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8 awesome diaper bags and totes that give back to other mothers

The most essential (or at least the most fun) part of your new-mom gear collection just may be a great diaper bag. Since you’ll have it with you all the time, you want it to be well made, look great, and let you find that paci immediately when your baby starts to fuss. So while I’m waiting to be matched with a baby for adoption, I’ve been searching for a cool new diaper bag, and started to discover so many diaper bags that give back to moms in need. Because as essential as my diaper bag is to me as a new mom, the benefits these...

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It’s a tote bag. It’s a backpack. It’s at the top of our Christmas wish lists.

Some days, when I leave the house in the morning I may not be back until after dinner, so I need to carry it all: Laptop, kids’ practice uniforms, snacks and toys to keep the kid waiting at said practice happy—you know how it is, right? The Ashton bag by the altruistic State Bags (who we discovered last year) is now available at our Cool Mom Picks indie shop and we’re so happy about it. This one is definitely on my wish list as a stylish, versatile tote bag for my busy schedule. These bags are so cool. I love the heavy canvas fabric with...

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Diaper bags so smart they almost pack themselves.

Having three babies in the past nine years has taught me that I need to be able to find what I need in my diaper bag, stat. There is no time for digging around to find the wipes when I’m dealing with a diaper blowout, or for, well, anything during those lovely tantrums at the grocery store. So with my next baby, I’m going to be carrying a PacaPod diaper bag, a fab diaper bag just introduced in the U.S. that keeps things organized in zip pouches, or pods (hence the bag name) for easy access. Designer Jacqueline Waggett is a mom of two girls who learned...

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7 celebrity diaper bags we’re drooling over from affordable to whoa.

We have to admit: sometimes it’s fun to spy into the lives of the rich and famous to see what baby gear they use. So this week we thought we’d check out a few celebrity diaper bags, should you need Halle Berry’s or Brad Pitt’s style guidance. Yes, cool dads carry diaper bags too. And even cooler, he’s carrying one that’s fairly affordable. Note: if you want to see celebrity babies, you won’t find them here. We respect and support the paparazzi photo ban of celebrity kids.   The chic leather satchel at top, which happens to be Jessica...

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The best travel friendly diaper bag? – Reader Q&A

Do you have a recommendation for a favorite diaper bag for plane travel with two young kids? -PII used to travel alone with both my kids quite often, and even do it now that I have three (eep!). Personally, I’m all for bags that are easy to clean, lightweight (so no leather), and have lots of compartments when I travel, which is not usually the case for the bags I carry every day.  I love Skip-hop diaper bags for travel, both the Duo and the Dash which is a bit wider. The canvas is easy to clean and they’ve got lots of pockets for easy access to extra...

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Wear your seatbelt

During my days as a funky bottle-cap belt and Chuck wearing singleton, Harveys seatbelt bags made from actual seatbelts were it. And apparently, they still are, but now for the hip baby mamas. While their exclusive Camo bag (my fave) is pretty sizable, I love how it’s not ridiculously deep. Which means it’s roomy but not to the point where you’ll feel like Mary Poppins reaching into her carpet bag when you need to find a binky. And you’ll find plenty of pockets, plus a coordinating changing pad, just in case you want to feel like you’re carrying an...

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The urban daddy diaper bag. Really, just let him have this one.

Whenever I buy a diaper bag I try to make it as gender-neutral as possible so my husband feels comfortable using it as well.  It never occurred to me to just get him his own so that I could have my cute and girlie diaper bag all to myself. Fortunately he’s all over the Urban Cool Collection of daddy diaper bags from Skooch. They’re all manly and big and tough with lots of pockets and plenty of patterns with nary a polkadot or paisley in sight. Did I say big? They are huge, so probably overkill for a quick...

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Sporty moms need handbag love too

I’m definitely a bag freak, yes, even diaper bags, but my obsession tends to lean more towards fashionable handbags and less on the more practical sporty ones. So for you active moms, I give you the Go Gaga messenger bag. Like some of the other messengers you might have seen, this bag is chock full of roomy pockets, and works well as a diaper bag, workout bag, heck, even a laptop bag. But what makes this do-it-all bag stand out is the ergonomic strap that distributes weight evenly across your back. And for you breastfeeding moms, the well-designed Go...

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