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The best-ever bandages for bibliophiles

Because as fabulous as neon, ponies, and Dora can be, this line of literary bandages are a lot more fun for adults–especially those who love Poe, Shakespeare, or Jane Austen. Who wouldn’t want a little Poe for that Halloween zombie bite wound? Each metal tin from Archie McPhee holds 15 standard-size bandages–or “plasters,” if you want to get all British about it. Our favorites are from Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare, but there are tons of designs from pickles to caution tape to Abraham Lincoln. Let’s face it, they’re a lot cooler than the designs at your...

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Afraid of the dark? Not with this just-in-case kit stashed away

In light of Hurricane Sandy, I think a lot more of us are thinking about preparedness and safety precautions our families. Not that it’s such a fun thing to think about. But when I saw this kit created for blackouts, I liked the balance of straightforward approach without too much gloom and doom. [Don’t miss a great limited time discount after the jump..plus another really wonderful incentive!] The Family Blackout Kit comes packed in a sturdy child-size hiking backpack marked Survival Kit (which I admit, still makes me go eek). What’s inside is super smart though: flashlights, a lantern,...

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Natural relief from things that make kids go OUCH

My kids entered a phase around 4 when bug bite creams and sting-stoppers terrified them. I’m sure it had a little something to do with the one we “promised them” wouldn’t hurt but turned out to be made with alcohol. (It wasn’t totally our fault; we were traveling abroad and couldn’t read the ingredients.) CMP favorite Mayron’s Goods has a terrific new product however, that takes all the hurt away. This time, Melanie Mayron (along with her adorable chemist dad) has taken a break from directing to put out OUCH Stuff, aptly named because it’s the stuff you put on those cuts...

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Bandages against bullies. Not because of them

We love our Ouchies, but we’re more than aware that boo-boos aren’t always the result of an innocently skinned knee. Whether or not bullying is an issue for your kids, we’re proud to support this terrific initiative aimed at stopping bullies and raising the funds to help kids get the counseling they need. Ouchies has partnered with D.A.R.E., the substance abuse prevention education program, to create a bright, colorful line of bandages with hopeful phrases on them. 100% of the profits from the Anti-Bullyz bandages will go directly to D.A.R.E to continue their anti-bullying outreach program. Thousands of kids...

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Reef rash just got fashionable. Thanks, Cynthia Rowley!

Cynthia Rowley’s back in the Band-Aid business, and this time, she skipped the mall and gone straight to the beach. If you recall the last Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids, you’ll know how quickly these blingy bandages are going to sell out. The collection features eight sunny, colorful designs from sunsets to sharks to, no suprise here– the designer’s logo. (Your call on that one.) They’re available only in the Cynthia Rowley Beach Sport Kit, which also includes Neosporin single use packets, and a waterproof, resealable plastic pouch that’s apparently pretty handy for keeping your smartphone dry. They are a little pricey...

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A cute talking elephant helps the medicine go down

In our household, dealing with kids’ flus and colds is a sticky process. I mean this literally: we are usually well-doused in prescribed medicine before any of it actually ends up inside the child. It’s not necessarily that the kids don’t want the medicine itself–the stuff tastes like Kool Aid these days–it’s more that the actual procedure is kind of scary for them.  To Tiffany Krumins, the solution was perfectly clear: make medicine-giving fun. She even went on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to debut her idea: AVA the Elephant, a cute, talking medicine dispenser. You just remove the dropper from AVA’s trunk...

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The case of the disappearing boo-boos

My daughter is in the beautiful beginning stages of tree-climbing, which has left her with the usual variety of not-at-all-serious scrapes and bruises. I think she loves finding a new boo-boo to cover up with a Band-Aid as much as she loves trying to climb the tree.  Problem is, we just discovered she has a mild latex allergy–her favorite bandages are now off-limits. Luckily, there’s something new for her to use on her miniature bumps and bruises. Boo-Boo Cover-Up has the healing power of ointment mixed with the camouflaging capabilities of a bandage. It looks like a tube of concealer,...

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You will not want to kiss these boo-boos

Is there anything as sweet as comforting your kid after a scrape with a smooch, a kind word, and… bandages with pictures of bloody eyeballs, dismembered fingers, and centipedes crawling out of skin? CMP covered the original Scabs Bandages a few years ago, and now they’ve got fancy new packaging and five new designs, including darker bandages to match darker skin tones. Dare I say they’re even more disgusting now? In fact, the one with maggots, spiders, and peeled-back skin actually made me feel erp. (Because I’d spent the morning in urgent care and was more squeamish as a result, not because I’m...

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Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids – Who said there’s no pain in fashion?

Got a blister from your Louboutins? Catch your finger on your Dolce & Gabbana trench zipper? Well, you can now tend to your designer inflicted wounds with fashion designer and mom Cynthia Rowley’s new designer Band-Aids. Yes, yes, they’re a little over the top, but c’mon – I actually they’re pretty cute (love the sequins!), and a fun change from plain bandages. Or worse, the Dora ones that I grab for myself in a pinch and make me feel like I’m a walking advertisement for Nick Jr. Not surprisingly, designer Band-Aids aren’t cheap, but on the bright side, $1...

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Fun first aid, always on hand

Woe betide the mother who doesn’t have a Band-Aid in her purse when the need arises. And the thing is, I’ve gotten the hint over the years, and sure, there’s usually a bandage or two smashed down in the bottom of my bag somewhere. But do I have antibiotic ointment? Anti-sting treatment? Moist towelettes? Gauze? Ummmm… well, I do now. [don’t miss a great giveaway after the jump!] Sure, I could probably assemble a purse-sized first aid kit all by myself if I was more on top of things, but I’m not, so I went over to me4kidz and...

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