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15 of the cutest and free-est Easter printables for our kids

We’ve been hopping all over the internet to find our favorite free Easter printables to help you get ready for Easter Sunday. Our hunt turned up some of the cutest printable Easter coloring pages, decorations, and DIY treat boxes that you can just click and print in time for the 27th. (Yes, it’s coming soon!) Bunny bandit masks and playdough mats? Yes, found them too. And since they’re all free, you can go ahead and splurge on some fancy chocolate bunnies for yourself. And we hope you do. Related: 14 easy Easter crafts for kids, hold the glitter.   Printable Easter Bunny Treat Cones | We...

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Ridiculously delicious, all-natural Easter candy options that earns their place in the basket. Bring it on Easter bunny.

Let’s be honest: Easter candy is pretty much sugar and more sugar mixed with high fructose corn syrup with a dash of artificial food coloring. And we love every bite. I’m a believer in everything in moderation and am all for Easter being one of two days a year when we throw moderation for candy out the window. That said, if we can add a few all-natural options to the basket, I’m all for that, too. When all-natural Easter candy is as good as these 7 finds, why not. Related: Outrageously gourmet Easter treats that are not for sharing with the kids Little...

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Sweet Chocolate Jesus Saves Your Easter

Lent is over, Easter is here, and while the kids are swimming in jelly beans and Peeps, we think it’s only fair that the adults get a little indulgence of their own. And that’s where the Chocolate Jesus comes in. This is no ordinary chocolate Jesus (should you be accustomed to the ordinary ones). Handcrafted at Bond Street Chocolates in NYC from solid chocolate and covered in gold foil, he’s primed to steal the thunder back from the Easter Bunny in all his delicious, chocolate-y glory. Plus, one would hope he’d be more forgiving of his own calories. You...

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6 cool cakes for Easter that are actually easier than they look. No pastry degree required.

Most cakes for Easter are elaborately decorated beyond the point that I’m interested in or, um, able to take on. Tired of gawking at fabulous no-can-do cakes (you know what I’m talking about), I decided to find six easy but cool cakes for Easter with recipes that anyone can make. Even me and I’m no uber-bakerBonus: While these cakes make great Easter desserts, most are just plain pretty for any occasion, like a spring party or a fabulous baby shower. You’re probably thinking that there’s no way you can make a cake as pretty as the Pastel Swirl Cake (above) on...

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6 remarkable Easter cake pops almost too cute to eat. Almost.

If you want to add a deliciously homemade touch to your kid’s Easter basket or if you feel like surprising your Easter guests or hosts with a fun Easter dessert, these recipes for Easter cake pops are for you. Tasty and irresistibly cute, these cake pops are almost too fantastic to eat. Almost, but not quite. If you’ve never made cake pops before, start with our cake pop 101 tutorial. Written for cake pop beginners, we break the steps down in plain language. No baker-ese or expectations that you’ll know what “candy melts” are. (And if you don’t know...

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Outrageously gourmet Easter treats and chocolates that you’ll share with the kids uh, never.

As my family’s Petronella Cottontail, I’m here to tell you that grown-ups like Easter treats, too. Gourmet Eater treats, ideall. My kids can keep the Peeps and cheap candy eggs nestled in plastic grass, while I stick with the fancy stuff. I like my chocolate smooth, high quality, and with packaging that makes me feel special and indulged. And if it comes with a birdcage, all the better. So here are some top gourmet Easter treats from our favorite candy makers and chocolatiers. Vosges is one of my all-time favorite chocolate shops. I mean, did you see that Hunger...

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The Cool Mom Picks gourmet Easter basket roundup

It’s easy enough to fill up our kids’ Easter baskets on one stop to the drug store, but for the more sophisticated palates on your Easter guest list, step it up with delicious, artisan chocolate that will make them forget the foil-wrapped stuff faster than you can say “hide the scale.” New Orlean’s Sucre Caramel Egg Basket includes three ridiculously yummy caramel chocolate eggs made from all-natural, identifiable ingredients like dark chocolate for the shell and chocolate puffed rice and real caramel on the inside. Magic. CMP’s past fave, Philly’s John & Kira, have done it again with this...

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