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Mitten stockings: creative stocking idea in a pinch

Every so often, we end up with an unexpected visitor on Christmas who would of course need his or her own stocking. Once it was a friend’s child, once it was our dog who we forgot to hang a stocking for–who knew my kids would be so adamant about that one. So I think this mitten stocking idea at Martha Stewart is super clever. No, you don’t have to scramble for knitting supplies right now; even a leftover pair or an inexpensive pair at a local discount store could do the trick, unless you want the mittens themselves to...

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Christmas stockings go handmade, and not a sequinned snowman to be found

More and more people are craving a handmade holiday season, from stockings to gifts. I understand the feeling of wanting to be surrounded by one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique and beautiful. When I was a young child, my aunt made my whole family handmade Christmas stockings with individual designs on each. I remember feeling so special when I saw my stocking. I want to do the same for my kids. One problem with that. I don’t sew. Well, yay for me! These handmade holiday stockings on Etsy are the perfect solution. These beautiful blue and green handmade Christmas stockings...

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The handmade custom eco stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

I start every holiday season with the craftiest of intentions. Forget visions of sugarplums. In my head, visions of all the gifts and decorations I’m going to make are dancing up a storm. But every November, it hits me. I’m mere weeks away from Christmas and I haven’t even begun. Which is when I find myself turning to Etsy for a little help. And that’s where I found the gorgeous and affordable custom eco-felt stockings by longtime CMP favorite, rikrak studios. Handmade in Canada from ecospun felt -which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles- these stockings are...

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Custom Christmas stockings that have no match

When my kids were young, I found a trio of very cute stockings in a small local store that I thought were totally unique and special for our family. And then my mother saw them and said, Oooo, I saw those at the card store!  So much for originality. Want something hanging from you chimney with care that you can be sure is unique to your own family? Then check out these custom stockings which go way beyond monograms, and be assured that the only way you’ll see two alike is if you have identical twins. What makes the aptly...

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Web coolness – affordable Christmas stockings, holiday photo ideas, and ornaments for charity

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too. Some of our favorite artful Christmas stockings are now way more affordable. But still beautiful. Score! We stumbled on this old shutter sisters post with wonderful ideas for holiday card photo ideas with the kids. No matching snowman sweaters! Have you been following the comments on our Cool Mom Picks/ Etsy color-your-own ornament contest? So many amazing entries coming in! Click over to some of the entries and “like” your favorites. On care2, the 10 healthiest breakfast cereals (Surprisingly none of them...

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Eco Christmas stockings – Surely Santa would approve

In our family, Christmas stockings have always been a really important aspect of our family tradition. Even on years we skip the tree for whatever reason, those stockings just make the house feel festive and fun. So I really love seeking out terrific Christmas stockings for our readers that their families will truly love. We’ve seen a lot of cool stockings over the years like the ones from Ahna Holder or the custom Kata Golda stockings on our holiday gift guide this year. But the Christmas Stockings from RikRak studios, made of eco-friendly fabric created out of recycled plastic...

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When Not Just Any Old Stocking Will Do

Considering I grew up with a gorgeous handmade felt stocking given to me by my godmother, it’s not in me to settle for some $18.99 mass-produced one for my own kids. And so I’ve searched high and low to find the perfect Christmas stockings this year. Perennial favorite Ahna Holder, known for her brilliant wool appliqué work, has a stunning new addition to her collection this holiday season with the festive poinsettia. It features a small photo holder as a clever way to identify whose stocking is whose without a monogram. Nine styles (at decent prices) are available at...

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Santa Claws

Who says that stockings have to be hand crocheted by grandmas with a penchant for pom-poms and unnatural color combinations? Apparently not the folks at Crafty Robot, who have come up with the best alterna-stockings I’ve ever seen.

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