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The Nepal Earthquake: What you can do to help the victims

As the massive rescue and recovery efforts are underway to assist those affected by the devastating Nepal Earthquake, we are all feeling like we want to help in some way, even though we feel so far away. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can help the many NGOs and charities that are sending teams over. If you’re looking to contribute, we rounded up some organizations that could certainly use your support right now. – Over at CNN, there’s a helpful list of charities supporting Nepal Earthquake relief, including the Nepal Red Cross Society, Global Giving, and UNICEF, just to name a few. They...

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5 of our favorite cool tech picks you don’t want to miss this week

In case you missed them, here are 5 of our most popular posts from Cool Mom Tech this past week. Enjoy!   1. Owls and foxes, out. Adorable sloths, in! Consider us obsessed. 2. Cool videos for kids that aren’t actually made for kids. We’re in love. 3. A simply brilliant app for parents. 4. A must-have summer gadget just got a whole lot smarter. 5. This will make Star Wars fans very...

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5 Tech Picks You Won’t Want to Miss

Here are 5  five of our favorite posts on Cool Mom Tech this week, just in case you missed them.   1. If you have not yet seen this hilarious parody video, it’s so worth the couple of minutes. Promise. 2. Check out our review of the top 3 e-book subscription services so you can start the new year reading more. 3. The coolest Minecraft gifts for kids, besides more time to play Minecraft. 4. Great jewelry for Instagram lovers. Such a super-fun, affordable holiday gift. 5. Countdown to Santa’s arrival with this awesome, free Santa Tracker site. Your kids...

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5 tech picks you won’t want to miss this week

Here are 5 of our most popular tech picks from this week, just in case you missed them.   1. Here’s how to make sure your personal profile doesn’t show up on a Google ad. 2. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you’ve got to see these amazing accessories. Talk about a fantastic holiday gift idea. 3. Have you heard of SnapHack? It’s the reason why we warned parents about SnapChat. 4. This awesome Halloween coloring app offers offline fun for kids too. 5. If your kids love funny YouTube videos as much as ours do, you’ll...

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Happy birthday Maurice Sendak! From Google and from us.

Today would have been Maurice Sendak’s 85th birthday. And while we’re still missing him, just about a year after his death, he lives on through some of our favorite Maurice Sendak children’s books. And today, through one of the coolest Google Doodles ever.     Check today’s Maurie Sendak Google Doodle and don’t stop until it finish playing. And pst, let the kids watch too. Also, be sure to click over for some our favorite Maurice Sendak children’s books (including some you might not remember) and use today as an excuse to get that Sendak library up to snuff....

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The Best April Fool’s Jokes of 2012

Okay, so clearly at Cool Mom Picks we’re all 14 year-old boys at heart because we love April Fool’s, and we always love calling out some of the greatest April Fool’s jokes spreading across the web every year. Here, a few favorites of 2012 so far: *a violent Hunger Games app–for kids 6 and up. *reddit, as it might have looked in the 1960s *skip hop introduces bacon teethers *Conan O’Brien buys Mashable *Google’s new “really advanced search” *disposable diapers, now with more bling *think geek’s annual list of “new” products including electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos for iPad (that’s...

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