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Lunchskins reusable lunchbags – wayyyy prettier than baggies.

I haven’t packed a lunch in years thanks to my daughter’s half-day preschool, but I will soon, and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. Not just because of the time suck, but the amount of waste generated for a sandwich, some carrots and a couple of cookies. Enter the reusable sandwich bags from 3greenmoms (update: Now renamed Lunchskins). These “lunch skins” will help you cut out lunch bag waste almost completely and they’re durable enough to be popped right in the dishwasher after use. Granted, you might have a to invest in a few before your kids...

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Eco-mania continues – organic kids’ dress clothes

Whether you’ve got kids with sensitive skin, or you’re just not into dealing with the chemical processes that even the regular 100% cotton clothes go through, then it’s nice to know that you’ve got lots of eco-friendly kids’ clothing options to get you through the holidays and beyond. Take the gorgeous offerings at eco-boutique Pure and Little. We love the adorable 100% organic twill boys’ oxford shirt  for special occasions, and I’m dying over their organic knit dresses like the dress from Egg Baby by Susan Lazar shown here. It’s not only beautiful but also color grown, meaning completely...

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Say goodbye to terry cloth

I realize that drooling over a baby towel might seem a bit ridiculous, but when your closet is stuffed to the gills with old, rough towels, then you’d be just as excited as I was to wrap your baby up in a Bamboosa Bath Wrap found at Peekagreen. The combination of 80% bamboo and 20% recycled polyester makes for a super absorbent, soft, almost chamois-like towel that will keep that baby toasty warm and dry. Known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities, Bamboo also washes extremely well, which works well when you’ve got a couple of kids that are...

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Four hot toys for 2008 (says us)

Recently, Better Homes & Gardens’ Better.TV asked me to show them four hot toys for the holidays and while it was nearly impossible to cull it down from about 6 million, I did my best to oblige. I didn’t decide based on what was selling out at the megastores this year, but what I thought were cool toys from responsible companies who actually care about the environment and the quality of the toys they put out. Plus, my kids really dig them. -The Recycled Tea Set from Green Toys available at Kangarooboo-All-natural Anamalz from Hape available at Oompa Toys...

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Painting without fear. Or formaldehyde.

When I was pregnant, I painted three pieces of furniture out in the cold because I was so freaked out about what the paint fumes could do to the bébé. But when you’re pregnant is precisely when you decide you must paint right now. Fear not, panicked mamas, there’s a solution in Devine Color paint. These designer colors were created by artist Gretchen Schauffler to be eco-friendly, sustainable, low-odor and low- or no-VOC. No formaldehyde in the vapors! And they go on “like yogurt” – only, not actually like yogurt. More like smooth, premium, no-drip paint. Nest fearlessly, my...

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The newest teething solution for babies: Mushrooms

Continually asked for safe teething toys by parents, we’re always quick to suggest Sophie Giraffe, Vulli’s European fave for decades. But now the company has transitioned from the animal kingdom to the vegetable garden, with a trio of totally cute mushroom teethers. Blue Chan, pink Pie and yellow Gnon (a play on the french word for mushroom, champignon)  might even be safer than their real world counterparts–they’re made from sustainable rubber, painted with food dyes, and free of phthalates. Also? No fungus. Which, come to think of it, is a mushroom first. Find the Chan Pie Gnon teethers at...

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