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We Leia-Osha-Voldemort-Ewok these geeky cross stitch alphabets

When you combine cross-stitch, geekery, and the alphabet, you get crafty projects cute enough to hang on Dolores Umbridge’s wall, right next to all those kitten plates. We L-O-V-E these patterns from Amazing Cross Stitch on Etsy, which have captured all of our favorite characters from pop culture phenoms like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and more. Pick your favorite characters and check out the Alphabets section of the store. Patterns starring superheroes, books, movies, Star Trek, Muppets, and more are available for affordable instant download. There is a character to match each letter of the alphabet. It’s a great DIY gift...

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DIY cross-stitch patterns meet pop culture? Inconceivable.

Of course we love Westley, even in tiny yarn form. But it doesn’t stop with the crew from The Princess Bride. Whatever your favorite iconic movie is, chances are, the adorable Wee Little Stitches shop on Etsy has a DIY cross-stitch pattern and instructions ready for instant download. In fact there are more than 100, from the geeky to the 80s to a custom design of your family. So grab your needle, you’re going to need it. Does anybody want a peanut? Check out patterns from Star Wars and Doctor Who, to Labyrinth and the Goonies with a quirky shot of The...

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Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess puts the cross in cross-stitch

I want to live at Downton Abbey. I want a Mrs. Patmore to cook dinner and a fleet of Annas to clean up and a closet of gorgeous, beaded dresses.  Unless my husband ends up being a long-lost heir, I doubt all that’s in the cards. But at least I can have this adorable cross stitch of one of my favorite characters. We’re in love with Downton Abbey, and I’m a huge fan of the Dowager Countess of Grantham, played with panache by Dame Maggie Smith. Every week, she manages to steal the show with a perfectly proper put-down,...

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A stitch in time makes a great Valentine’s Day gift

My husband and I do Valentine’s Day Lite, meaning that we will not be forking out $200 for a fancy meal, or buying each other expensive jewelry or electronics as a sign of our devotion.  But that doesn’t mean I am totally comfortable with handing him a greeting-store card and calling it a day. Which is why I love this little token of my affection that is personalized, handmade, and won’t break the bank. Cozy Blue’s “I Love Us” cross-stitch pattern reminds me of initials carved in a tree, but this version is a lot easier to hang on...

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Putting the “need” in needlework

Any hipster with a scarf can tell you: The fiber arts are enjoying a renaissance. I can knit (poorly) and spin (horribly), and I sometimes consider trying needlepoint. But no kittens and flowers for me. No, I’d start with the wacky but lovely PDFs from bombastitch to make a charming Valentine’s or Father’s Day gift. Okay, fine. Knowing my life right now, I’d just order a finished piece. The wonderful bombastitch offers a selection of hilariously sharp cultural references through the fine and noble art of cross-stitch. From Tron and Dexter to Donnie Darko and the Blues Brothers to...

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Guess it was the way the Flaming Lips segued into that Ella Fitzgerald live bootleg track

Not every relationship is sappy and sentimental and traditional. If I were to get my sigOth some kind of flowery Hallmark card for Valentine’s Day and a bottle of cologne I think he’d wonder who’d replaced me with the fembot. But the custom cross stitch and embroidery from the You Heart Us etsy shop that blends modern pop culture references with classic needlepoint techniques? There’s so much awesome there, I don’t know where to start. You gave me the best mix tape I have is a kinder, gentler, less obvious way of saying I’m glad we fell in love...

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