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Web Coolness: Tattooed Easter eggs, Push Presents, and the insanity of a $1000 Elsa doll.

It’s Friday, and we’ve rounded up our favorite links for the week for you to enjoy as much as we did. Have a great weekend!   Terrific Easter egg DIY. With tattoos. Add it to all the other Easter egg decorating ideas we love. The new Frozen dolls are going for more than $1000 on eBay. Our readers have a lot to say about that. Laughing at this funny blog post about push presents. Great advice on how to raise inquisitive kids. Bookmark: Helpful advice on choosing the best Instagram collage app. Why some parents do over-the-top ridiculous things to delight our children....

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Typography humor: Gets us every time.

We admit it: We stopped in our tracks and immediately emailed a dozen Type Geek friends with the link when we saw this Seven Deadly Sans t-shirt at one of our favorite little online shops, Shana Logic. From the name alone you could probably tell where it was going. And if that’s not cool enough, it’s now on sale for just 12 bucks. Now of course we have to believe they mean “deadly” as in killer, because the only actual deadly sans serif I can think of is Comic Sans and all of its horrifying variations. Find the Seven Deadly...

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Places to go, people to see

Because I have a thing for typographical art, I’m geeking out over the typography shop online at Fab right now.   There’s so much cool stuff to see right now, from prints of the litograph book shirts we recently featured, to lots of cool tees and artwork. But the thing that really grabbed my eye is this You Can Do A Lot In A Day embroidery hoop art. Not to play too much into the whole “women can do it all” thing that drives us all crazy–but at least for me, it’s a nice reminder that if I spend a little less time...

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ABC posters, modern Bauhaus style

I’ve always liked the idea of an alphabet or first initial print for a baby’s room, but a lot of them are so easily outgrown. Not so with these gorgeous modern letter prints on sale at Fab this week, but found at the artist’s shop when the flash sale is over. LA designer Ryan Beshara of ModernPOP takes inspiration from mid-century design and modern Bauhaus. But your children don’t need to know that; just that the colors are fun and hey! That’s an E for Ella! You can get a few and spell out your kid’s name, a single...

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Alphabet lovers young and old will swoon over these gorgeous blocks

We bet you’ve at least once bought a set of alphabet blocks as a new baby gift. But buying a set of alphabet blocks that a new baby can enjoy all the way into adulthood? Now that’s a really cool gift for a baby born into a home full of, say, graphic designers or word-lovers. Fine fonts rule!     These beautiful mahogany and pine alphabet blocks from Areaware will make sure that baby gets off on the right foot when it comes to a love of great design and excellent craftsmanship. What I love most of all, though, is that these...

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A Mother’s Day gift for new moms: a very friendly blanket. (Yes, friendly.)

Whether you know a pregnant typography geek who’s starting to look like an uppercase B, or even a grandmother who asks you to call more often to say hi, this luxe, and very amicable blanket is the perfect way to greet her on Mother’s Day. We want to snuggle the stylish simplicity of this beautiful “hi” blanket by YarningMade on Etsy. Hand-knitted in a 50/50 blend of acrylic and wool, it’s soft but not itchy and a nice small size for laps on cool days or new babies in strollers, come fall. You might be thinking, “Off-white with black?...

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Characters with character: alphabet prints for superhero fans

In this fontastic alphabet, J stands for James…James Bond? I’m in. Especially since I is for Iron Man. I just love the way Helvetica is used to depict some of my favorite superheroes and famous characters, and wow, how great would they be in a cool kid’s room? Helvetica, My Hero is a typography project by French design student Rene Mambembe. Each letter of the alphabet is depicted as a famous character from comics or film using what’s essentially the most simplistic and well-known of fonts: Helvetica. And yet each character has such…character. As they’re superheroes or movie villains, a disproportionate...

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