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Dragon Gloves: The edgy new trend we’re loving for Halloween.

From the new kids’ movie Pete’s Dragon to Game of Thrones, dragons are getting a good rep these days. Our kids are even talking about being dragons or dragon trainers for Halloween, so when we saw that these dark, edgy dragon gloves at The Scale Maiden were trending on Etsy, we knew we had to share them. Because chances are, someone in your house is obsessed with dragons too. Related: Putting the BOO in Halloween boots for kids. Of course, it’s not just dragons we love supporting, but small businesses too, so I was really excited to find these in an Etsy shop. Each pair is hand-knit in...

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Adorable handmade baby crib mobiles let your baby fall asleep dreaming of Cinderella. Or ninjas.

I was never a musical crib mobile kind of parent. And now that there are so many options for piping in lovely music into a child’s room — as in, lovelier music than that tinny awfulness in most crib mobiles — I love the idea of just a simple, pretty crib mobile that you can hang above a crib or changing table to dazzle a baby and lull her to sleep the old fashioned way. I just discovered an Etsy artist called Wonderfeltland who is doing the cutest things with handmade felt baby mobiles. Check out the selection from...

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Dino-mite dinosaur decals for your wall

Dinosaurs: they’re timeless, they’re great for both boys and girls, and now they can liven up a child’s room without ruining the walls. We’re digging these three new sets of decals that can turn any kid’s cave into a strange new world. Oh, and one includes Godzilla. We’re big fans of the mod, hip collaboration between Blik wall decals and Babybot design, which is why we just had to show you their three newest dinosaur creations. There’s the straight-up dino collection of Strange New World. And then you can add the slightlier wackier (and more purple!) creatures of Crash...

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5 cool ways to ring in the Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year, mamas, or as my Chinese relatives say: Kung Hei Fat Choi. I’m doing a little extra celebrating this year because it’s the Year of the Dragon, which just so happens to be my own Zodiac sign. For those of you with babies being born this year, or kids who just want to get into the spirit, I’ve rounded up a bunch of cool gifts, crafts, books, and cards to help you and your kids celebrate The Year of the Dragon right along with me. I’m a huge fan of Tree by Kerri Lee, whose Chinese...

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‘Ere-be-dragons on your wall

Wallpaper is cool again, and it’s not all girly flowers and damask. If you’ve got a knight in shining armor (and Converse chucks), you won’t want to miss this quirky but elegant wallpaper made just for junior jousters. The ‘Ere-Be-Dragons wallpaper from Paper Boy is a beautiful merger of imagination and style. The founder, a mother of two boys, wanted to create classic and iconic yet edgy designs just for boys, but with lasting appeal for the whole family. And this wallpaper totally fits the bill, because these dragons perfectly fly the edge between whimsical and scary. Whether the boy...

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Dress-up clothes? Reader Q + A

My daughter is turning three soon, and I want to put together a dress up box for her. Any ideas for a great Etsy costume shop? She wants an astronaut costume but I need it to be something she can get on and off herself. Any other ideas? -Alison Hi Alison, We love your question! Of course, you can start by dumping your own accessories in there–scarves, gloves, handbags, belts are all great for creative play. But if you want some specific costume accessories, here are some great ideas to fill up your daughter’s dress-up box: The masks at...

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How to train your dragon to sit on the couch

Sit. Speak. Shake. Breathe flame. Okay, now make the room more attractive. Go on. Good boy! You get a biscuit! Okay, so maybe it has nothing to do with the movie, and maybe it can’t sit up and beg, but I saw this duck’s egg blue and ivory dragon cushion by helkatdesign on the front page of Etsy and simply had to share it with you. I love the simple, iconic, elegant design. I adore that it’s handprinted in Wiltshire, UK using quality natural materials, so each one is unique. You even get to pick the ribbon color. Now...

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Enter the dragon

I am generally frustrated with all the embellished girls’ pants out there are covered in flowers, sequins, sparkles, or (eek) all three. So when I got wind of the Sejong Dragon Pant from CMP fave Tea Collection I thought, fabulous! Or, however you say fabulous in Korean. The sturdy, high-waisted, slightly flared dragon pants jumped out at me right away, and turns out the dragon pants are on the cover of their catalog so I guess I’m not alone here. I love the durability and versatility; Tea is showing the embellished canvas pants paired with their floral top, but...

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