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Macaron Day: Yes it’s real, and we’ll take the excuse to try one of these outrageous macaron recipes. (Or just buy some.)

There are a lot of crazy food holidays (I’m looking at you, National Marzipan Day), but some seem totally reasonable to me. And by reasonable, I mean I’m happy to have an excuse to celebrate. Case in point: World Nutella Day. I will never complain complain about having an excuse to eat Nutella. And likewise, I will never complain about eating today’s official honoree, the French macaron. Yes, today is Macaron Day and we absolutely approve. To celebrate Macaron Day, I’ve gathered some tips on baking macarons, then tracked down some outrageously delicious macaron recipes for you to try out. And hey, if you’re not a...

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Learning dishes for kids and other educational tableware that sneak some brain food in with the vegetables

Mealtime is the one time my busy kids sit still for a little while, so I love that smart people are creating such interesting learning dishes for kids, educational placemats, and other housewares that let kids do more than doodle at the table. Or uh, play Candy Crush. Whether or not your kids will actually review math facts or practice cursive over the mashed potatoes, they’re likely to absorb some of the information presented in front of them, which I think is kind of neat. ALPHABET PLACEMATS For little ones, Brinware’s brightly colored, easy-to-clean silicone alphabet placemats (above) make for a...

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Collecting treasures from the garden. Hopefully not the live ones though.

I have to say that one of my proud parent moments is realizing my girls aren’t afraid of bugs or worms or things they see in the garden. Of course I can’t take credit for it at all (thanks, grandparents!) but nonetheless, I love encouraging their affection for the treasures they find and collect as the rummage through the grass. The garden treasure box at Romp is one of the most lovely little gifts for curious explorers and collectors of any age. There are little boxes for storing flowers, leaves, acorns, feathers and more, each marked with charming illustrations...

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Bon appétit! Even the play food from France is amazing

Though my kids’ bin of play food has been a source of countless hours of play, from “grocery store” to “let’s make mommy breakfast,” I can’t say the food (which includes an orange hot dog and floppy slice of pizza) is all that inspired. I may have to look across the pond to import some delicious play food that I might actually want to pretend to eat. Created by much-loved Moulin Roty, the Monday Market Groceries set, or Marché du Lundi, consists of beautifully illustrated cardboard cans and cartons packed neatly into a little storage box. I love that the “French market”...

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Whimsical animal prints served à la française

Our Bastille Day celebration continues with these stunning French animal prints that are perfect for a kids’ room, although I think I’d like them anywhere in my home. The Blackboard Animal French Prints at Etsy’s Eviva Prints are so striking, with that inky chalkboard-black background contrasting with the clever animal forms made from ephemera suggesting the description. So for example, Le lapin qui ecrit (the rabbit who writes–my own favorite) is made of old French postcards; The cat who sings is made of sheet music; The elephant who bakes has been cut from an old recipe; The horse who...

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Celebrate La Fête Nationale with your very own French village playset

I dream of taking the kids to Paris, strolling past little cafes, and gazing at La Tour Eiffel. On this Bastille Day those dreams are still just that–le sigh. But I’ve discovered the cutest handmade play set that will have visions of croissants and crepes dancing in my kids’ heads too.  With incredible handpainted detail on both sides, this three-part French Village playset by Melbourne’s Red Loves Green would be equally at home as room decor or as a toy on the floor. Kids will love opening the “doors” to the two stores and finding a happy mother and child...

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Jacadi Paris summer sale — whoa, the discounts!

featured partner We get excited when Jacadi Paris, the awesomely luxe baby and kids’ brand that pretty much never goes on sale…is going on sale. Yay! And we’re partnering with them today to share our favorite picks from the sale. (If we can even narrow it down, because zomg…the shoes.) If you’ve got a shower coming up or a kiddo you’re excited to spoil for up to 50% less, here are some of our very favorites from the vastly discounted collection, at some of the best values. Don’t miss some great picks and amazing discounts on Jacadi Paris after...

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French stripes from skip*hop, ooh-la-la!

My obsession with stripes runs deep, so much so that I’m coveting yet another  skip*hop diaper bag (love them!) even though I’m waaaay past the diaper bag stage. But…but…this one is limited edition! Snatch up the Duo Luxe French Stripe bag while you can. This looker features everything we’ve always loved about skip*hop bags, but in a cool limited fabric pattern and with rolled handles, which makes it look a bit swankier than some of their other choices. But just because it looks stylish doesn’t mean it’s not functional. You can still wipe it clean, and pop it easily...

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