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Adorable, free last-minute Easter printables for the finishing touch on those baskets

We’re always grateful to the designers who create cute free printables, like these fun printable Easter basket gift tags.  Melanie has designed them in five fun colors, all of which should go perfectly with jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and and unnaturally colored Peeps of every kind. Just add an optional bunny tail (or “bunny butt,” as she calls it) and the Easter Bunny’s basket is ready to go. You’ll find them at the wonderfully named Reasons to Skip the Housework, ready for printing. And hey, for more fun last minute crafts and printables, check out these posts too: –15 of the cutest and free-est...

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15 of the cutest and free-est Easter printables for our kids

We’ve been hopping all over the internet to find our favorite free Easter printables to help you get ready for Easter Sunday. Our hunt turned up some of the cutest printable Easter coloring pages, decorations, and DIY treat boxes that you can just click and print in time for the 27th. (Yes, it’s coming soon!) Bunny bandit masks and playdough mats? Yes, found them too. And since they’re all free, you can go ahead and splurge on some fancy chocolate bunnies for yourself. And we hope you do. Related: 14 easy Easter crafts for kids, hold the glitter.   Printable Easter Bunny Treat Cones | We...

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Over 20 of the best bunny gifts for Easter, whether you’ve got toddlers or tweens

Ready for Easter? We weren’t either until we started searching the web for ideas, and got excited when we found so many totally adorable bunny gifts for Easter out there! And there’s no chocolate, Peeps, or jelly beans in this bunch — not that there’s anything wrong with those. We just thought it would be fun to find some cool, non-candy gifts for Easter baskets, for babies all the way up to our not-too-old-for-Easter-gift tweens and teens. CMP is an rstyle affiliate Shaped like those iconic Peeps candies we can’t stop eating despite ourselves, these Easter bunny crayons from Custom Crayons by...

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17 of the coolest bunny crafts for Easter we can’t resist. Oh, the kids too, of course.

Many of us are going to turn the calendar over to April and realize, with a start, that Easter is a blink away on April 5. Or today, it’s a week away. So use this last week to decorate eggs, make Eastery treats, and finish shopping for those baskets. And if you need to keep your little bunnies’ hands busy too, we’ve pulled together 17sweet bunny crafts for Easter that your kids and you can make, eat, or play with while you jump around getting everything done. Related: 15 easy Easter crafts for kids and fun printables. No glitter required!   Easter Bunny...

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Ridiculously delicious, all-natural Easter candy options that earns their place in the basket. Bring it on Easter bunny.

Let’s be honest: Easter candy is pretty much sugar and more sugar mixed with high fructose corn syrup with a dash of artificial food coloring. And we love every bite. I’m a believer in everything in moderation and am all for Easter being one of two days a year when we throw moderation for candy out the window. That said, if we can add a few all-natural options to the basket, I’m all for that, too. When all-natural Easter candy is as good as these 7 finds, why not. Related: Outrageously gourmet Easter treats that are not for sharing with the kids Little...

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5 ridiculously adorable and remarkably easy DIY Easter treats we can’t resist.

With so many iconic Easter candies to buy, Easter brunch recipe to make, and fancy Easter cakes to bake, it’s easy to forget how simple it can be to make DIY Easter treats. So I’ve put together a few that I love. These special sweets are such a nice way to add a homemade touch to your holiday without taking up a whole lot of your time. This way, there’s more time for egg hunting, Easter brunching, or just hanging out with the kids instead. Related: DIY Easter Cake Pops almost too cute to eat. Almost. Jordan almonds are a staple filler in my Easter baskets....

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19 very (very) special non-candy Easter basket gifts kids will love.

Between school parties and Easter baskets from their grandparents, my kids will be coming home with chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs to last us till the Fourth of July. So I’ve been looking for some extra special Easter basket gifts for kids that go beyond what you might find on your drugstore shelves. They’re perfect for those of you who want to ease up on the sugar; or for kids like ours, who are already going to have more than their fill from other sources. Mix them in with some traditional Easter fare (it is hard to resist jellybeans after all), or limit...

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The Easter Bunny is coming to town. And he’s naked. For now.

This is the time we start thinking Easter for you all, and as always, we love finding special little treats for the Easter baskets that aren’t necessarily your typical drugstore-shelf chocolate bunny. So I think this Easter Bunny painting kit is just perfect, especially considering it’s under $15. It’s not only a great craft in itself, but makes a cool keepsake that kids will proudly display when they’re done. And while it’s recommended for kids 6 and up, I’d imagine that preschoolers would do just fine with a little parental supervision. Coloring in the lines is overrated anyway. Related: 14 easy Easter crafts...

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6 remarkable Easter cake pops almost too cute to eat. Almost.

If you want to add a deliciously homemade touch to your kid’s Easter basket or if you feel like surprising your Easter guests or hosts with a fun Easter dessert, these recipes for Easter cake pops are for you. Tasty and irresistibly cute, these cake pops are almost too fantastic to eat. Almost, but not quite. If you’ve never made cake pops before, start with our cake pop 101 tutorial. Written for cake pop beginners, we break the steps down in plain language. No baker-ese or expectations that you’ll know what “candy melts” are. (And if you don’t know...

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16 of the most adorable Easter basket gift ideas for kids: It’s raining bunnies and chicks!

Make your kids’ Easter baskets a hundred times more adorable by adding some playful chicks and bunnies to your list of Easter basket gift ideas for kids–of course along with some of our favorite Easter candy and Easter-themed gifts. Our recos are almost entirely indie-made, and we promise that none of them include a five-foot purple stuffed rabbit. Though we can’t guarantee that won’t be the grandparents’ pick.     Wee Gallery’s new set of 12 animal kids’ animal tattoos makes a nice alternative to more candy in the basket. Featuring a bunny, dog, and cat, they may end up on the...

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