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Cool Mom Picks + The Soft Landing bring you The BIGG Bottle Swap (a.k.a. Don’t get mad at SIGG…get discounts)

Like so many of you, we were super bummed to discover last week that SIGG bottles are not BPA-free. But after a few minutes of being bummed, we had this idea:  What if, instead of everyone just tossing out their bottles, we ask one of our favorite sites to create some sort of bottle trade-in program so that folks like us (and you of course) can recycle your old SIGG bottles and get a product you feel better about in exchange? And so, the BIGG Bottle Swap was born, thanks to our amazing partner, The Soft Landing. As part...

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Packing school lunches gets more fun. And more eco-friendly.

I pack school lunches for my kids every day. I don’t mind actually making the lunches; it’s the packaging that gets me, all those little plastic bags bound for the trash, stored in a garish character tie-in lunchbox. That part is depressing. CMP has brought you plenty of alternatives lately and now here’s one more: Citizenpip’s Soup to Nuts Kit brings cool design and eco-friendly storage together — for lunch. Each stylish, insulated lunch box holds a thermos, water bottle, four airtight reusable food containers that can be opened by little hands, a fork and spoon, and five washable,...

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A cooler, safer sports bottle

When my daughter turned five last month, we decided to be completely done with any cups with a top. That’s all fine and dandy when we’re home, but it does make life a little difficult when we’re on the road. So instead of buying stock in juice boxes and plastic sports bottles, I’ve got my daughter using the new, BPA-free Safe Sporter from Kid Basix, a kid-sized stainless steel sport cup that bridges that gap between sippies and regular drinking cups. The wide mouth is easy to clean and the spout is truly easy pull — I’m not being...

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All You Gluten, Milk, Egg and Nut-Allergic Cookie Lovers: I have the Cookies for you

You’re lucky she isn’t allergic to gluten. . .that allergy sucks, the guy at Whole Foods said, as I looked for milk-free treats for my oldest. And, I have to agree that in the world of food allergies, short of the real life-threatening ones, I feel worst for the gluten-allergic kids who have to endure sawdust-textured treats. But, I believe the playing field has been leveled now that I’ve taste-tested all of the incredible goodies from Cookies. . . For Me? which are not only gluten-free, but egg-free, milk-free and nut-free too. The company has one of those awesome...

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The waste-free lunch kit with something for everyone

The day I realized how many plastic baggies I was using in my kids’ lunches each week was the day I began trying every sort of reusable container and wrap out there. Nowadays the kids take a cobbled-together assortment of reusables in their lunch bags, but the Kids Konserve kit appeals to me for three reasons. First, it’s everything you could possibly need for a single gone-green lunch, with a combination of reusable lunch sack, reusable sandwich bag, stainless steel bottle, cloth napkin, and safe food storage, all perfectly coordinated. There’s “fun” butterfly and caterpillar designs for the little...

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Let them wheat-free eat cake

Since giving up wheat, there are a few foods I no longer miss, and others I dream about regularly. One of the items I’ve fantasize about binging on is chocolate chip cookies. I’d just not found a suitable replacement without the gluten. So I was excited to try the new Kids Central Kitchen 360 Chocolate Chip Flip bar cookie mix. Would it fill that Tollhouse-shaped hole in my heart? The answer is… yes and no. This is not the mix to buy if you want a cookie. But! This is absolutely the mix to buy if you miss cake....

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Safe glass dishes for kids. Finally. Finally!

Since all the issues with BPA surfaced, I, like many of you, have been on the search for safe glass kids dishes. But the combination of glass and two rambunctious kiddos means that they’d need to include some Xanax in the package. I am beyond excited to have discovered Zoeborganics’ new Kidishes, a set of kid-friendly tempered glass dishes that are both dishwasher safe and microwave friendly. That means no heating things up in a ceramic or glass and then transferring to BPA-free plastic. Plus, I like the idea of my kids, especially my five-year old, eating off “real”...

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Oh swanky lunch tote, where have you been all my life?

The PVC-free “stoh” lunch totes from Milkdot just may be the answer to my–and your–lunch-packing wishes and hopes and dreams. They are absolutely practical for kids heading off to camp or their first full day at school in the fall (sniff, whimper) but truth be told, the design is so stylish I’d be thrilled to bring them to work myself and save a little cash on take-out lunches. Thoughtfully designed by Janet Cho, the perfectly sized interior is insulated and wipeable (and lead-free, yay) and mesh pockets help wrangle utensils, string cheese or crazy straws. But what’s really cool...

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Organic baby food that could pass for homemade. We won’t tell.

My mother was the queen of homemade baby food. And while I admire her commitment and even bought a micro food processor to follow in her footsteps, more often than not I have to reach for something cooked, pureed, and packaged far from my home. I really do want to choose baby food that comes as close to homemade as I can afford — at least for my baby; the toddler has already been contaminated, poor child. And I was recently introduced to Sprout Organic Baby Foods, created by hot celeb chef/dad/Food Network mainstay Tyler Florence so I was...

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Mama, I need a Dabbawalla

With summer vacation less than a month away (seriously, it is!), my daughter is begging me to send her to camp, which just so happens to be a full day and requires some semblance of lunch packing on my part. I suppose it’s good preparation for when she starts kindergarten in the Fall. Hold me. But that also means she needs a lunch bag, lunch box, or whatever they’re carrying these days, and at the top of my list is new find Dabbawalla Lunch Bags. These bright, adorable soft lunch bags that look like watermelons or penguins or stop...

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I can’t believe it’s not butter or eggs or nuts or high fructose corn syrup

I knew that I had found a winner with Home Free’s line of allergy-free treats when I stole the last cookie before the kids came back into the room for more. At that moment, I would never have guessed that there was anything “missing” from these whole-grain cookies, but there is: They’re missing milk, egg, nuts, high fructose corn syrup and artificial stuff. After much taste-testing, my daughter has decided that her favorites are the big crunchy chocolate chocolate chip cookies, while I’m partial to the soft oatmeal cookies. I also like the “mini” size cookies for the younger...

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Still Tasty – Answering the age old question, Does this mayo smell okay to you?

I’m going to go out on a limb, here, and say that nothing strikes fear into my husband’s heart quite the same was as those three little words: Honey, smell this. Try as I might to keep track of what’s in our fridge and use it up in a timely manner, sometimes things get shoved to the back, or sometimes I buy unfamiliar produce and simply don’t know how long it’s supposed to last. Or sometimes I strongly suspect that jar of sauce has been in there for months, but it smells okay, and I just don’t know if...

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