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11 of our favorite nursery must-haves | Baby Registry Essentials Guide

We’re so excited to share our own favorite baby registry nursery must-haves as part of our ongoing Baby Registry Essentials Guide series, which we’re bringing to you thanks to our partner, Gugu Guru. Some of our picks we bet you’ve seen (or maybe recommended yourself!), some of them are definitely worth a look if they’re new to you. You will find all of our nursery must-haves right on the Gugu Guru site where you can easily add them (or anything on the web at all) to your baby registry there with a single click. It’s seriously a lifesaver for expectant parents, with completely custom product recommendations that they offer you based...

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Rainbow housewares to brighten up winter. Or any season.

January is tough on my but by February I tend to hit the doldrums. Yes, it’s actually light until (nearly) 5:20 so that’s in the plus column, but I start to feel like everything around me is gray, including the remaining snow piles on the sidewalks in New York. So I checked out the members sale at the MoMA store right now and the thing that struck me most were the increasing collection of beautiful rainbow housewares. The best part is that if you’re a member like I am, everything is 20% off right now. And if you’re not...

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Where do animals go when they’re dressed and ready? Onto a clock, of course.

I’m inclined to call this find the world’s coolest animal clocks. But then, I’m not sure if that refers to the coolest clocks featuring animals, or clocks featuring the coolest animals. Eh, hardly matters. Both perfectly describe the brand new zoo portrait clocks from our friends at Blik, featuring Barcelona photographer/filmmaker Yago Partel’s hilarious portraits of our furry and feathered friends like you’ve never seen them. Well, unless you’ve seen Partel’s photo series already.   If you look closely, there’s more to each photographic concept than just random animals looking serious in people’s clothing. The koala in a Hawaiian shirt probably looks like an...

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The Pop-Clock alarm clock for kids. Waking up almost seems fun.

I have the hardest time getting my night owl daughter up for school in the mornings. She likes to come visit us most nights around 2 AM, so when morning comes around she’s too tired to get up and dressed for kindergarten. The trick that’s working for me—for this week, at least—is Pop-Clock, a super-fun alarm clock for kids. You might be familiar with the Clocky alarm clock for older kids, and now Pop-Clock is  made just for younger ones just learning to get out of bed by themselves. When the alarm goes off, the creature’s head goes flying across the room...

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What does the fox say? Let me tell you the time.

I was lucky enough to receive a Tree by Kerri Lee baby gift from my co-publisher Liz when I had my fourth daughter and it’s one of my favorite pieces. Her work has appeared many times in our baby shower gift guide, and while I’m in love with everything of hers that we’ve featured, these new animal clocks are my brand new favorite.   The adorable wooden fox clock (above) is the newest addition to her clock collection, and I find it irresistible, although those of you hot on the hedgehog trend the hedgehog clock is a close second. Both...

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All things being equal, I’d rather be in Paris.

Yeah, I know the WC Fields line was about Philadelphia but with all due respect to my partner Kristen and other cool Philly mamas, I’d rather hit the Champs Elysee these days. That’s why these vintage style Paris wall clocks need a place in my home immediately. Even if they’re set to Eastern Standard Time. Spotted at Design Atelier Article, the same shop that featured the most fabulous bookends we found last year, I’m not surprised that these birchwood clocks are inspired in design. Plus, you can pick up to 12 colors, whether you have your mind on an authentic...

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Clocks with hands. Remember those?

As much as I rely on the digital clocks on my appliances and on my smart phone to keep me on schedule, there’s just something about pretty analog clock to make a room seem more homey. I’ve been a long time fan of decoylab, whose beautiful, handcrafted clocks are as much works of art as they are timepieces, this amazing vintage style camera clock. Made from bamboo, this silent clock (that means no ticking!) features a clever leather strap to use as a hanger. What a perfect addition to your home office or a cool accent on a wall...

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A DIY LEGO Star Wars Clock: a better way for kids to ring in the New Year than champagne

You have to love any DIY tutorial that includes among the instructions “print out Death Star from the Internet.” And I especially love it when it combines two of our favorite things–LEGO and Star Wars. I love this tutorial for a DIY Star Wars LEGO Clock at Instructables. I wouldn’t say it’s quite for beginning crafters, but it could be a lot simpler if you buy a ready-made wooden clock and just get out the glue. The best part is that, being LEGO, the minifigs are interchangeable. So if you would prefer, say, a LEGO Friends clock, you can do that too. Just maybe...

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The Serenity Star is here, and every new parent’s dream has been answered.

Let me tell you a little about why I’m in love with the Serenity Star: when our daughter was first born, we were– like all parents of newborns– suddenly ruled by sleep and eating schedules. It was exhausting and stressful, made even more so because she came five weeks early. I know my story isn’t unique. Which is why I think this just-released baby product from Aden + Anais is about to be the new must-have baby product of the year. I so wish the very brand new Serenity Star had been around when I was a new mom…...

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The 6 best new products for babies (because I couldn’t narrow it to five)

Picking just five of the best new products for babies? That’s hard! And yet, a few weeks ago, I was honored to be one of the terrific judges at the New York Baby Show Expo put on by New York Family Magazine, and was asked to do that very thing. Narrowing down from about a zillion, all of which are wonderful (and sure to appear here soon), here are the winners by popular vote among us…plus one product that I voted for that I can only assume came in a very close sixth. Because it’s awesome. Ubbi Diaper Pails (above)...

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