Baby’s first cookbook

I confess; I made my own baby food. But just so we’re clear, I was less a domestic goddess and more a garden-variety control…

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Publish or Perish

For years, “organize photos” has been at the top of my to-do list.Between piles of printed snapshots and folders chock full of digital pictures,…

Cakes That Truly Take the Cake

Open Matthew Mead’s new Cakes for Kids cookbook and you’ll experience a combination of awe and complete intimidation. It’s as if my inner competimommy…

Cooking with the Bambinos

I’m not a cooking enthusiastic, but I do want to encourage my daughter to learn life skills. In other words, I hope she can expand her food prep repertoire beyond instant mac-and-cheese before she heads off to college. Unlike, ahem, her mother.

Whatcha Got Cooking?

It’s no secret that cooking doesn’t usually inspire warm and fuzzy feelings in me. I’m especially hesitant to try new recipes – after all that effort, will it turn out well? Or will it end up dumped into a napkin when I turn my back and shoved into the nearest receptacle or willing household pet?