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The best kids music of 2016 | Editors Picks of the Year

It wouldn’t be our Editors Picks of the Year if we didn’t give a shoutout to our favorite kids music of the year. And if you’re thinking, huh? Cool kids’ music? then clearly you haven’t spent a lot of time here! For years now, there have been amazing kindie artists  — lots of whom you might have known as adult artists first, like Lisa Loeb or TMBG’s Danny Weinkauf — putting out family friendly music that even parents can get down to. And for that, we are grateful. So if you’re in need of some kids music that doesn’t make you...

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18 best children’s books of 2016 | Editors’ Best of 2016

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back at our picks for the best children’s books of 2016 — according to our editors, writers, and of course our children! What a perfect way to kick off our Editors Picks of the Year. As our readers know, we all adore books here at Cool Mom Picks and we’ve collectively read hundreds of great kids’ books this year, from the sweetest board books for babies, to excellent picture books for early readers, to compelling graphic novels  — and it’s not an easy job to whittle it down to just a few favorites. Ultimately, we go with the books...

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The coolest kids’ music of the year: Our 15 top albums | Editors’ Best of 2015

2015 was a very good year for kids’ music, with new releases from favorites like They Might Be Giants and Recess Monkey, as well as new-to-us bands like The Bazillions and Jazzy Ash. And if you have kids, but no idea what I’m talking about, well, you’re in for a treat! Kids’ music these days is definitely more than those albums of kids belting out pop covers in unison, and our children are lucky to have so much amazing music out there to choose from, that also happens to have lyrics that are fun, catchy, and don’t make us cringe...

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The 22 best kids’ toys of the year (and other playful gifts) : Editors’ Best of 2015

When you think back to the best toys of the year (and other playful gifts for kids) you probably think about tech, tablets, and things that require cords and batteries. And yet there’s so much more, from wonderful board games, to handmade dolls, to decidedly unplugged toy that inspire tons of creative play and imagination. While we’ve got all the cool tech toys covered for you over at Cool Mom Tech, here are 22 of our favorite new toys of 2015 that captured our — and our children’s — attention. Most are from small brands that really value all the attention they get, but...

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The best children’s books of 2015 : Editors’ Best of 2015

What a treat it is to put together our list of the best children’s books of 2015. Not that it’s easy; we’ve collectively read hundreds of great kids’ books this year — from cute, sweet board books, to excellent picture books for early readers, to heart wrenching YA chapter books — and it’s always a job to whittle it down to just a few favorites. Ultimately, we went with the picture books that we’re gladly picking up to read out loud to our younger kids for the hundredth time and the chapter books that are sparking great conversations with our tweens and teens....

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The coolest accessory brands and shops that we fell in love with this year: Editors’ Best of 2015

You might say we’ve got a little thing for accessories. And you might say that’s a huge understatement. Which is why we have the best time all year poking around the internet, cruising the trade shows, and poking our heads into local jewelers, artists’ studios and museum shops, all to find cool new accessories we love. And we do love them. So we hope you love these, our picks for our artists and resources for jewelry and accessories that we shared in 2015 — but are going to be wearing (or just coveting) long into 2016 and beyond. If it helps update your wardrobe, it it...

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The best kids’ toys, dolls, and games: Editors’ Best of 2014

From amazing dolls to cool new games and imaginative toys, there have been so many fantastic options out for kids at play this year that encourage things we love, like creativity, imagination, building, interest in STEM pursuits, defiance of gender stereotypes and more. Wow, what a year! Plus so many toys are starting to incorporate tech now, that we included some favorites from Cool Mom Tech as well. We hope our list of the coolest kids’ toys of the year includes some new favorites of your own.   This is post is part of of our annual series of Editors Picks of the Year. No...

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The coolest jewelry and accessories: Editors’ Best of 2014

It’s no secret that we have a thing for jewelry, handbags, and accessories. Have you seen our own style Pinterest boards? Yeah. That’s a thing for sure. So after a whole year of browsing, shopping, curating, and pinning, we’ve pared it down to just a few favorite picks of the year from small companies we adore. Not that we don’t love big designer brands too; but if you’re in the market for a little something for yourself, considering giving one of these cool accessories a look. You might discover a new favorite. This is post is part of of our annual series...

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The coolest kids’ music of the year: Editors’ Best of 2014

Whether you like your kids’ music to speed things up or chill them out, 2014 was a very good year for independent kids’ music, otherwise known as “kindie.” Four of our favorite albums were nominated for Grammy awards, while artists like Lori Henriques and Walter Martin continued to elevate and challenge what is typically regarded as music for kids. And while we never want the artists to forget the pint-sized audience they are performing for, we love that our favorites are albums we often find ourselves listening to in the car even when we’re riding solo.   So, after listening to dozens and dozens of...

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The coolest kids’ clothes and accessories: Editors’ Best of 2014

While we love finding the cutest baby clothes for showers (and our staff members who are going through some sort of group fertility thing this year) as our kids get older, we’re so happy to get to look for more cool clothes for older kids and tweens, who’ve aged out of the 0-6 lines. So we’re thrilled to have lots of both on our site this year, with tons of new brands, plus great new lines from brands we’ve loved for years. While this is always a tough one to narrow down, here are our picks for the coolest kids’...

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