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24 pop culture Easter eggs featuring your kids’ favorite characters: Parenting win!

If your kids are looking for their Easter eggs to have a little more personality this year, we’ve found tons of ways to make some fabulous pop culture Easter eggs, all representing some of kids’ favorite characters. While it’s always fun just to dunk eggs in dye or color them with markers, these ideas just might keep your kids decorating the entire day. Or…us. (If we’re honest about it.) However while some of these pop culture Easter eggs require a steady hand and some pro skills to make them come out just like the photos, you can also use these ideas as a jumping-off...

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15 of the cutest and free-est Easter printables for our kids

We’ve been hopping all over the internet to find our favorite free Easter printables to help you get ready for Easter Sunday. Our hunt turned up some of the cutest printable Easter coloring pages, decorations, and DIY treat boxes that you can just click and print in time for the 27th. (Yes, it’s coming soon!) Bunny bandit masks and playdough mats? Yes, found them too. And since they’re all free, you can go ahead and splurge on some fancy chocolate bunnies for yourself. And we hope you do. Related: 14 easy Easter crafts for kids, hold the glitter.   Printable Easter Bunny Treat Cones | We...

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Sharpie Easter eggs! 19 of the coolest no-mess ideas that make Easter egg decorating easy.

For the last few years, we’ve been finding more and more Easter egg decorating ideas that skip the traditional dip and dye, and go straight to Sharpies. What’s cool for us as parents is that not only is there less mess, but what kids don’t jump at the chance to get a Sharpie in their hands? So, I’ve sought out 19 of the coolest Sharpie Easter egg ideas to try out. For what it’s worth, we don’t suggest you use Sharpies on the shells of hard-boiled eggs you actually plan to eat. But if you’re worried your kids won’t be able to resist devouring your...

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The ultimate roundup of last-minute Easter ideas: Crafts, printables, egg dyeing help, and lots and lots of treats.

If you’re looking out for some last minute Easter ideas, we are here for you! You’ve still got a couple of days to whip up some fun treats, set up the kids with cute crafts, print out some coloring pages, or just figure out whether the Easter eggs will be submerged in dye the classic way, or subjected to wads of yarn, sequins, or printable crowns and mustaches. Whatever your plans for Easter, we just hope you all have fun doing it together. (Jordan Almond Bluebirds from Sweet Sugarbelle)   Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Our kids wait all year...

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10 cool free printable Easter coloring pages for kids who’ve moved past fat washable markers

If you’re looking for some last minute Easter crafts for your kids, and making your own hand-stitched Easter bunny doll from vintage fabrics you scavenged from estate sales isn’t quite on the agenda, printable coloring pages are always a hit. At least in my home. (See also: My front door. Any time of year.) Unfortunately, most of the Easter printables I see are kind of cutesie for my own kids, who have outgrown the whole connect-the-dots to make an egg and chick. So taking a cue from the coloring mandalas that they love, I found some more intricate, advanced, free printable Easter coloring pages that will...

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How to dye Easter eggs with food coloring and get just the right shade? Ask the experts.

I am imagining that the McCormick’s website must get more traffic this time of year than any other, considering that it’s pretty much homebase for anyone wanting to know just how to dye Easter eggs with food coloring, and just which exact combo of those teeny little drops will yield the perfect hues. While we’ve shared some cool natural ways to dye your Easter eggs, I also understand that when it comes to kids, sometimes a pale kinda-yellow-brown isn’t going to cut it when what they really want is bright neon orange. And that a kid like mine who loves turquoise (this year) will probably...

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17 of the coolest bunny crafts for Easter we can’t resist. Oh, the kids too, of course.

Many of us are going to turn the calendar over to April and realize, with a start, that Easter is a blink away on April 5. Or today, it’s a week away. So use this last week to decorate eggs, make Eastery treats, and finish shopping for those baskets. And if you need to keep your little bunnies’ hands busy too, we’ve pulled together 17sweet bunny crafts for Easter that your kids and you can make, eat, or play with while you jump around getting everything done. Related: 15 easy Easter crafts for kids and fun printables. No glitter required!   Easter Bunny...

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17 of the most incredibly clever pop culture Easter eggs, from Star Wars to Frozen to Minecraft and beyond.

Looking for your Easter eggs to have a little more personality this year? We’ve got lots of amazingly creative ideas for pop culture Easter eggs that give a nod to those characters and creatures we all know and love, like our favorite superheroes, more than a few Star Wars characters, and of course, Minecraft. While some of these ideas are so spectacular, only the most artistic among us should attempt, several ideas are totally doable. In fact, good luck to those of you who are about to end up with two dozen Minecraft Creeper eggs. Related: 17 super cool Easter egg decorating ideas that...

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17 super cool Easter egg decorating ideas that are all about the color.

Every year, my family looks for cool ways to decorate Easter eggs that doesn’t require crafting skills far beyond what I have myself — which is not much. That said, my kids adore the tradition and love experimenting with new ways to play around with decorating eggs. As for me, I like them to look pretty when we’re done. (I’ve never been one for all those stickers that come in the egg-dyeing kits.) So I’ve tracked down 17 really great tutorials that are all about color and pattern, but that the kids can still have fun with on Easter Sunday without getting too...

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We are all Grinning Face about these cute DIY emoji Easter eggs

Considering emoji are like the new Angry Birds (or Minecraft creepers, or Anna and Elsa, or name your favorite humongo pop culture icon here), I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the emoji Easter egg DIY craft from Studio DIY. Your text-happy kids will get a huge kick out of the various smiley faces. I know mine will. I do think because eggs are not round, the ones that work best to sell the emoji face idea are designs like “Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes,”  “Face Throwing a Kiss,” and “Face with Tears of Joy.” (And yes, they all have actual names like that.) Related: 9...

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