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A Halloween gingerbread house? Oh yeah.

I typically think of gingerbread houses as a Christmas tradition, but my family is usually so slammed with other activities then that we don’t get around to it. So this year I’m thinking, why not build a candy house for the holiday that’s all about candy? As in Halloween. And now making said Halloween gingerbread house  is super easy with the Haunted House Decorating Kit from our creative friends at Sweet Thrills Bakeshop.   We were so happy with their edible menorah kits last year that we’re sure this Haunted House kit will be delicious too. It includes everything you need, from black gingerbread pieces to make...

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The best boozy desserts for St. Patrick’s Day and beyond, from Creme de Menthe Brownies to a Guinness Milkshake

Let’s be honest: St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty boozy holiday, at least here in the states. Given that a (small) Skinnygirl margarita can get me buzzed, I’ll probably skip drinking on St. Patrick’s Day and instead opt for one of these 6 of the best boozy desserts. It’s a bold move but, trust me, St. Patrick’s Day recipes never tasted so good. Oh, and they aren’t all totally inappropriate to share with kids. There’s some safe stuff in here for them, too. But if you’re pregnant or abstaining, you might check out our favorite rainbow recipes instead. Either way, hard...

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Move over, Gingerbread Man: 7 delectable twists on that holiday fave

If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited all year for a taste — or two or three — of gingerbread. Warm and spicy, the combination of molasses and holiday spice makes any sweet even sweeter. These seven gingerbread recipes, from cookies to waffles to whoopie pies, are proof. What better way to start a gingerbread round than with a classic gingerbread cake. But you know me: We can’t go classic without a little twist. This Gingerbread Cake with Butter Rum Toffee Sauce (above) from Boulder Locavore fits the bill perfectly. A traditional cake served with an untraditional, but oh-so-right sauce....

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Sweet and safe: an allergy-free gingerbread house kit

Food-allergy suffers and vegan families, fret no more at Christmas! You, too, can experience the joy (and balancing act!) of gathering around the table to assemble a candy-covered gingerbread house. This year, an allergy-free bakery in Orange County, California, will save you the extensive labor and time of whipping up your own allergy-free, vegan gingerbread and icing. They’ll send you the pieces, and you and kiddo get to assemble the sweet abode, safely and simply. How cool is that? Sensitive Sweets Bakery is a dedicated gluten-free, nut-free bakery in Fountain Valley, California. Lucky for everyone not local to Sensitive Sweets, the...

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