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How to wear skinny jeans without flaunting a muffin top. No Spanx required…maybe.

I’ll be honest that after having four kids, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be adding skinny jeans to my wardrobe. While I eventually lost the baby weight (well, most of it anyway), the extra skin made me feel self-conscious. But with some careful shopping and lots of trial and error, I feel like I’ve at last mastered the art of wearing skinny jeans as a not-anywhere-near-size-2 woman. To show that you can do it too, I’m thrilled (like, super thrilled) to welcome AYR as our newest sponsor. They’re a really smart company that was founded to offer perfect fitting jeans, along with versatile, high quality...

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Actual stylish mommy and me aprons from one of the coolest designers? A fantastic excuse to bake

If you’re going to bake together, do it in style. But do it quickly! These gorgeous denim aprons from Oh Joy (yes, really) are going to disappear faster than a hot stack of chocolate chip cookies. We dig the beautifully curated goods on Brika, and while we’re not always into the whole coordinated mommy/daughter thing, this truly stylish and modern mother and child apron set is our kind of thing; and a great example of how Brika brings together small artisans with interesting stories. When Brika maker Ellen Bennett went to the Oh Joy! studio to meet Joy (one...

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The Maclaren denim stroller rides again, this time for two

I’m something of a stroller hoarder. We have gone through no less than ten strollers between my two sons–which is actually par for the course in New York, where our strollers are our cars. One of my faves is still the Maclaren Denim Quest which I reviewed some months back. Seems I wasn’t alone in my love for that stylish stroller; due to popular demand, Maclaren just introduced the Denim Twin Triumph Stroller, allowing even moms of twins to have another fashionable option. There’s a whole lot to love about the new Maclaren Denim Twin Triumph Stroller, other than...

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Fighting breast cancer with a new color: blue

There’s a lot of pink out there in October, and that’s a great thing. We applaud any effort to fight breast cancer by spreading awareness or raising donations for research and support. Still, if pink’s not your color, we’d like to introduce you to a breast cancer initiative from Lee Jeans that’s really intrigued us because it’s not about what you buy. It’s about what you give. Lee’s National Denim Day has raised over 83 million dollars since its inception in 1996. That’s some number. We’re as skeptical as anyone about pinkwashing, but this isn’t about buying jeans which...

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The Maclaren Denim Quest stroller – James Dean would be proud

My favorite new jeans have wheels on them. I’m talking about the new Maclaren Denim Quest stroller. As part of their Objects of Design series, the denim stroller is meant to be the coolest thing on wheels at the playground, but it’s definitely not all style and no substance. Aside from its dashing good looks, there really are reasons for you stroller junkies to take a closer look. The durable denim fabric has stitching to make it look like a real pair of jeans, though the canopy’s weather resistant coating makes it more protective than one. And unlike some...

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Denim and denim – can it be done?

This post also appears on the Gap 1969 Stream along with tons of photos, articles, inspiration, and tips about denim.It’s so funny having to say that denim is in for kids because, hello, was it ever out? I adore seeing denim now in surprising places – hats, accessories, even shoes. Basically, imagine where you might add a touch of leather, and replace it with denim. Behold, you’re on trend! What’s not on trend though? A kid in head to toe denim. I don’t care what supermodel sported it on the runway, or what celebrity wore it on what magazine...

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Do these jeans make my butt look big? That would be a no.

I have reluctantly embraced leggings over the past few years to the point where I now own five pairs–all black. (What? They’re all different!) So when I got wind of the jeggings craze I did think ooohh…wardrobe diversity. Even so, when I went to a fashion event at the Blogher conference recently, and had the opportunity to be fitted for a pair of Miraclebody Jeans, I was skeptical. I don’t just stick my butt out for anyone, let alone celeb stylist Robert Verdi who was doing the honors. Besides, they promise to take 10 pounds off and uh…yeah. Right....

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So let’s talk Jeggings, and how to make them work for your kids.

We know that “Jeggings” are pretty much the fashion word for fall, and while we will probably be making fun of ourselves in ten years for it, we’re kind of in love with them right now. Especially on kids. My own girls have a couple of pairs these days and I love how they take the sturdy, casual look of denim but make them soft, comfy and playground-ready. Besides, they just love saying “jeggings.” It’s not hard to put a cute outfit together either. Here are a few looks that I picked out from our sponsor Old Navy (thanks...

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Piperlime goes pregnant

I admit that I’m a sucker for a fancy pair of jeans, mostly because I’ve found over the years that they just wear and fit better. And after almost four kids on an already hard to fit body, those things are really hard to find at budget prices. So I guess it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of designer maternity jeans, now available at Piperlime. With designer labels like Citizens of Humanity and James Jeans, you can stock up on hot maternity denim along with the plethora of other goodies Piperlime offers – like shoes, bags, and more...

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Back to school clothes for under $20 that look like you spent a whole lot more.

As of today, I officially have two children in school. (Sniff!) So we did some serious back to school shopping a few days ago and learned there was much awesomeness to be had at Old Navy. It’s a lucky coincidence that this week the shop is one of Cool Mom Picks’ beloved sponsors (thank you, thank you!), and I get to share my weekend discoveries with you. I’ve always loved Old Navy for kids basics and denim, as I’ve written here before. It makes sense not to spend a ton on things like jeans that are so quickly outgrown,...

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