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The ultimate list of awesome last-minute holiday gift ideas. We’ve got you covered, procrastinators!

Every year, I convince myself that this is the year I won’t be scrambling to find great last-minute holiday gifts; that this is the year I “shop all year” for great stuff for my friends and family and stash it away. But..nope. How is it Christmas week already? Oof. Fret not, fellow procrastinators! You don’t necessarily have to shell out for express-expedited-Santa’s-reindeer-special-overnight-shipping. I mean you can, but instead we’ve got some brilliant last-minute holiday gift ideas and tips so you can get those presents under the tree or by the menorah in record time. (And don’t forget, lucky Hanukkah revelers, if you’re...

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Super last minute Christmas help: Printables, crafts, recipes, apps and more

Printable gift tags via Creative Index Need a little last minute Christmas help? Don’t panic! We’ve got lots of help just for you.     DIY and printable Christmas gift tags, gift wrap and decorations Festive table setting ideas for your holiday table Printable gift card holders  Free printable gift tags and gift wrap Even more printable gift tags and gift wrap 10 ways to package Christmas cookies  Lots of creative gift wrap ideas  Gorgeous modern table settings for Christmas   Christmas crafts and apps to keep the kids busy 20 cool pop culture snowflake patterns  Easy DIY ornaments the kids...

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Dozens of last-minute gift ideas for Christmas, hold the $49 overnight shipping charges

Are you still looking for a few awesome last-minute gift ideas for Christmas? We know you’re out there, and we’re here to help. So if you’re like us, and you’re still finishing up your Christmas shopping, do not panic. Heck, do not panic if you’re just getting started. Well, okay, you might want to hustle a bit. But panic? Nope, not yet. Check out lots of our favorite last-minute holiday gift ideas  in every price range, all of which you can still purchase or make yourself before Christmas morning for pretty much anyone still on your list. And hey, silver lining: what we love about last-minute gifts...

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DIY and printable gift card holder ideas: 10 absolutely lovely options that make that piece of plastic something special.

Though I spend an awful lot of time picking out the perfect gifts for the people on my Christmas list, there are many times when a gift card really is the perfect gift, which is why I’ve rounded up ten DIY gift card holder ideas to dress that little card-sized piece of plastic nicely for the holidays.  Because I know my teenage daughter would love a gift card to a local clothing store or iTunes card; our many dance teachers and coaches could use a few free skim Ventis; and I like the idea of cards that support a local lunch joint...

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Retro-cool printable gift boxes full of summer fun. And yummy treats.

We’ve been smitten by Claudine Hellmuth’s clever gift boxes that look like ovens and popsicles for a while now. So we just visited her Etsy shop again, and wow, she has so many fun printable gift boxes at her site now that I’m tempted to give away little treats all summer. What I love best about these is that she’s made it possible for a small treat to be really memorable. With dozens of kid birthday parties and teacher-appreciation gifts to give, that’s something I really appreciate. Of course, your kids could just print these and make them as a fun DIY project that they can use for imaginative...

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12 ideas for fabulous last minute Valentines gifts you can still get in time. Procrastinators, this one’s for you.

So yes, of course you can brave the crowds, hit the store, and track down something perfectly lovely as a last minute Valentines gift this week. But should you have actual kids to wrangle, or you know, job responsibilities or Netflix to catch up on, I could see where you might want to stay home and shop online. So here are a few last minute gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that you can still order in time, plus drop-dead shipping deadlines from lots of stores that are keeping FedEx in business this week. Just be sure to confirm them before you...

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Last minute Christmas help from gifts to apps: We’re all over it.

Need some last minute Christmas help? We are here for you, friends!   16 last minute ideas for Christmas gifts you can still get 40 creative stocking stuffer ideas, beyond bubbles The best gift card apps to make last-minute gifts easier 6 fun Santa apps for kids to help prove he’s real 7 of the best apps and websites for sending last-minute holiday ecards Handmade craft gift ideas that kids can make themselves Tons of gorgeous free printable gift tags and gift wrap 14 creative gift wrap ideas Easy holiday table setting ideas for a dinner with kids How to take better...

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16 fantastic last-minute Christmas gift ideas: It’s never too late!

Breaking news: We’ve got two days until Christmas. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one who hasn’t finished holiday shopping yet. Deep breath. Don’t panic. And don’t break your budget on $39 overnight shipping just because you get desperate. Instead, snag one of these easy, last-minute Christmas gift ideas, which can all be pulled together quickly. There’s something here for every price range too. And, just like that, your holidays are saved. The great thing about last-minute gifts is that they can inspire you to think outside the box and shop for things you may not normally think of, which can end up making...

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The best teacher gift ideas from people who know: actual teachers.

We are always on the lookout for the best teacher gift ideas every year, and it may in fact be one of the top gift questions we get from readers every year about this time. (Then again in May.) And hey, I get it; if there are any people on my holiday shopping list that I’m most grateful for, it’s my kids’ teachers. They’re with my kids all day every day, and go above and beyond the job description, from purchasing supplies for the classroom from their own wallets to sending personal emails and notes home to let me know how my kids are doing....

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The sterling silver Starbucks gift card: A grande gesture.

While all the Starbucks gift cards over the years have been pretty cool, I’m person number 65,474 who saw the brand new, limited edition sterling silver Starbucks gift card and immediately knew someone on my list would be needing one. Which is easily why you can’t even get one online anymore. But if you do pop into your favorite Starbucks, or hey, even the Starbucks across the street from your favorite Starbucks (that one was for the Christopher Guest fans) you can grab one in person. And yes, it’s real, jewelry-quality 925 sterling silver and comes in that gorgeous pouch. It’s a $200 card with $50...

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