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A natural wooden dollhouse so adorable, an elephant couldn’t forget it. Especially in this case.

We’ve seen just about everything in the  dollhouse world, but we’ve never seen an elephant you could live in. The natural wooden dollhouse called the Ele Villa (“elephant house”), from natural, sustainable toy company Rock and Pebble definitely brings something new to the world of imaginative play, and I love the underbelly parking as much as I love the well-dressed people who live there. Don’t miss limited time free shipping below! The Ele Villa dollhouse is made of birch and is totally sustainable, natural, and non-toxic. With two floors standing 16″ tall and eight rooms that can be painted or decorated to your heart’s content, it’s as...

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Oh Joy for Land of Nod: A new line of baby gifts and decor bursting with fun.

When we heard that one of our favorite design bloggers, Joy Cho, was launching the Oh Joy for Land of Nod baby collection, we seriously couldn’t wait to get a look at it. All of her design collaborations have been terrific and we figured this one would be both terrific–and affordable. And so it is. Well, not like thrift shop affordable, but definitely in the realm of baby gifts that people outside the 90210 can afford. Starting today, you’ll find cute, colorful, playful baby gifts with modern touches from artwork to bedding and decor. Even three fun patterns of an elephant...

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Cute animal pillows for your kids’ rooms get way more funky. And we like it.

I stumbled across these bold, modern, graphic animal throw pillows for children’s rooms online at Ferm Living tonight and am instantly smitten. They are a playful but not childish way to decorate a couch or armchair in your kids’ playroom or in the rocker in your baby’s nursery. I particularly love the way artist Ingela P Arrhenius has taken the formal portrait pose and made it whimsical by featuring modern, minimalistic animals with quirky expressions on their faces. Doesn’t that cat look like Frank Sinatra? Each animal throw pillow is made from 100% organic cotton, printed by hand in Denmark, and filled...

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Elephants on Parade

We know personalized baby gifts are supposed to show you gave it more than two seconds’ thought choosing a special keepsake. These cozy pachyderms, an exclusive offering from Baby Gardner, do just that. This little baby elephant parade wall hanging is a a great find for anyone looking for a sweet, unique baby gift. The vintage vibe of these hand-stitched friends make them a darling accessory to any nursery. There is a tenderness to these softies with the interlocking of the trunks and tails of the family, very comforting indeed. We also couldn’t love more how these don’t scream safari theme —...

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Whimsical animal prints served à la française

Our Bastille Day celebration continues with these stunning French animal prints that are perfect for a kids’ room, although I think I’d like them anywhere in my home. The Blackboard Animal French Prints at Etsy’s Eviva Prints are so striking, with that inky chalkboard-black background contrasting with the clever animal forms made from ephemera suggesting the description. So for example, Le lapin qui ecrit (the rabbit who writes–my own favorite) is made of old French postcards; The cat who sings is made of sheet music; The elephant who bakes has been cut from an old recipe; The horse who...

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Wonderful wooden blocks for multitasking kids

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Petit Collage here at CMP. It’s also no secret that we think wooden blocks are an absolutely perfect gift for occasions of all kinds and children of all ages. But when the two combine? Well, to say we’re excited would be an understatement. The new Safari Jumble from Petit Collage is a set of wooden animal blocks, a brainteaser puzzle, and stylish bedroom décor all rolled into one. Talk about multitasking. Nine wooden animals fit together just-so in a small wooden tray (don’t worry, the animal outlines are laser-etched right onto the tray,...

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The most spectacular vintage paper dolls. We want them all!

Paper dolls are the perfect emergency boredom-buster to have on hand, at least if you’re our family; every fall, a bunch of annoying colds and coughs descend on my children, leaving at least one of them at any given time home on a school day, moaning “I’m boooooored.” I’m loving this wonderful Etsy find as an alternative to 12-hour movie marathons. We’re already big fans of the gorgeous collectible carved Alice in Wonderland dolls at Etsy shop Cart Before the Horse, but we’re so happy to find their awesome articulated paper-animal dolls which are just as lovely. Just cut...

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Possibly the world’s cutest baby shoes ever. If you like elephants.

When my daughter was a toddler, she suffered from a malady we called “foot claustrophobia”. Wrangling a pair of shoes onto that squirming, hyperventilating child was an exercise in futility, until we found a pair that had a high “distraction” factor–a butterfly sewn on the shoe, right where she could see it. Much as it helped, that insect wasn’t even close to the cuteness level of these. The new pink/red Baby Elephant shoes from longtime CMP fave Livie and Luca are a bright fresh take on their popular Brown Elephants. These sassy pachyderms will steal your child’s heart (and...

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Safer bathtime for babies thanks to the help of a blue elephant

Why does bathing our young in a tub have to be so darn hard? The bottom is slippery, so we’ve got to outfit it with a non stick mat. Then there is the problem with the water spout. It’s shiny (so kids gravitate towards it, obviously), and it’s also metal. I can’t tell you how many times my kids bumped their heads on the spout. [don’t miss a huge limited time discount after the jump] I know I’m not alone here, when you consider all the baby-safe bathtub spouts out there. And now there’s another one that adds a...

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Animal art prints that don’t feel babyish – no pastels, no hair bows.

One of my favorite pieces to the puzzle of decorating a child’s space is art. It not only brings in personality and color, but great art can also can be used to stimulate your child’s imagination.  That is why I love these illustrations that perfectly balance artfulness and playfulness. Gingiber animal prints tell a story without being aggressive in their message–or their color-schemes. With all sorts of cute animals to choose from, several together on a wall would make a fantastic statement.                                                                Gingiber also carries adorable cushions, wall decals, paper goods and chalkboards.  If you decorate in themes, try...

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