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Throw a family-friendly fiesta with these quick and easy Cinco de Mayo party ideas

There was a time when Cinco de Mayo meant tequila, nachos, and, well, more tequila. But, now that we have kids, we’ve dialed back the drinking and dialed up the family-friendly fun so that we can all enjoy a Mexican fiesta on the fifth of May. If you feel like getting in on the action, check out these easy Cinco de Mayo party ideas—over 24 finds from decorations to activities, songs to recipes—to help make your day fun for all ages. Comida (Food) First and foremost, in my house, Cinco de Mayo means Mexican food. If it does in...

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Lucky Diaz’s new Spanish-language kids’ music release will turn any day into a Cinco de Mayo feista

I am exactly 0% Spanish, but I’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo tonight and blasting some cool tunes like yesterday’s Cool Mom Tech Download of the Week and the latest Spanish-language kids’ music release from CMP favorite Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, Aqui, Alla. Lucky, Alisha, and friends will have you kicking up your heels for a family fiesta faster than you can say uno, dos, tres. Starting with a party-song if I ever heard one, Viva La Pachanga will leave you breathless from dancing, but hold onto your sombrero because there is more to come. The...

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Easy DIY Cinco de Mayo party ideas and recipes. Including guacamole. Of course.

I don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the same vim that I used to, but it remains one of my favorite holidays. It might have something to do with the fact that I’ll drink a margarita any day, any time, because it really is always 5 o’clock somewhere. I’ve even found a bunch of super fun, family-friendly, easy DIY Cinco de Mayo party ideas from crafts to decorations to very yummy recipes, all of which make me love it even more. Check them out, so you can do the same. With a margarita on the side. Even a virgin...

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Tasty cocktail recipes from organic liquor are a perfect way to toast Earth Day.

They say that to take care of anyone else, you first need to take care of yourself. This year I’ll prepare to show our planet Earth Day love by first showing myself some love with one (maybe two?) of these eco-cocktails made with organic liquor. Hey, we’ve gone organic with everything else, why not with our spirits, too? If you do imbibe, these happen to be delicious as well as a little better for the planet. For you pregnant ladies or non-drinkers, just stick with some of our favorite mocktail recipes. Serve in locally made glassware, wash with limited water...

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7 sophisticated margarita recipes for National Margarita Day. Which could be any day. Just saying.

Today is National Margarita Day which, in our minds, gives us an excuse to whip up a delicious margarita recipe and binge watch Netflix. Or uh, have a big party. Yeah, that’s what we mean. In addition to the 10 margarita recipes we featured last , here are 7 more lip-smacking tequila-based options to add to your cocktail repertoire for those with more sophisticated palates. In other words–nothing neon blue, and no glow-in-the-dark swizzle sticks.   I tend to be a classic On-the-Rocks-With-Salt girl, but when I’m feeling like something fruitier, I can never resist a Mango Margarita (at top).  This recipe by...

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Fantastico fiesta ideas for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, which means you still have time to get ready to throw a little fiesta in celebration of Mexican heritage and pride (and yummy food). So along with getting the ingredients for a Mexican dinner–including one of our delicious guacamole recipes–we’ve got the party decor and crafts you’ll need to really get the party started. (We’re also in favor of celebrating Cinco de Mayo all Mayo long. How about you?) –Christina This entire printable party from happythought is muy fantastico and muy inexpensive at only $5. Includes colorful cupcake wrappers, lime-and-chili garlands, coloring pages, and...

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10 margarita recipes to put the “ayyy-oh!” in your Cinco de Mayo

I have a serious weakness for margaritas. They are, hands down, my favorite drink. And why not? Let’s face it: margaritas are sunshine in a glass. I even keep a bottle of Skinnygirl Margaritas around for days when the kids win and Mommy needs her own special bottle. (I wholeheartedly stand by our verdict that Skinnygirl Margaritas are surprisingly good.) But Cinco de Mayo is no time to be lazy about margaritas. Agreed? If there was ever a weekend to put a little extra time, care and effort into your margarita, it’s this weekend. I’ve rounded up 10 (yes, 10!)...

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5 guacamole recipes so amazing, you’ll want to make all of them for Cinco de Mayo. Seriously. Buy a lot of avocados.

Well, what a perfect opportunity we have this week to try out many delicious guacamole recipes. I don’t know about you, but I’m taking the fact that Cinco de Mayo lands on a weekend this year as a sign. No, not a sign that I can drink an extra three margaritas; it’s on Sunday, after all. Rather, it’s a sign that I can eat guacamole. All. Day. Long. I plan on serving so much guacamole this Cinco de Mayo that I’m going to make more than one kind, each one more delicious than the next. So join me in...

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Hot Chili Pops are sugar and spice and all things nice

Even on Cinco de Mayo, Hot-chili lollipops sound like one of those joke candies I never want anywhere near my mouth, like those worm-in-the-lollipop “treats” sold in every gift store in Texas. But these all-natural, sweet-and-spicy treats from Yummy Earth are no joke. Yummy Earth’s Organic Hot Chili Pops really surprised me with their delicious and sneakily spicy taste. On first lick, both the Chili Lime Lambada and Chili Mango Mambo flavors taste like sweet, fresh lime or mango. But then…whammo. That chili really packs a punch. As someone who hasn’t craved a lollipop since I was about ten years old,...

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