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Shake it up baby.

In my early days of parenting, finding beautiful handmade baby gifts was something you really had to work on. But now, they’re popping up everywhere. And as we try to pare it down to just our favorites we’re happy to discover Cheengoo who just might make the cutest crocheted baby rattles in the world. Besides cute, the handmade rattles are totally eco-friendly, crocheted from 100% pesticide-free bamboo yarn that makes them super-soft, naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. That may sound like marketing speak until you think about how much your newborn is going to have these against his sensitive skin–or in that sensitive mouth. (Fact.) Plus they’re made by...

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5 of our favorite Pinterest pins this week

Obsessed with Pinterest as we are? Follow us! Then find cool pins like these from our sites and around the web.   1. This funny mug does double duty. We want one! 2. Because every baby needs their own Millennium Falcon. 3. Here’s what parents should know about the new iPhone 6 and iOS 8. (Psst: You can pre-order today). 4.  Love these kid-designed bandages that help heal boo boos — and fight pediatric cancer too. 5. Such a creative way to use gorgeous fall leaves. Better than raking...

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Handmade crocheted baby toys that could make you want another baby. (Or at least one to give them to.)

We are talking about getting a dog, which makes it official: No more babies for this household. And I’m pretty much okay with that fact until I see a store like YarnBall Stories. This absolutely adorable Etsy shop has safe and soft crocheted baby toys and decor that stop me in my tracks with the cuteness. And you know how much of a soft spot we have for cool crocheted toys and gifts like crocheted baby booties here at Cool Mom Picks. The YarnBall Stories crocheted baby mobiles come in themes like the solar system, colorful hearts, or just pretty pastels. I...

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A new way to wear cashmere: around your neck.

Mmmm, cashmere. I mostly appreciate this indulgent glorious material from afar, because my lifestyle can’t really support a cashmere habit (although I might make an exception for these Ivory Row cashmere sweaters.) So here’s a fabulous–and affordable–new way to wear cashmere: the innovative, handmade textile jewelry designs from the Aliquid Textile Jewels Etsy shop. Wow, are we are happy to add this totally original shop to our recent cool jewelry finds. These statement pieces are guaranteed to garner compliments from everyone at the dinner party. Or you know, the other parents at curriculum night. The designs all hail from Italy where the...

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Booties that will warm your baby’s toes (and your heart)

We’re always excited to find global nonprofits that empower women and their families rise to above poverty. Now we’re especially happy to find one that supports that mission in the form of adorable baby gifts that we’d buy even if they weren’t doing so much good. (But they are.)   So here’s a story we love: Kohl Crecelius was an avid snowboarder and surfer dude. But when his brother taught him an unlikely hobby–crocheting–Kohl was instantly hooked (heh). He immediately taught two of his buddies, who were also hooked. Now we’re hooked. Because when Kohl traveled to Uganda in college, he discovered unimaginable...

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Jewelry that begs the question “Where did you get that?”

One thing that hasn’t changed about me since I’ve had kids: My penchant for big, bold jewelry. And while it’s a little harder to find the time (and the sitter) to wear them, when I find pieces like these, I’m suddenly much more motivated to get that date night or girl’s night out on the books. Everything from Lavish Jewelry is made in Brazil under the careful eye of designer and mom Tricia Milaneze, and it’s some of the coolest I’ve seen. Each is made using a wire crochet technique like you’ll see in the braided cuff that is...

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13 of the absolute cutest Easter gifts for kids

Hold the jellybeans! Well okay, don’t hold the jellybeans–maybe just supplement them with some of these adorable Easter gift ideas for kids. It’s coming early this year and so we scoured some of our favorite indie shops and artists for ideas for your little ones that might make them forget all about the candy aisle.      Maileg Ballerina Rabbit Dolls ($48.60+ at My Sweet Muffin) This is the kind of Easter gift my girls would flip for. No doubt they’d be dragged to ballet class each week too. Bunny Ears T-Shirt ($19.50, threadless) Get it? Rabbit ears? Psst…comes...

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Team Star Wars or Doctor Who? Crocheted hats for little geeks in training

What can we say? We heart these adorable crocheted hats, which are just as good for fighting crime in the playroom as they are for keeping little ears warm on Hoth. Our pals at Geekling have a new line for babies and kids: geeky crocheted hats. [Updated link] They’re beautifully handmade in soft, stretchy cotton yarn and available in four sizes from newborn up to XL (which supposedly fits ages 3 to 8). But here’s a secret: that Leia hat fits me just fine, and my head is by no means small. I know what I’m wearing on May the...

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Yarn Wars: Crochet your own galaxy of stars

Expensive plastic figurines? A Jedi craves not these things. Grab your lightsaber-shaped crochet hook and get busy creating your own galaxy of bite-sized Jedi, Rebels, Empire, and, well, giant squid guys. Trust us– it’s not a trap. You know we love it when geekery and crafting come together, and we’re big fans of the adorable Star Wars amigurami in this set of PDFs from lucyravenscar on Etsy. For $37, you receive complete instructions to make 14 different characters, each about four inches tall. All you need are yarn, stuffing, eyeballs, a tapestry needle, and a crochet hook. No advanced Jedi...

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These booties are made for gawking (and raising money for breast cancer research)

Listen up, partner. Even though they’re cute as the dickens, those baby toes must go under wraps in this colder weather. And if you’re going to cover those sweet things up, you might as well do it with something just as adorable, like these soft handmade booties. .  The crocheted, pink-and-black Chloe Cowboy Booties would make a great baby gift for your country-music-loving friend, or even the urbanite who loves the look of classic cowboy-boot style on teeny-tiny feet. I love that these booties know how to kick a little butt, too–each pair purchased raises $10 for Rethink Breast Cancer. Yee-haw!...

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