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Organic Slammers are a slam dunk. Yeah, I went there. (Sorry.)

Let me start by saying that I have to make four school lunches every night of the week, so if there’s anything to make the whole lunch packing process easier–and of course, healthier–I am willing to try it. That is how I ended up with a new BFF (best food friend) Organic Slammers. We’re already big squeezy fans in my house, as we call them, and GoGo SqueeZ applesauce and squeezable yogurt tubes are regular fixtures in my kids’ lunchboxes. So it wasn’t a huge stretch for us to try Organic Slammers. They combine a lot of our favorites only with more nutrients, because they include fruit and...

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8 savory apple recipes for dinner — sweet!

We all know that apples shine in sweet recipes for tasty apple snacks and delectable apple desserts, but this versatile fruit also rocks the dinner table. And not just in salads, I’ll have you know. There are lots of ways to use apples in all three meals of the day. Here are 8 of my favorite apple recipes for dinner.   In salads, apples are often paired with blue cheese, walnuts, fennel, or kale, which is why I love this unexpected Spicy Thai Mango Apple Salad at The Pickled Plum. It’s refreshing in concept and taste, and can be turned into a...

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Good things come in pears: 5 easy pear dessert recipes, plus how to select and store them properly.

Apples come to mind first when most people think of fall fruit. And yes, they are great–these six apple snack and dessert recipes are proof–but they’ll also be around for a while. Right now, I’m all about seizing the moment with pears–which, by the way, have more potassium, fiber and folate than apples. Pears are just as versatile as apples but beyond eating them plain, I love them most in dessert. Check out these five easy pear dessert recipes and, to help make sure that they come out perfectly, check out our quick guide to choosing ripe pears. How to select...

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Superfruits: How to pack 5 favorites as part of a super-boosted, healthy school lunch.

Though there isn’t substantive research behind claims that Superfruits Save The Day by helping you live longer (seriously, be wary of such grandiose claims on food packing), some fruits are just plain better for you than others. In fact, there are a handful of fruits that nutritionists consider “super” thanks to high concentrations of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and eating one to two cups of these Superfruits a day can help keep your family in tip-top shape. These are five of our favorite so-called Superfruits, along with some of my favorite Superfruit recipes and the products that help make packing...

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Back to school snacks: 6 exciting, creative ways to pack fruit for school lunch

They say that a balanced lunch box should include at least one serving of fruit. Apples count, but only if your kid actually eats them–and apparently they can get boring after a while. (Psh, kids these days.) This year, I plan on switching up our back to school snacks with these six fresh ways to pack fruit for school lunch. Fruit roll-ups are one of the most popular back-to-school snacks, but I’m not so sure you can consider most varieties actual fruit. These health,  homemade Mango fruit roll-ups (above) from Just a Taste are different, though. Made with just pureed fresh mango—yup, nothing added—these...

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9 creative summer Sangria recipes to make you crave a trip to Barcelona

As much as we love margaritas, mojitos and skinny cocktail recipes, sometimes summer calls for a glass of wine. Not just any glass of wine, but a refreshing, chilled, fruit-filled glass of wine, better known as sangria. Check out these 9 unexpected, creative sangria recipes to find a version for every taste, mood and summer occasion, from laid back BBQs to elegant alfresco dinner parties, or even just a treat for a night in after a long, hot day. I can’t say that you’d actually find any of them on the menus of Madrid or Barcelona, but hey, you purists...

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6 Delicious fruity cocktail recipes for summer: Make enough for seconds.

At the end of these long summer days at the pool and kids being bored and me trying to cram work in whenever I can, I’d love to kick back in front of the TV or with friends and sip a cold, delicious drink–umbrella optional. My favorite fruity cocktail recipes feature fresh, in-season fruit, have a bit of a kick, and are best served on a sweltering porch on a mid-July evening.   Melon Cocktail The taste of melon is so light and sweet, it’s the perfect little bite, or sip, of summer. And this Triple-Melon Rumballa cocktail recipe (at top) by Brooke...

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The best cookbooks for summer, way beyond grilling.

Summer is whizzing by and before you know it, the peaches, tomatoes and corn will be gone. Before summer produce makes its sad exit, you’ll want to be sure to get in all the great summer cooking you can. The good news is that summer cooking is all about a light touch. It doesn’t get all that intense, except maybe when making homemade pie dough. (Though pssst, every single one of these summer pie recipes can be made with store bought dough). The even better news is that I’ve got five awesome cookbooks for summer that aren’t your typical summer cookbooks–no grilling books,...

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5 spectacular summer Mojito recipes to celebrate National Mojito Day

Friday July 11th is National Mojito Day, which, if you ask me, is as good an excuse as any to whip up a batch and raise a glass to the classic Cuban cocktail. Traditional mojitos are excellent – you really can’t go wrong with white rum, sugar, lime, mint and club soda – but a celebration in July calls for summer flavors like those found in these five absolutely irresistible summer mojito recipes. Grab your favorite summer fruit and get drinking. I’ll be right behind you.   The Peach Mojito recipe  from Katie’s Cucina is perfect for right now thanks to peak season peaches. (And you...

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5 gorgeous summer pie recipes to make right now.

When I first started writing about food, seasonal eating was mostly a concept for food geeks. The idea of summer pies was laughable to all but those farmer’s market shoppers and serious gardeners. So I couldn’t be happier that only five years later, there is widespread interest in seasonal food. Especially in summer and with good reason – because even the coldest parts of the country are teeming with ripe, juicy blueberries, strawberries, cherries and (mmmm….) peaches. When nature gives us all of that good stuff, there’s only one thing to do: make seasonal pies. Immediately. As in now. I hope these five spectacular summer...

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