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We built this city on nouns and verbs

The first thing I thought when I checked out the Grammaropolis website is that it’s like Grammar Rock and the Mr. Men books had an adorable love child. You’ve got the catchy music, the little cartoon parts of speech (the verb is a superhero ready for action, and the interjection kind of looks like a cheerleader), and then a variety of ways for kids to get their language on. Watch the video–my favorite part is when Gramma pops up to say thanks for the song and they’re all, No, Gramma, it’s not Gramma Ropolis, it’s Grammaropolis! You’ll only have...

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They Might Be Giants takes on science and like that, a whole generation of future physicists is born.

Hearing my six year old singing songs like Meet the Elements or Photosynthesis makes my geeky-heart’s day, especially considering they are songs from my old favorites They Might Be Giants, on their new kids’ CD & DVD combo Here Comes Science. Normally, anything titled “Here Comes Science” would have me stifling a yawn, but John and John have managed to make educational science songs both brain- and ear-worthy — an instant classic. My 5, 6 and 8 year-olds are the perfect age for this album, whose subject matter is more complex than TMBG’s earlier releases, Here Come the ABC’s...

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Making math fun. You heard me.

My oldest is cursed with two parents are good at math. Yes it’s a curse, because while we can help her with her homework, we also tend to get frustrated at the drop of a hat: How can you NOT understand that? Guilty as charged. So I was relieved that she took an instant liking to DreamBox Learning, a subscription online educational math game for K-2 that is above and beyond any other I’ve seen. DreamBox actually adjusts each lesson — the difficulty, the pacing, the information provided to my daughter as she plays — based on her answers...

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Oh my oh my oh dinosaurs

Kids love dinosaurs and are fascinated with the idea of monstrous animals that roamed the earth and ate each other for breakfast. It’s only natural that they start asking more questions than sometimes we know how to answer– how the dinosaurs got here, what came before them, and how it all fits together. And until now, there just weren’t many science toys that explored evolution on a kid’s level. Founded by research scientist and mom Dr. Kate Miller, the site Charlie’s Playhouse is a wealth of information, toys and games that introduce children to evolution, natural selection, and the...

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Education.com: Just Tell Your Kids It’s Called FunStufftoDo.com

Summer can be l-o-n-g when the weather is bad, the kids are bored and I refuse to turn the television on to pass the time. Thankfully, I have just discovered hundreds of activities on education.com. With a neat feature that lets me choose activities for kids based on grade level (pre-k through 12) I am assured that I’ll pick something that won’t have my kids whining about baby games. My oldest often complains that I try to turn everything into “a learning opportunity” so I’m most happy that the site’s activities teach kids something without being so blatantly obvious...

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Ordering french fries isn’t actually speaking French

Bilingual educational tools are all the rage in the US these days and The Cool Mom Picks editors have certainly come across our share of DVDs, CDs, books and other tools to get kids speaking everything from Spanish to…well, not Sanskrit. Yet. One of the cooler options we’ve found is the Little Pim series of foreign languge DVDs. Their creator, Julia Pimsleur-Levine is both a documentary filmmaker and the daughter of an acclaimed language professor and it’s clear from the quality that she knows her stuff. When my daughter said, "Mommy, panda video again!" after the first watching I...

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