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Adorable handmade baby crib mobiles let your baby fall asleep dreaming of Cinderella. Or ninjas.

I was never a musical crib mobile kind of parent. And now that there are so many options for piping in lovely music into a child’s room — as in, lovelier music than that tinny awfulness in most crib mobiles — I love the idea of just a simple, pretty crib mobile that you can hang above a crib or changing table to dazzle a baby and lull her to sleep the old fashioned way. I just discovered an Etsy artist called Wonderfeltland who is doing the cutest things with handmade felt baby mobiles. Check out the selection from...

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Neil Gaiman’s Hansel and Gretel: Spooky amazing.

It’s the time of year to build gingerbread houses covered with candies, but I’ve been mesmerized by the new Hansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman (a favorite around here) and Lorenzo Mattotti, and their interpretation of the classic Grimm story of the wicked woman who lives in a real gingerbread house. Gaiman is a master storyteller, with a welcoming way of telling even the spookiest story. He draws you in with his words, the way Mattotti does with his illustrations, writing in a captivating first person narrative: Back then, we all lived on the edge of the great forest… Mattotti’s dark, lifelike illustrations have amazing depth and...

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Faery of Tales: Keepsake fairy tale jewelry from storybooks, not animated movies.

I think the ultimate 2014 holiday gift for a whole lot of girls may have just hit the scene. And not too surprisingly, it’s themed around fairy tales. With Frozen mania showing no sign of subsiding, I am seeing renewed interest in the original fairy tales everywhere; on the runways, in theaters with movies like Maleficent and Into the Woods, even as a theme at a recent holiday tech press event. (Yeah, a little strange to see Red Riding Hood handing out flash drives.) So even this sometimes princess-averse mama is capitvated by the limited edition Faery of Tales fine jewelry line which features...

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Modern fairy tale art for girls who want to write their own endings.

If you check out the Cool Mom Picks indie shop at great.ly, you’ll find a whole category of cool kids’ room decor, and now we have a new artist we’re adding to the fold that I think is just wonderful. Rosy Designs is run by a Vancouver artist, creating what feels like modern fairy tale art in the style of modern children’s book illustrations. Her Sleeping Beauty print is made all that much more sweet with the addition of a unicorn (because, unicorns). It would only be more 2014 if it were Twilight Sparkle, but I give the unicorn points for longevity. However my favorite...

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Your kid, the fairy tale star? Handmade personalized dolls we adore

Soft, sweet dolls that are handmade with love and look like art? We’re big fans. And when you can add personalization? Even better. We love the simple, lovely elegance of these handmade dolls from the blita shop on Etsy. Each one is carefully double-sewn in Portugal of quilting cottons and felt, stuffed with polyester, and given a sweetly embroidered face. Just like our kids, they’re tough and beautiful and ready for adventure. There’s even a personalization option on this Red Riding Hood Doll: just tell them which name and which fabric you’d like for the hood, and your doll will...

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Who knew the big bad wolf was really only somewhat bad?

If you like children’s books in the spirit of The Stinky Cheese Man–and I sure do-–then this funny, modern retelling of the classic Three Little Pigs story is going to be right at home on your bookshelf. Mark Teague’s The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf is true enough to the original story that the lessons about planning and hard work still come through, but updated with enough 21st century details, and a sub-theme about nutrition, that even older kids will laugh when you’re reading it to little ones. From the first page, when the farmer tells...

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A strong girl fairy tale when you need an alternative to Cinderella

We’ve always loved going on a “literary journey” from the comfort of our couch by reading stories from other countries. Next stop? Tehran’s traditional story about a girl and a mean stepmother, though it’s definitely not the story you’ve heard before. The Girl With a Brave Heart, from Tehran-born Israeli singer Rita Jahanforuz, had me thinking “Cinderella” at the start, but rather than being “saved” by a shoe and a prince, this heroine has a much more satisfying lesson for my two girls to hear. Shiraz is a little girl who spends her days indoors cooking and cleaning without...

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Sometimes the princess saves the prince quite prettily

We love it when princesses don’t need saving. But we’re also big on seeing what happens when the genders are reversed in classic fairy tales, turning princesses into dames in shining armor. So if you love empowered women, we think you’ll fall for these gorgeous illustrations, too. I discovered the work of Yudi Chen on tumblr and had to find out more. As it turns out, she’s an illustration student at the Rhode Island School of Design, and her Gender-Reversed Fairy Tales series is available on Society 6 in the form of prints, framed prints, or stretched canvas. I...

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