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Redbox helps you save your money for popcorn

Sure, there’s no shortage of ways to rent movies nowadays; whether you go in-store, via mail service, or even streaming over the Internet. Still, ’tis the season to be mindful of where every penny is going, so maybe it’s time to check out Redbox, which is a kiosk-based $1 movie-rental service. Basically, you reserve your movie online, then pick it up at a kiosk, generally in chains like Kroger and Walgreens. But of course, make sure there’s one near you before you sign on. (There are 50 in Atlanta where I live.) The movie selection isn’t massive, but it...

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We’re off to see the wizard. Yes, that one.

One of my favorite aspects of parenting has to be watching my favorite classic movies with my kids for the first time just like I did with my parents. Except we saw them on the big screen back then. And no, I’m not talking about a gihugic plasma. But for one night at select movie theaters across the country, you can actually catch The Wizard of Oz in HD to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Just the thought of hearing Over the Rainbow in surround sound gives me the chills, but after the main feature there will also be never...

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9/11 – a very good day for doing very good

We love opportunities to get our kids involved in community service, so we’re so delighted to hear that 9/11 is now officially a National Day of Service and Remembrance. It’s also better than making it a National Day of Watching 24 Hour News Channels and Being Depressed. It’s really a beautiful concept. And if you need some ideas on what kinds of services to perform, take a look at 911DayofService.org. The organization was created as a spot for people to share their service plans, donate to support the organization, or find a project in the works to join in....

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Table Topics cards: Road trip essentials

I am one of those moms who avidly resisted a DVD in the car until I finally broke down before a 10-hour car trip with two under three. Even so, I am a strong believer in looking out the window, playing word games, and singing along to music, with the DVD as a very last resort. Table Topics, which we raved about when they first launched, aren’t just for tables. In fact, these decks of provocative questions make rockin’ road trip and dinner table distractions. The Kids Topics cards and the Family Table Topics cards are a great way to keep all...

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Buh-bye macaroni art

Craft kits are perfect for moms lacking that creativity gene, but then there are moms like me who combine both lack of creativity with an aversion to clutter. Our kids happily create, but then we wonder what to do with the (precious and unique but totally useless) results. The kids’ craft kits from The Little Experience are right up my rainy-day alley.  Not only are these craft kids an ideal way to spend an afternoon or two, I’m really impressed by all the cool stuff you can make whether your kids are 3 or 13. We (and by “we”,...

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I always knew books could save the world

I suppose they could’ve come up with a different name for Better World Books, but when you’re really making a better world for everyone through a love of books, well, the name fits. Perfectly. Next time you shop for books, consider the option that is both saving books from the landfills–more than 13 million so far–and directly funding literacy efforts worldwide. Basically it’s like shopping one of those big sites but with way better karma. Shipping is always free in the United States ( just $3.97 for the rest of the world), with every book shipped carbon-neutral thanks to...

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