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What are words for?

One of the coolest gift ideas I’ve ever seen for bibliophiles — besides another book, of course — is Litographs’ literary tees that beautifully transpose the text of your favorite novel and print it, in its entirety, across a cotton tee (trust us, it looks even prettier than it sounds). And now, through a very successful Kickstarter, Litographs is coming out with the ability to customize your text with (almost) anything you choose on one of their comfy tees or an infinity scarf. Litographs can reprint any text in the public domain, including song lyrics, famous speeches, plays, historical works, and even the list of endangered words for...

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Crayon Crunch: Personalized books get kids with special needs in the story too.

We’ve mentioned before that only 3% of children’s books feature characters of color, and there are even fewer that feature kids with special needs. This makes me really sad for the millions of kids out there who want to open up a book and see someone they can identify with in the story, who looks like then. If you’re a parent who’s struggled to find illustrated kids’ books that represent your children, I’ve got good news. Crayon Crunch is an indie company that makes custom, personalized children’s books with characters that your kids will absolutely connect with — because your child is the main character....

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Sponsored Message: Personalized books from I See Me! make very special gifts this holiday.

This is a sponsored message from I See Me! personalized books.   If you’re looking for a special, one-of-a-kind gift for your kids this holiday, check out I See Me! personalized books for kids. These award-winning books are a huge hit with children, because the stories are all about them, using their very own names.   – Don’t miss an exclusive discount for Cool Mom Picks readers below – While there are titles about Christmas, Hanukkah, or themes that kids love all year long, the newest addition to the collection is The 12 Days of Christmas. It’s based on the classic Christmas song, with vintage style...

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The Incredible Intergalatic Journey Home: A new personalized book that’s out of this world

When we first discovered the Lost My Name books, well, sold. They were about the most beautifully conceived, perfectly executed, personalized books for kids we had ever seen. We’ve since bought them as gifts and recommended them to tons of of our own friends. So of course we were thrilled to have the chance to team up with the smart folks at Lost My Name — who include three cool dads and one cool uncle — for the U.S. launch of their brand new title, The Intergalactic Journey Home, which takes the personalization to a remarkable new level. And yes, we’ve said that...

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Someone Special Books: Personalized books for kids with special needs of all kinds. Like making friends.

We love personalized books for kids, which always make special gifts for the kid who has everything. Also, what child doesn’t need more books in his or her library? But now we’ve discovered a publisher creating personalized books made just for kids with special needs and conditions, from Down Syndrome to Autism to food allergies and ADHD. This is simply a fantastic find for so many families and classrooms. The customizable books from authors Heather McCartney and Kate Ryan of Someone Special Books allow you to choose the appropriate title, then insert details like your child’s name, birthday, friends, or favorite activities, which are all incorporated into the rhyming text. But...

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Superhero Comic Kit: A BIG way for kids to write their very own BIG comics. Did we mention they’re big?

Our superhero-loving kids are going to leap over a tall building to get their hands on The Superhero Comic Kit, an activity book that gives them the chance to write and illustrate their very own comic books. No super skills required, only an active imagination, which we’re pretty sure is their super power anyway. And, wow, will their imagination have a place to play on the pages of this (very) oversized, uniquely hands-on book by British illustrator Jason Ford, also the author of The Super Book for Super Heroes which we love. In his latest release, Ford takes kids through all the...

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14 smart ways to get your young kids excited about reading this summer

As big-time book lovers here, we’ve learned that a love of reading is acquired and not something kids are necessarily born with, like the color of their eyes or their uncanny inability to sleep past 6 AM on a Saturday. So we love putting together tips for parents on ways to get kids excited about reading — and ideally, keep them reading — especially now that summer is here and we all get a little more lax about things like that. Plus, our bookshelves do tend to have some stiff competition with all that extra daylight after dinner. One of our top ideas,...

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12 of the coolest personalized Father’s Day Gifts: Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

We are so excited to launch our 2015 Father’s Day gift guide, because as our longtime readers know, we just love tracking down fantastic gift ideas for the dads we love in our lives. (Yay cool dads!) So we’re starting out with the coolest personalized Father’s Day gifts — not just because we really like them, which we do, but because personalized or custom gifts often require a little lead time. So if one of these strikes your fancy, get moving! Father’s Day is June 21 this year. And we’re thrilled to welcome back Pinhole Press as our sponsor of this post...

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Sponsored Message: I See Me! personalized books make a special gift kids will enjoy way beyond Easter

This is a sponsored message for I See! Me books If you want to cut down on sugary treats this Easter and instead grab gifts that your kids will enjoy way beyond the holiday, check out the range of the award-winning I See Me! personalized books which are wildly popular with both kids and parents. – Don’t miss an exclusive discount for Cool Mom Picks readers below –  There tons of books to choose from featuring all sorts of interests, whether it’s pirates or princesses, race cars or farm animals, or alphabet and counting basics. So you’re sure to find something for everyone’s Easter basket whether you’re shopping for a little pre-readers...

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Rag and Bone personalized baby books are for all loving families. Because so are babies.

In a way, we’re less surprised that someone has come out with the first ever personalized baby books for same sex couples–and more surprised that it took this long. That said, we’re thrilled, since we love finding baby books and baby memory books that are just perfect for the families who choose them. And no one does that better in the first place than Rag & Bone Bindery. The traditional, entirely handmade baby book from Rag & Bone now has an option which allows you to add Two Moms or Two Dads pages right into their beautifully simple baby books.  While beautifully illustrated prompts like...

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