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Big brands doing cool things – Huggies diapers go greener with Pure & Natural

I’ve put my babies in everything from cloth diapers to paper towels (desperation, people), and while for now we’ve settled on disposable diapers, I still sometimes feel a bit guilty about it. I’ve tried a few of the “natural” disposables, but I’ll be honest; while they may be better for the environment, some of them are pretty bulky and worse, leaky. Which is also why you rarely see them recommended here. So I was definitely intrigued when Huggies came out with their new Pure and Natural diapers, which is of course banking on the fact that I’m not the...

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Edible Schoolyard – Because mystery meat isn’t good for anyone.

A few months ago, my daughter came home from school crying hysterically. A little boy in her class had tried to steal her lunch. Upon further investigation, we discovered that it was because his parents were making him buy and eat school lunch, and he decided that he wasn’t having anything to do with that, so he sought to raid my daughter’s carefully packed lunch box. While I don’t support his actions, I can’t say that I blame him. Lunches at my daughter’s public school are appalling (and reflective of many school lunches in our country). Individually packed in...

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Budget doesn’t have to mean brown bag

Sure, you can pay all kinds of money for a fancy reusable lunch bag, but why would you when there’s Neela Bags. This purveyor of a variety of earth-friendly polypropylene reusables now offers their lunch tote as a $5 standalone product (edited to add: currently on sale for $3.50!).  At that price, I’m tempted to get one of each and match them to my outfits. Okay, you got me. Not really. But the fabulous price does mean that I can stock extras for when someone forgets to bring a lunch bag home from school or camp. I’m also loving...

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Earth Day, now with extra Earth Day-iness

Oh, the fun we’re going to have on Earth Day tomorrow here. We have so many amazing eco-friendly products here to give away to readers this week, that we had this crazy idea — how about we’ll feature all five of them tomorrow? Then we thought just to make it a little more interesting, we’ll stagger the reviews through the day, and any entries in the first hour of posting will count as TWO entries to double your chances to win. This way we’re honoring the mamas who for whatever reason are stuck behind a computer tomorrow, and not...

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Make your household safer for your kids with GoodGuide. Or, very GoodGuide.

Look, it can be really hard to suss out which mainstream household cleaners and personal items are better for you and your family than others. Unless you’re willing to just beat your laundry on some river rocks and brush your teeth with a twig, or pay top dollar for boutique organics all the time, it seems like you’re stuck, right? Wrong. Now you can click on over to GoodGuide and see how well your own shampoo or glass cleaner rates on a 10-point scale of good karma. In other words, how safe, healthy and green it is. Really, go...

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Poo-Pourri: The $9.95 Marriage Saver

When you get a pitch for something called Poo-Pourri you think it’s a joke. Maybe a teaser for a Will Ferrell movie or an April Fool’s email that got lost in the ether for three months. But holy cow, it’s for real…and it’s good. Very good. The whole idea is that you spray inside the bowl before you…go. The all-natural formula of essential oils like lemongrass and grapefruit basically creates a barrier, trapping in any unladylike odors. Or ungentlemanlike, as the case is around our sad little one-bathroom apartment. (Sorry, hon. It’s true.) While the pitch was absurd–something about...

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