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Cloth diaper covers too cute to cover up.

Baby bums are cute, but cloth-diapered baby bums? Well, they’re really something else. So when I learned about the lovely new handmade-to-order cloth diaper covers by Carissa Halbmaier in the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop, I got just a little bit excited thinking about all the babies I’ll be able to buy them for. (Update: They’re now available at the Barrel and a Heap Etsy shop.) These bright, bold geometric prints are nothing like the plain primary-colored cloth diaper covers from my diapering days. And looks aside, these covers are also conveniently designed to grow with baby, plus lined with PUL fabric...

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Being eco-friendly just got more stylish with these 5 very cool reusable swim diapers

Summertime means pool time for my family, and while I’m so so glad we’re finally all out of diapers this summer, I’m a little bit jealous that we missed the boat on so many adorable reusable swim diapers that are now out there. Not that jealous, mind you, because I’d much rather spend my extra cash this summer on popsicles, not diapers.(And heaven knows I’m delighted to be out of the diaper phase all together.)  But if you’re in the market for cute, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternatives to those disposable swim diapers, check out these favorites of ours that look more like bloomers...

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The nighttime cloth diaper of my dreams

Once upon a time, in the land of cloth diapering, there was a great diapering secret that somehow remained elusive to many parents: the overnight technique. Finding what will work for your particular baby in his particular sleeping arrangement can be tricky, to say the least. And there will likely be many wet sheets before a solution is found. (Which, for a co-sleeping mama like me is a rather unpleasant situation.) Well, friends, I have found an answer that doesn’t require the proverbial nighttime disposable. SoftBums diapers have been keeping my bed dry and I am thrilled by how...

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Cute cloth diapers for under $10. No, really.

I love cloth diapers— they’re cute, they’re eco-conscious, and they prevent a traumatic gelsplosion from an accidental disposable in the washing machine. But with most of the pocket diapers I favor clocking in at $19.95 each (or more!), it was always hard to build a solid stash. So here’s the cool thing: We found a collection of All-In-One pocket diapers that can take your baby from newborn to potty training, and they start at just $9.95 each. The company is GoGreen, a WAHM-run enterprise out of Boulder, CO. I found the collection of cloth diapers to have excellent quality and...

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The cutest cloth nappies. (That’s uh, diapers, America.)

Okay, I may get a lot of flack for saying this, but when it comes to cloth diapering, I think the cute factor matters. Yes, I choose cloth for a number of less, um, superficial reasons–good for the environment, good for my babies’ skin, and convenience. Seriously, I think cloth is easy.  But the bottom line (heh, I said bottom) is that you wouldn’t catch me putting an ugly diaper on my baby. And the new-to-the-US line of diapers from Itti Bitti fits the bill perfectly. Created in 2005 by an Australian mom, these Itti Bitti cloth nappies –as...

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This cloth diaper is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

The only thing more adorable than a cute baby bottom in a cloth diaper is saying “Charlie Banana” whenever someone asks you where the diaper came from. Cloth is making a comeback, mainly because it’s good for the environment and cuter than ever. But you already know that. What you might not know is that there’s a new brand called Charlie Banana that can cover all of your cloth needs in one fell swoop with free shipping to boot. [don’t miss a special offer after the jump] Charlie Banana‘s aim is to make the world a greener place by...

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The cloth diapering mama’s little helper

Cloth diapering obviously requires more work than disposables, and if you are new to it it can be a little daunting. It’s always great to find resources on the web and friendly people willing to help out, which is what Julie Sparrow Carson is doing with Bundle Baby Shop. She’s gathered not only excellent choices for cloth diapering, mama care, and baby carriers (like the beautiful Polkadot Papoose which we love), but they offer diaper service for those of you lucky enough to live in the Denver area. I love that they offer a half-and-half delivery service (half cloth,...

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