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Earth Day Pick – Children’s furniture they can doodle on

I had the dizzying pleasure of attending the mammoth Toy Fair in February, and one thing that seemed to be everywhere was cardboard. Of all of them, my favorite was easily the U.S.-made Elia Mini Chair Kit which takes this basic material and turns it into a piece of kid-size furniture. Easy to assemble and super sturdy, the chair holds up to 200 pounds, so don’t worry if you want to test it out yourself. And with Earth Day right around the corner, I appreciate that husband-and-wife Rey Tabarrok and Michael Gross use primarily post-consumer recycled content to make...

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Earth Day Pick – Eco barrettes that are way prettier than they might sound

I never really thought the words “eco” and “barrette” would be used in the same sentence, that is until I was introduced to the felt hair clips at Sophia Bella Mia. At first glance, you might think they look like any other cute girl’s floral barrettes, but actually, these hair clips are handcrafted from eco-fi felt, a fiber created from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. Cool, right? Of course, you’d never know it thanks to beautiful saturated colors and lovely beaded details. Add the little optional strip of velcro for your sparsely haired babe, and you’ll be sure...

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Earth Day Pick: Great outdoor toys for the great outdoors

The first thing I noticed about Colorado’s Sprig Toys is that they smell like fresh-cut wood, even while they look like strong molded plastic. Turns out I was right on both counts–their special “Sprigwood” is an eco-friendly, kid-safe material made from both recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. The toy dump truck, excavator and loader have all the functionality of more expensive trucks, only with no paint to chip and no batteries to replace. And the Sprig Hollow line of toys come with detachable, waterproof tools like chunky shovels and rakes making them perfect for the beach. This wonderful world of...

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Calling Cool Mom Picks Readers – Can you spare two minutes?

As you might remember, once a year we ask you, our fine, beautiful readers, to tell us a little more about yourselves so that we can keep telling you about the products, services, and other picks that matter to you and your families. It also helps ensure that we have cool sponsors, and not say, tobacco companies or nuclear bomb manufacturers. If you would be so kind as to fill out this quick survey (we promise – two minutes!), you’ll be entered to win a gorgeous sterling silver necklace from Blue Poppy Jewelry ($125 value, and a great Mother’s...

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Going greener for 5k. (Not that you wouldn’t do it for free.)

Last year my son noticed that snack time at school meant 20 plastic cups thrown away every day. He suggested recycling bins for all the classrooms and made a poster encouraging other kids to go green. (I’m so proud!) That kind of hands on approach is just the kind of thing that Just Do One is all about. Just Do One is an online community whose message is simple: Doing just one little thing, like using reusable canvas bags at the store, or turning off the lights when you leave the room, can make a very big difference to...

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It’s an honor just to be nominated

We’re so excited to find that Cool Mom Picks has been named one of the finalists in The Homies, ohdeedoh’s contest for the best children’s design blog! Wow. Particularly considering the five other nominees who really…wow. They’re all amazing. We’d be just tickled if you clicked on over and oh, checked the little circle next to Cool Mom Picks if you happen to think we’re worthy. Of course if it were up to us, we’d vote for ohdeedoh. But I guess that would be weird, huh. Vote for your favorite children’s design blog at Apartment Therapy’s ohdeedoh through January...

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When good things happen to good people

Remember that awesome $5k Intel tech makeover we got to help give away this fall? And you helped vote for the winners? And you were kind of hoping it was you but realized that the people who won were so deserving that you felt perfectly great about it? Right! That one. Well Marco and Dave, the two cool guys from Hot Hardware, just hooked up the three winners and caught the transformations on tape. From a recent cancer survivor, to a non-profit community theater, to a cool family farm, if you want to feel the goodwill and high-tech holiday...

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