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Is an American Express Platinum Card really worth it? Here’s the scoop.

I am a frequent business traveler, an entertainment junkie (jazz hands!) and a big fan of not cooking on special occasions when a great restaurant can do it for me. That’s why I’ve been an American Express Platinum holder for a long time. I know, I know, it sounds totally fancy. But for me, it’s always paid for itself; I have heard the Platinum Card referred to as a “benefits card” and not a charge card, which seems pretty apt. And since becoming a parent, I’ve realized there are a ton of benefits just for families–like an upcoming special...

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5 tech picks you won’t want to miss this week

Here are a few of our favorite picks from the last week, just in case you missed them. 1. This free kids’ app is so amazingly simple, which is exactly why we (and our kids) love it. 2. Which app does Angela from The Office use to keep her daughter entertained on the plane? Hint: it’s not a cat calendar. 3. One of our favorite apps goes to the web, finally. Whoo! 4. If you’re already holiday shopping for gadgets, this site is going to save you plenty of money and trouble. 5. Like we needed another reason to...

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Six reasons to drink less bottled water

My family and I have been longtime Brita fans. That filtered pitcher of tap water is a mainstay in our fridge. But that’s pretty tough to keep up on the go, especially when I’m trying to remember to fill four sippy cups for four little kids I’m struggling to get out the door. That’s why I’m really happy that we’re working with Brita, makers of an awesome new Brita filtered water bottle for kids. This gives me the chance to tell you six of the reasons we’ve moved away from bottled water in recent years. Starting with money… 1....

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Good Food on a Tight Budget, EWG’s new shopping guide

The Cool Moms (me especially) always check EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database before reviewing a product to make sure the ingredients meet a persnickety mom’s health and safety needs. Now we’re excited to announce that EWG is going further than Skin Deep–straight into our bellies and grocery carts. If avoiding pesticides and supporting healthy farming practices are important to you, you won’t want to miss this great new resource. Good Food on a Tight Budget is a free and easy resource for planning healthful, cost-effective meals for your family while avoiding nasty pesticides and artificial ingredients. The Environmental Working...

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New Year’s Resolution Help: Managing your money

The next in our series of New Year’s resolution help: Better financial management for the new year. (What? Not just us, right?) Here, just a few of our favorite simple tips and resources to help you get off to a good start in 2012. –Liz Get your head in the game For a great overview on all things financial, the Daily Worth website and email newsletter offers just that, especially for women and by women. The tips are practical, and you don’t need an economics degree to understand it; but even if you do have an economics degree, you won’t find dumbed down...

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Renting a maternity dress? Totally.

When I was six months pregnant with my second baby, the company I worked for was putting on a big, fancy shindig. Said shindig required me to go on a stage and speak in front of 800 people. I started to stress–mostly about what to wear. I wanted a stylish, non-mall-bought maternity dress–but I didn’t want to spend tons of cash on a frock I wouldn’t be able to wear ever again, no matter how designer it was. Mine for Nine, where were you 18 months ago? The site is a treasure trove of maternity dresses that would normally...

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Halloween costume swaps – Frugal or just plain smart?

My younger kids wear a lot of their siblings’ hand-me-downs but, at Halloween, they draw the line. They want their own special costume and so I take a deep breath and buy new Halloween costumes every year. Oh sure, their old costumes get passed on to friends or charity, but I’m still left starting over from scratch. This year, I’ve found a way to get them “newish” costumes, find homes for their old ones, and feel a little greener without spending a lot of green–with a good old fashion costume swap. Green Halloween has partnered with Kiwi Magazine to help promote National Costume Swap...

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Free money management help just got more helpful. If not more free.

You may already know that Mint.com is a fantastic one-stop destination for money management on the Net; it’s as close to a bookkeeping genie as most of us mere mortals are going to get. I love that you can sync up your bank accounts, credit cards, stock portfolio, and more, and Mint.com will manage it all in one place. Their latest feature, however, is raising the bar for financial wizardry for those of us who can use a little wizard-like intervention. The brand-new Goals section is very smart. It allows you to not just manage what already exists in...

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Trading Cradles – It’s like Twitter and Craigslist had a really well-behaved baby

Honestly, the number of hoops you have to jump through to sell on eBay these days is crazy (who has the patience?), and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels like Craigslist is overrun with scammers, cheapskates and crazy people. So what’s a mama with limited time and some quality pre-owned baby gear to do? If you live in or near a major metropolitan area, check out Trading Cradles, which is specifically for busy parents who want to sell or find gear for their tots. Perhaps the very best part: There’s a 250-character limit on descriptions, so...

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Living on a Shoestring? Not such a bad thing.

My biggest complaint about fashion magazines, besides the perfume samples, is… well, the perfume samples. But I also hate it when my eyes fall in love with cuteness before hitting the huge price tag printed below. Shoestring Magazine solves both problems: It’s online, and therefore not smelly, and it is devoted to, and I quote, “resourcefulness, the look for less, and attainable, affordable luxuries.” Sound good? Well, it is. Shoestring has well-written and fashion savvy articles on nearly all the topics that I want to hear about– from lifestyle to DIY to Kids & Pets, which, grouped together, cracks...

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