.  And yes, even toddlers and preschoolers can be tasked with daily...

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Simple tips for getting kids to brush their teeth more independently. You know, beyond begging.

With four kids running around my house, that’s a whole lot of teeth to keep up with, and as much as I’d like to say my kids are always excited and enthusiastic about brushing their teeth on their own for those seemingly endless two minutes that’s recommended by our dentist, it’s just not true. Don’t even get me started about flossing. We’re thrilled to welcome our newest sponsor Reassurance Dental, which offers a dental discount plan that covers your entire family. It’s not dental insurance, but rather, a really affordable alternative; in fact, even if you have dental insurance, it can also act as a...

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A printable rewards chart to get kids to do anything. Almost.

We started a rewards chart with my daughter a month ago, and—although I’m scared to say it out loud—it’s working to keep her in her bed at night. So, consider me a brand new fan of rewards charts whether you’re starting potty training or well past it, and allow me to introduce you to these really cute printable rewards charts from the Key Lime shop on Etsy, makers of those awesome  free closet organizer printables we recently featured. These charts aren’t free, but they are fun. And they could be used for anything you want to motivate your kids to do. I’m going...

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15 of the coolest back to school printables: Back to School Guide 2014

As parents, one of our favorite things about the web is the ability to find so many cool–often free–printables for kids of all kinds that make us all look like crafty geniuses. They’re especially abundant this time of year, as back to school printables help make back to school time easier, more organized, and sometimes just more fun. So in this installment of our Back to School Guide, we share some of our very fave back to school printables, with gratitude to the awesome designers who put their talents to work for all of our benefits. Of course one thing you...

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Back to school stress-buster: 5 tips to get kids out the door in time for school

It’s back to school time and we would love to go on and on about how structured and peaceful the morning routine is in our homes, what with getting the kids ready, making a healthy breakfast, packing the perfect lunches, signing permission slips days in advance, creating exquisite french braids “just like Elsa,” and walking the dog–maybe twice. You know, just like you do, right? We admit it: Mornings are crazy, and a little help can go a long way. That’s where the kids earn their keep. Having your kids shoulder some of that school morning burden can really...

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A free printable chore chart we love for preschoolers. No bribing necessary.

My toddler loves to help out around the house. It makes him feel big, and like the needed part of our family that he is. I want to respect his efforts, even like that time he completely emptied out the closets when he “brought me the laundry.” I have chore charts that are fantastic for my older kids, but they’re not as helpful for my three-year-old pre-reader. This free printable chore chart by Kersey Campbell for Momtastic (via her blog And We Play) is perfect for him. He can see pictures of age-appropriate chores, and color them in as he finishes each...

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5 tips to help teach kids about money

One of the important challenges we face as parents ourselves is how to teach our kids about money. And not just the difference between a dime and a nickel–yes, the nickel is bigger but it’s not worth more. Boy, that’s a hard one with our kids! We’ve learned is that every parent has different values when it comes to money and kids, so of course you have to do what’s best for your own family. That’s why we’re so happy to once again be teaming up with BMO Harris Bank, which is committed to helping families make good financial...

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Adorable printable chore charts. Whining not included.

I’ve used, and subsequently retired, countless chore chart systems for my family, mostly because they end up being just a bit too involved for my busy life. But these simple, printable charts might just be exactly what I’ve been looking for. I figure if mom of four Gennifer Bursett designed these printable chore charts, then they’re worth giving a try with my own foursome. What I love about these in particular, aside from the direct DO YOUR CHORES reminder (which I find myself saying all too often), is that they’re a blank slate, allowing you to add or remove different chores whenever you...

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