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Bugaboo stroller recall – no reason to panic but worth a read if you own one

Today, Bugaboo voluntarily recalled the Cameleon and Donkey strollers that have detachable carrycots/seats. A button on the seat carry handle can become disengaged and detach. No injuries have been reported, and the safety risk has been deemed low. Bugaboo Cameleon Even so, you’ll want to get a free replacement handle right away if you own a stroller with one of these serial numbers under the seat:  Bugaboo CameleonSerial Number 04011090900001 to 04031101009999Serial Number 08011090900001 to 08021100800386Serial Number 140100093600531 to 140103123350418 Bugaboo DonkeySerial Number 170101105300001 to 170104130900500 To get your free handle replacement, call Bugaboo at (800) 460-2922 from 7AM...

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Breaking News: IKEA Crib Recall

The CPSC issued a recall of IKEA SNIGLAR cribs in the US and Canada, because the four bolts that secure the mattress support may not be long enough. Check your crib and see if the mattress support bolts extend through the nut. If so, you’re fine. If not, the mattress can detach and collapse. No injuries have been reported so don’t panic. Just find the baby somewhere to sleep until you can get a repair kit–which probably consists of four longer bolts. Find full info at the CPSC website. If you need a repair kit for your IKEA Sniglar...

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Save Handmade update: C’mon, Congress. Help us out.

As you probably know by now, there’s a bill in Congress to ensure that toys and clothing are free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Which is good. Unfortunately, while the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act is well-meaning, the way it’s been implemented has impacted not only the major corporations accused of making faulty products, but also caused tremendous hardship for small businesses, individual crafters, consignment sales, and our beloved Etsy–folks who have been doing things right all along. Plenty of them have even gone out of business. Horrible, right? Here’s the update: The law is officially set to...

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Breaking News: Graco Stroller Recall

If you mamas are owners of the Graco Quattro or MetroLite strollers that was bought before November 2007, check the serial numbers because they’ve been voluntarily recalled by Graco and the CPSC. The CPSC reports that babies can try to squeeze out under the tray and get caught resulting in cuts and bruises. (We report that you might just want to use the lap belts with your babies.) If you’re just using the stroller base with an infant seat as a travel system, there’s no danger at all. In any case, no need to panic. Just contact Graco for...

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Breaking news – CPSC votes to ban sale of all drop side cribs

With the recent slew of crib recalls, and now Pottery Barn Kids voluntarily recalling 82,000 drop side cribs today, it seems that the CPSC has had enough, so much so that they voted unanimously to ban the sale of drop side cribs in the United States. The issue with drop-side cribs is not a new one, mostly due to poorly constructed and installed sides on specific brands and models coming loose and babies getting dangerously and sometimes fatally trapped. However, this new ban now applies to all brands selling this type of crib. So, once again, check your cribs,...

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Breaking news – Over 2 million cribs recalled

It’s time to check your cribs yet again, mamas, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall of 2 million cribs, including some popular brands. The list of recalled cribs includes Jenny Lind, Evenflo, and Delta (just to name a few). Evidently babies can fall out of these cribs, or worse, get dangerously and fatally trapped. Yikes.Thankfully no deaths have been reported, but if you have one of the listed cribs, you’ll want to get rid of it immediately. This isn’t the first time that drop side cribs have come under scrutiny, and according to the...

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Web Coolness – The safety of baby slings and the artistry of Marshmallow Peeps

Here’s some stuff we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too. Junior Society shares hilarious and very clever images of Marshmallow Peeps dioramas Make and Takes has a fun idea for an easy St Patrick’s Day activity with kids. You don’t have to be too crafty either. Regret your prom dress decision? Find solace in the photos on the hilarious new website, Promtacular. We can’t stop clicking over! A beautiful post from Jaelithe Judy comforting moms who work outside the home. The CPSC is going to start issuing warnings about baby slings, as seen...

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Update on cadmium in children’s jewelry: CSPC says, throw it ALL out

Just a few days ago, we told you about an Associated Press investigation of children’s jewelry and metal toys manufactured in China that revealed high levels of the toxic metal cadmium in several mass produced kids’ products. In response, both Claire’s and Walmart have removed certain children’s jewelry from their shelves. Phew! And now the Consumer Product Safety Commission is now recommending that parents take all cheap metal jewelry of Chinese origin away from children, regardless of the brand or where you purchased it. That’s right. ALL of it. We’ll keep you updated on this situation as we learn...

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Breaking News: Toy Manufacturers Replace Toxic Lead with Toxic Cadmium

In 2007, a rash of recalls of mass-produced children’s toys, clothes, and jewelry, many containing lead, most of which had been cheaply manufactured in China, inspired us to create our first-ever Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide. Since then, we’ve been pleased to note, United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (the CPSC) has increased its scrutiny of both imported and domestically manufactured children’s products, focusing on reducing the threat of lead in particular. Hooray for small (or really big) victories! However, the government’s initial response to the Year of the Really Scary Recalls — the Consumer Product Safety Improvement...

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Toy and product recalls – Yep, they’re still out there.

While 2009 hasn’t quite turned out to be the Year of the Recall the same way it was in 2007, we still like the the idea of an easy way to check for safety recalls of children’s toys and other products.  In fact, the Babysitter Balance from Baby Bjorn (shown), a bouncy seat we fell in love wtih late last year, has just today issued a voluntary safety recall because some small metal pieces have been found in some padding and could potentially cause scratches. There have been no injuries reported  but as a testament to the company’s commitment...

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